Natural Law Presentation

January 3, 2020




Mark Passio's Natural Law Seminar

Powers of Ten:

You’ll Learn:


·         What Natural Law is
·         What are the requirements to change humanity
·         What is occult knowledge
·         Nescience vs ignorance
·         How to identify and solve problems
·         Truth vs Perception
·         Discovery vs Belief
·         What is consciousness and it's expressions?
·         Parts of the Brain
·         What is the difference between the Left and Right brain
·         Are people naturally good or bad?
·         How reality is made
·         The principles of natural law
·         The spiritual currencies
·         Natural Law expressions
·         What is right and wrong action?
·         What are rights?
·         The two pillars of enlightenment
·         What does it mean to own something
·         What is conscience?
·         The Law of Freedom
·         Natural Law vs Man's Law
·         What "Authority" really is
·         The one true divide in humanity
·         Why people fear "chaos"?
·         What are order followers and why they are immoral
·         What are the results of order following
·         Self Loathing vs Self Respect 
·         The lost word
·         What is the Great Work?
·         What is negative knowledge
·         Emotional Mind Control
·         How to apologize and make amends
·         The two paths for the destiny of humanity

Top Key points:

1.      Natural Law is unchangeable, eternal law.

2.     Natural Law is understand that you can do want you want as long as you don't do violence to others.

3.      Applying natural law in your life will improve it greatly.








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