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Does gun control lead to genocide?

The only reason America and perhaps Switzerland are the only remotely free and truly prosperous countries in the world is because they still have the right to defend themselves and the means to (to an extent). All others countries could be turn into tyrannies since they do not have the capacity, if they haven't already. It is also the reason why these countries have never been invaded in modern times, despite being under threat multiple times from major military powers.

It is not enough for people to physically rebel but also you need to first mentally rebel against their government. I tell people it doesn't matter how many guns you have or how trained you are if you will surrender them when asked or just let the government roll over you like a steam roller. Those who don't kNOw won't say NO.

Being armed doesn't mean you can't be peaceful, the overwhelming majority people that are armed or have arms (armnaments) are peaceful and know how to responsibly use them. You arm yourself because you know that not all people are good and it is necessary to prepare for the worst. Why do people lock their cars, homes, have safes, etc. It is because they know some people are evil.

The media creates fear into people to generate ad revenue and to most importantly to push the gun control agenda (CNN FOX MSNBC, etc). The agenda is pushed by the media because the media is a paid off by the government to push their sinister agendas. America is statistically one of the safest countries to live, in, but that doesn't suit the media's fear mongering profits and their agenda does it?

Look what is going on in Hong Kong, big brother China is trying to remove Hong Kong's semi independence because they know Hong Kong can't fight back (effectively).

Why do you think militaries that take over a civilian population or defeat an army require them to surrender their weapons? This military strategy isn't just for war, but also neccessary to implelment tyranny,

The most dangerous superstition is government and the belief in in has murdered half a billion people in wars started on lies and by disarming people and then genocide, that's just in the 20th century. Through history, it is probably the number 1 killer. The system doesn't matter, regardless of if its Fascism, Communism, Democracy, Theocracy, Monarchy, or what else. All governments murder their own citizens, it is necessary to keep their power over people and keep the tall poppies from sticking out and threatening then entire system and causing others to realize a better alternative. The only truth is that you have the right to do as you wish as long as you do not do violence to others or legitimately owned property, anything else is slavery.