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The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek

The long route that logically seems treacherous and long is often the right road to travel down in life if you feel good about it in your gut. Your gut feelings is what tells you you need to do something and never lies, unless it this feeling is blocked by fear or doubt, which overrides this feeling and paralyzes you (I'll expand on this later).

The cave your fear to enter is holds the treasure you seek is a powerful quote. It means that you fear to follow your desires, but know that fear is irrational, it is created only in the mind. The gut feelings and heart can't feel fear. It's a disease of the mind.

That cave isn't a scary at all, it is only perceived that way by your mind. The cave is the path to the treasure. The best way to the cave is they way that feels right in your gut.

Here is a story that expands on this quote, it's a powerful allegory. Perhaps logically you could say couldn't I get some dynamite and get the shortcut to the treasure, but if you did that you wouldn't have the awesome feeling of spelunking or you the treasure would have been destroyed because of your dynamite. Perhaps you could get a large industrial drill and drill to the treasure, but the vibrations would cause the treasure to fall into a deep dark hole in the cave if you did this and the treasure would be lost. Perhaps you say I shouldn't do this logically because it costs too much time, energy, and money. You could say I am afraid. Remember the cave you wish to enter holds the treasure you seek, you won't get your desires if you don't go into the cave. The cave is THE way if it feels right in your gut. The fear and doubt is making your miserable and keeping your aware from true joy and peace in your life!

You need to crash through the illogical fear. Virtually all mystery schools, religions, secret societies, and leaders have agreed on one statement: Fear is an illusion!

Fear is created by our 5 senses, which 99% of the time or more deceive us! Reflect on your life and you will see how true this really is (if it doesn't seem this way, then you are perceiving your stepping stones to your goals as obstacles, when in reality it was necessary to achieve those goals). Always go with your good gut feeling over your fearful and doubtful rational mind.

This will also be posted on my website and also in my book later. In my book there will be an expanded version.