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Is Gun Control is about People Control?

The controllers in power will slowly restrict guns right to citizens so that way they can own everybody in this country as slaves and kill unarmed dissenters. The increase in gun control sentiment among the general population is more than concerning. This is what would put a nail in the coffin as America being the last sanctuary on this Earth for freedom, peace, and prosperity. This is actually why people say are astonished how free America still is and millions still wish to immigrate. We are relatively free because we do not let ourselves be dictated by control freak politicians and police.

People say it would not happen here, but it did for the Japanese in WW2 and nobody did a thing. 120,000 people violently relocated and property seized. Guns or any ballistic armaments are necessary to protect innocent people from harm. If the army can have it, why can't we because we don't don a costume and have fancy ensigns? Are innocent people and I not free to own what we want unrestricted by arbitrary man made laws and do as we see fit as a human beings? It is my right to own a any gun (regardless of caliber) as I wish just as it is my right to speak, to move, to eat, to dress as I wish. If I have not harmed anyone I have done nothing wrong, this applies to all people. It is called the Non-aggression Principle and it is the only thing that people need to obey.

People might say that your just some Uneducated Republican Gun Nut Southern White Trash but the original proponents of gun rights were well educated men who had little to no political allegiances at all such as the George Washington, the only president who had no party affiliation.

I don't believe that humanities problems can be solved by control, force, manipulation, or politics. In fact using politics can often cause the reverse effect, since after the war on drugs started there's has been more drugs users in the country than before. I believe it can be done through education and peaceful cooperation. Gun control will not work for the same reason the war on drugs hasn't. The war on drugs has strict enforcement, but yet more people are addicted to drugs today and more drugs are in the country. Controlling people isn't the solution.

If you have not noticed, America's have a thing for not caring what the law says if it is against their will. If gun control happened, people would be more likely to go out a get a gun, even those who are violent. Gun sales increase drastically any time gun control is talked about or about to be implemented. When alcohol prohibition was in effect, alcohols sales increased and was just as easy to obtain.

It's primarily in the hand of parents to raise children who are not hateful and violent.