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How live a more active life

How to live an active life with lots of energy and time:

Don't live in the past or in regret of past decisions

Don't tell yourself you are tired, tell yourself you have infinite energy when you feel tired (or anytime). Act like you have high energy to feel energetic (jump, dance, etc). Listen to high bpm and are uplifting with postive lyrics.

Go outside and get some sun and fresh air.

Ground yourself, wear shoes less, barefoot is best, but socks and earthing shoes work too.

Go with intuition and your heart and your gut, otherwise life will be like walking blindly through a minefield. You can see the fields, but not the mines, you can only "see" the mines with your intuition and feel with your heart,and gut.

Think about the results and prospects of actions rather than the illusionary fear of the action.

Be relaxed in all that you do

Be happy. Write on blue ink with white paper I am infinitely happy forever say this with emotions as well. Do this until you start to feel happy all the time. You will feel happy and notice that you are smiling all the time.

Be mindful in your actions, never rush. Rushing is confusing activity with positive results. Rushing isn't productive.

Focus on what your really want in life, follow your true bliss.

When you feel true bliss you will feel happier than anything you have ever done in your life, this means you are following your life purpose. If you don't know what makes you feel blissful, explore new hobbies, groups, and activities. You will be following your true bliss if it gives you intense joy while you are doing an action, this joy is maintained while doing the activity, even over an extended period of time. This is not getting "high", you won't get tolerant. Living without a creative purpose is called hedonism and the joy doesn't last. You can always ask God/your higher self.

Eat a raw vegan diet, don't overeat

Fast daily, eating 24/7 making your lethargic and consumes more time than people think. Eat to live, don't live to eat. You don't need to eat every waking moment, listen your body when it is time to eat you will know. The reason you think you are hungry is the addictive chemicals, artificial sugars, salt, and milk in foods. That and you the main reason for hunger in America at least is the expectation of a meal. Release expectation of a meal. Keep food only in the kitchen. Eat a least one meal a day unless going on extended fast.

Practice lighter forms of exercises like Hatha Yoga, tai chi, qi gong, walking. Intense exercises over long periods of time is potentially draining.

Reduce stress when feeling stressed (Hug, smile, laugh, listen to good music, meditate, recall positive memories, self message, ETF, Callahan technique, qi gong, sing, dance, yoga, build a happy place in your mind such as the beach)

Focus on the now (keep you eye on the ball/prize) (present moment awareness)

Get enough sleep. Everyday this can vary. Don't sleep to much that is called sleeping your life away and being lazy, it can cause depression and vise versa. Not getting enough sleep ruins productivity, focus, happiness, and hundreds of other problems. Sleep during nightime hours, be awake by sunrise, unless you have a truly good reason to stay up. You don't need 8 hours of sleep a night, you only need to if you believe that. Also you probably are stressed, eat taxing meals often, and don't meditate. Meditate, fast, and reduce stress to reduce sleep quota while still getting adequate sleep. All successful people sleep only as much as they need and often have ways of reducing sleep quota.

Don't waste your time, you can tell something is a waste of time if it makes you feel bad or if you aren't following you true bliss.

Start the day with an energetic positive action/affirmation.

Here is an example: Literally jump out of bed and say "this is going to be a great day!"

Do things one thing at a time, only focus on one task at a time

Worrying and obsessing over future tasks drains your energy, productivity, and focus. When you complete a task, then think about the next one you need to do. Cross the bridge when you get there.

Use intense negative emotions to propel your actions when appropriate. Don't hold on to this intense negative emotions for long. Many good things have came out of spite (You can't do it) and people who raged against injustices.

Excersices every 20-30 minutes, this beats back sedentary fatigue. Our bodies were meant to move often.

Sit up right with straight back and neck when sitting.