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Fate does not exist

If Fate exists, that mean you have no free will. If you have no free will that means you are a slave. It means you might as well never do anything in life because everything has been determined. What people call mysteries are simply what people have not found discovered or researched, either within themselves or outside of themselves. People believe they have no power and are under ruled by fate. Fate is only believe by people who don't know their true power. But they are right in some sense, because those who don't know have no power.

Many of the most ruthless and cunning people (often called "successful" people) have used their knowledge to exploit people's ignorance for their own gain. The go by the names con artists, quack doctors, politicians, rulers, priests, bankers, businessman, and others.

The brain is the most complex object in the universe (but most don't use attempt to use properly), possible of creating anything when used in combination with the physically body. Imagine if a person went to a remote tribe and pulled out a smartphone, they would think this is some mysterious technology from the gods or a natural anomaly, when in fact it was created by human beings. And with that technology they could use it things the primitive tribe could only imagine in their dreams.

Many battles and wars in history went to those who knew more than their enemies, even if they were outnumbered, outgunned, undertrained, etc. The guerrillas in the revolutionary war, Vietnam war, Scottish war of independence, and the conflict of the middle east are few examples. Their knowledge helped them win despite all odds. Knowledge of terrain, knowledge of how to get support from the people via propaganda, alternative fighting techniques, surviving in harsh environments and battling attrition etc. The military strategist Sun Tsu said, Knowing is half the battle.

Think of the difference between a child and someone who has a PHD in physiology. The child essentially has no understand of how the brain operates while the physiologist has many years of study and has read 100s or thousands of books. That child will not even be able to comprehend the programming they will receive. Give that physiologist enough time in the first six or so years of the child's life and that child will have no way of undoing the programming it received even until adulthood or death, whether that programming was positive or negative. Priests (especially Jesuits) and shamans alike have know this for thousands of years.

Everything can be known, maybe not in this human lifetime, but it is possible. If certain individuals tell you that this is your fate and you believe it, then they can manipulate you into doing anything or not doing something. That's what many religions tell people, your fate will be endless suffering if you don't choose (of your own free will) to be believe us. This is ironic and paradoxical, unless you believe in predestination, or the idea that your afterlife is determined the moment you were born.

In other words there is no fate.