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Potential Problems with Police

All cops are house slaves who are a disgrace to anyone who cares about being free. In every country it was the police or military police that took the guns, why would this country be different. Cops are don't care about natural rights to do as you wish on private property such as own a gun if you are mentally ill (who need it this most), enforce taxation which is theft, eminent domain, civil asset fortifierture, and victim-less crimes. All cops are fascists and communist collectivist. All guns restriction laws violate universal natural law. People don't believe military and police won't confiscate guns haven't heard about Katrina confiscations, Japanese internment camps, and ATF. If the military or police already enforce a single gun restriction law such as [but these are not all] not allowing people of with mental issues to have a gun or children who especially need them because of there physical vulnerability, they have committed an evil. You can't be pro police and pro guns rights because they are diametrically opposed, time and time again who always takes the guns such as in Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia, the military and police. If the military and police is more powerful than the militia, the population can be completely enslaved because all current military and police members follow orders (otherwise they would have left or been discharged).

Order Followers are the people who keep the system of slavery in place.

Order Followers are people who do what they are told and do not question whether they order they follow is immoral or moral. This especially includes military and police.

All police are criminals. Every time a new law is created, a new crime is created. Every law is evil that restricts a non-violent person. Yet they continue to violate peoples rights and are violent criminals. Many police departments in the united states originated from slave catchers. Of course, government is slavery, so they are still enslaving people. Slavery was never abolished, they just extended it to all colors, as it is often said. They have many cult like features of police such as uniformity, indoctrination, isolation from family, division (us vs citizens mentality).

I see only two solutions: Talk to police and convince them that there job is immoral and tell them quit. Or face resistance whenever they try to stop non-violent people.