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This is the best argument for vegetarianism I have heard.

A person who eats meat can never truly be a healthy being, because if you eat the suffering of animals, you will become the suffering. You are what you eat.

Plant based diets are always healthier, because the nutrients come from the sun as the plants absorb its energy into food for us to eat. With meat, the nutrients come from what the animal ate and are less nutritious since the energy has already been processed by the animal. It is an indirect way of receiving the energy.

After reading this and many other articles, I have decided to become a vegetarian. I have for two weeks and I feel much better and have had no desire to eat meat. However, if you are a huge meat eater I have heard that it is best, to be slow and progressive, otherwise you will just go back to eating meat.

The main reason I did it was to rebel against a system of enslavement. The next being the moral issues involved. Then the health benefits.There is no doubt that dark occultists (people with secret knowledge who manipulate and enslave) and archons (false gods or demons) are responsible for the meat industry, to feed of the fear frequency of the suffering of animals and for their sadistic pleasure. I hope the archons starve, its what they desire for enslaving other beings.

If you are wondering what an archon is. No I don't believe in reptilian shapeshifters, at least not in a literal sense. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDFX7MnLjiM 3:55-15:56