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A lesson on persistence and absolute determination

A lesson on endless persistence and absolute determination:

You don't pay the price for success, you pay the price for failure. You are only a failure if you give up. Success is getting what you want without harming others.Your dream is to follow your true bliss (your dream) and to be peaceful and moral person. If you suppose dream involves violating others rights, it's not your true bliss. When you fail, you are not a failure, you just found a way how to not succeed. Failures are just lessons on the path to success, they are necessary to help you understand what not to do and you can grow from the experiences of overcoming failures. Ultimately there is no such thing as failing. Just try again.

With the right attitude, the circumstances are irrelevant. 99 percent of reality can't be detected with the 5 senses. With the right attitude, you bring in events, circumstances, objects, etc from parallel universes that become part of your current experience. When it comes to you dreams and analyzing circumstances, don't say "I'll believe it when I see it." Reverse this. Believe it then you will start seeing it. Imagine having what you want in the present moment in your imagination and you'll see it in reality if you concentrate on that thought frequently enough with strong intensity. The intensity is a feeling of powerful feeling good emotion.

Scientists admit they have no clue what were are capable. All spiritual texts say that were are infinitely powerful if we align our will with The Creator(s)/The universe. You can achieve your dreams because of this. You are infinite powerful, so you have no excuse to give up just because things might seem bad.

Death is no escape. Giving up on your dreams or being lazy is spiritual death and can lead to an early physical death. Spiritual death means you get "recycled" and are reduced to a more arduous life. The lesson of your being is going to take longer and you will have to go through more suffering. The only way out is through. We are immoral spirits. There are no defensive or retreating positions in life. There is no such thing as security or comfort, expand expand expand stretch stretch stretch. If you are not growing you are dying.

If someone says that you can't fulfill your dreams they are unsuccessful ignorant people who live unfulfilled lives. They can't see how you dreams can be fulfilled by you because they don't think they can achieve their dreams. There are incorrect on both accounts


Replace wish with will. Wishful thinking gets you nowhere, it strips you from your infinite individual power. Do or do not there is no try. Do whatever it takes to get your dreams. Focus on the dreams, not the means, keep your eye on prize. Feeling discouraged, jump out of chair and yell "I'm gonna do it that's it period!" Involved your arms, such as clapping or pumping them in the air.