[WIP] Ultimate Article: Veganism

April 27, 2020

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Free Range/Human Slaughter/Backyard Chickens/Animal Welfare Justification

It’s irrelevant in some sense if the animals are caged, tortured, and fed improper food or if they are given plenty of space to roam, treated well, and fed good food when they are used in the agriculture industry. Ultimately, they will be murdered at the end of their lives for their meat when the no longer produce enough (honey, milk, eggs, silk, etc), which makes this practice immoral.

Animal agriculture, even if the animals are murdered, is always based on exploitation and violence. When an animal produces an egg, honey or milk, nutrients and energy is required to make it happen. An animal expends a considerable amount of energy to produce these and sometimes even pain, and by taking away it, you are not only stealing from them, but you are also forcing them to suffer a lack of energy, nutrients, and pain.

What most people believe is free range is often nothing more than a marketing ploy. This is used to make people feel better about buying free range. Here is some "free range" animals. These chickens are crowded, lived in unsanitary conditions, and deprived of sun. This is legal (according to the government) and this is not anecdotal case.

As I stated before, what most people believe is free range/organic/humane is often nothing more than a marketing ploy. This is used to make people feel better about buying these products. These animals are still exploited and will almost always be murdered for meat when they are done producing their "products."

People will say that these systems of exploitation are wrong but should just be reformed. What they are really saying is, "I just want to feel better about continuing my practice of buying animal products, but I don't want to stop." Trying to reform an inhumane system is essentially pointless because the practice is entirely humane and MUST be abolished, with no compromises. The abolitionist of America didn't want slaves to be treated better, they knew it was wrong, so they abolished it, we should do the same. There is no such thing as humane rape, exploitation, theft, etc.

Going back to Himmler, he witnessed the execution of 100 people to be shot in this honor and almost fainted. He immediately requested a new means of execution, and he devised a plan of disguising showers and gas chambers as it was more "humane". Does that make this right? No of course not murder is still wrong.

Justifications- Natural Order/Survival of the Fittest/Evolutionary Theory/Food Chain

Just because other carnivorous animals eat other animals doesn't mean that we have the right We do not have this right for two reasons:

1.We are herbivores, as I will explain later, so we do not need meat to survive (and NO animals need animal products such as other species milk, honey, eggs to survive and thrive).

2.We have awareness of right and wrong and we can act on morals, unlike animals.

Here are some simple reasons why we are herbivores: People will claim we have eaten meat for thousands of years, but look at what we have today. We are the only species that breeds animals, wash meat, clean it, milk them, cook meat, package to make meat look different, add seasoning and sauces to meat, etc. Nothing about this is natural, we simply can't kill an animal with our weak fists and teeth, we can't chase, have no night vision, or the ability to effectively digest meat. It makes the common belief that we were meat eaters unbelievable.

Another argument, is that might makes right. Proponents will argue that because we can dominate other animal species, then we have a moral right to. By that logic, child molestation is justifiable, abusing elderly people and children, cannibalizing children is also justifiable. By that logic, anyone stronger than you has the right to dominate you. Now does that seem right?

What about if intelligence makes right? If aliens with superior intelligence were to successfully invade would they be justified in eating us, if you think so, then don’t try to resist them since you would have no moral issue. The same could be said for a intelligent person and a severally mentally disabled person, the intelligent person would not have the right to murder or enslave the mentally ill person just because they are less intelligent. Intellectual superiority doesn’t grant more rights or moral superiority.

Since when does intelligence (or strength) measure a beings right to live? Or how much someone can contribute to society? Does someone who is frail or mentally disabled have less right to live? The same is true for animals, they still have rights even if they some are weaker, smaller, and less intelligent. We are all one race, Earthlings.

Some might say these are counter arguments are weak because they involve weaker people, not animals. Well if you believe you are so strong and dominate, go to a mountain with mountain lions naked and stay still, wait and see what happens, and let's see if you still believe that might makes right. The truth is we are essentially at the bottom of the food chain. We survived primary because of our vastly superior intelligence, this was used to survive, not to dominate.


Another argument, our superior intelligence give us the right to dominate other species. Proponents will argue that because we are more intelligent than other species and have crafted weapons to dominate other species, this give us the moral right to so. Again by this logic, grooming children for pedophilia and child slavery, or doing violence against the mental ill is morally right.

The lack of obesity, cancer, and food borne illnesses in wild animals makes the argument we are omnivores questionable. Animals in the wild eat what they are designed to eat, we do not, that is why we are the unhealthiest species and we have pharmaceuticals and hospitals everywhere, it is because we are not eating what we suppose to eat. Here is a wild chicken vs a chicken that is fed food they are not suppose to eat (and far more than necessary). The way we go about farming animals is completely unnatural.



Others will argue that because animals in the wild do absolutely horrific things to animals to kill them, then factory farming is not any worse so we have the right? But aren't we suppose to be more consciously evolved than just barbaric carnivores and omnivores? Shouldn't we aspire to better? That's like saying punching someone who hasn’t attacked you is moral because it’s better than stabbing them because punching is less brutal.

Evolutionary theory is greatly misunderstood. It has nothing to do with being the most vicious being, it fact that can be what holds back evolutionary progress (especially in herbivore species such as us that suffers when eating meat or animal products). Eating animals food is holding our species back. The ability to adapt to our environment and survive and breed, not being a psychopath to others and other animals, is true evolutionary theory.

Another source of evidence is that this is not natural, we are destroying our global environment by continuing this practice, this could lead literally to the extinction of all life on Earth. This is not the natural order it is chaos. Carnivores in the wild do not cause environmental destruction when they eat meat, in fact they help stabilize the population by making sure herbivores don't overpopulate and cause plant life to disappear. This food chain is stabilizing, unlike our artificial practice of mass animal agriculture.

Versus this unsustainable food chain

This is not human nature. We were never designed to live like this. There is a difference between what we do now (human condition) and what we are suppose to do (human nature). This is a condition, and because it is a condition, we can break out of it, and we must break out of this conditioning or it will lead to pure chaos.

There is also the profit makes right, or that because money is involved, then it justifies the practice or that we have the moral right to work in these industries. This is not true. This is the same logic uses to justify slavery, that because of economic reasons slavery should continue even if it immoral. These was a real argument used against the abolitionist movements across the world. This was also a justification by rich loyalists to kept America part of the British Empire.

“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.” -Samuel Adams

How come when a person dies by a wild animal it a tragedy, but when a person hunts an animal, it is a celebration? We don't say well that's the circle of life unfortunately, when someone dies. This is because this is a made up arbitrary judgment, when it applies to humans and not animals.

Ultimately, we all have a choice, we can chose to continue our ways or we can evolve. There is even evidence that some carnivores can decide whether or not to kill a nearby vulnerable prey, if they can, then we certainly can.

Look up “MUST WATCH: A Lioness Adopts a baby antelope. A short documentary that will open your eyes” video on YouTube. or type this web address in to web address box https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZw-1BfHFKM.There are many videos on this idea, you more also at https://www.adaptt.org/animal-rights/animal-intelligence.html

Justifications- Religion

Religion is a false reason to justify an immoral behavior. This justification is ultimately based on what men and women wrote down 100s or 1,000s of years ago, and to think that everything they said still applies today is absurd. That's not to say that religions don't give good people a purpose, they absolutely do. There are even some religious traditions that support living a plant based lifestyle.

However, most religious texts advocate for some barbaric practices such as:

1. Murdering infidels (Quran),

2. Often forced sacrifice of wives if husband dies (Vedas)

3. Slavery (Bible and Torah).

Despite this, religions also can be used to justify a PBL.

1. Ahisma (Indian Religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism)

2. God's love for Animals Hosea 2:18 and Ecclesiastes 3:19 (Christianity, Islam, Judaism)

Most religions say that you should respect animals and that God/the gods created them, yet how can you respect animals if you murder and eat them. Aren't you disrespecting his/their creation? You worship God/gods that are loving and all compassionate yet your murder their creations?

A number of religious people will argue, God gave us dominion over these animals. This as an appeal to authority logical fallacy. The appeal to authority fallacy is based on the idea that because someone told you it was OK to do, that it makes it right or reasonable. This is simply not true.

Halal and Kosher slaughter doesn't make it justified either. In fact Halal and Kosher slaughter is even more brutal than regular slaughter because the animal is still fully conscious when their throats are slit. Either way the murder of an animal by any method is still immoral.

Justifications- It's Necessary and for survival

We are strict herbivores, it is not necessary to eat meat, and we do not need it to survive. Especially since most people have access to plant foods, eating animal foods is more likely to cause you to not survive (die) because our body is hurt when eating animal foods.

We were gatherers before we were hunters, hunting wasn't mainstream until the Ice Age came and wiped out much of the Earth's vegetation, and we had to eat meat for survival (again ONLY because of lack of plants). We are not in the Ice Age anymore, we can safely return to eating plants like we have for many thousands of years. Some might argue what if I live in arctic regions, then move to a place with vegetation, humans are meant to live in places with plants. That or you can buy plant foods from other regions of the world.

Most live an industrialized capitalist economy that engages in global trade. In other words, you can buy plant foods from all around the world to receive your nutritional needs at an affordable price, so you have no need to hunt, raise animals for food, or purchase animal products.

Justifications- Tradition/Habit/Culture

What we are taught during our formative years (before 7) is ingrained in us often until the day we die. This is why there is push to get kids in school earlier and why the meat and diary industries have so much influence in food choice and education at school, they want to brainwash them when they are young and susceptible to influence (I will get more into this later).



If you put a baby in a crib with an apple and a rabbit, which one will the child play with. The answer is the eat the apple and play with the rabbit 100% of the time. This is because we are instinctively herbivores, the only reason many are not is because of cultural programming.

If we are told a lie enough, we will believe it to be true. These lies are passed down for generation and each time they are passed they grow stronger. Many traditions are essential a lie agreed upon, such as the tradition of murdering and enslaving animals. Traditions and lies being passed down is like the game telephone, where you take a group of people, they whisper to the next person a message then the message the next person etc, and by the time you get to the last person, you have a new message.

Different cultures see certain animals as pets and others as food for example:

In China, Dogs are seen as food and chickens are seen as pets.

In the USA, Dogs are seen as pets and chickens are seen as food.

This is simply are arbitrary distinction, they both feel pain and are therefore immoral to murder.


Culture doesn't justify something as moral or immoral. In some places in the world, female genital mutilation is legal and seen as moral, yet is in fact not. This is also true for other immoral cultural traditions such as slavery, human trafficking, and other traditions.

How does something immoral, when done privately, become moral when it is done collectively? Furthermore, does legality establish morality? Slavery was legal; apartheid is legal; Stalinist, Nazi, and Maoist purges were legal. Clearly, the fact of legality does not justify these crimes. Legality, alone, cannot be the core philosophy of moral people.


These two circles are not equal. One circle is larger than the other. Ask yourself which one is bigger and then once you have decided, continue to read on.


The truth is, these circles are the exact same size. Your first instinct likely was that they are equal, because they are. All it took was someone saying they weren't for you to believe they were not equal. That is how cultural programming works and how culture gets you to believe in lies. Imagine if you were taught the blue circle was larger than the red, if you are told this lie enough, you will actually see it as being larger and believe it. If enough people believe this it becomes part of the culture. If this misinformation is passed on down generations, it becomes tradition.

All animals are Earthlings, we all want to live in peace and to avoid pain. If someone where to wack a pig with a baseball bat outside your house on the side walk you would probably be upset at least But if it was a dog, many would call the police and the abuser would be in prison. They both feel the same amount of pain and have the same amount of right to live in peace. This distinction is created when we sit down to eat a meal, its just like we knew the circles were equal, but all it takes its for someone to tell you it's not.


Consuming animal food and using animal products may have been a tradition in the past for survival, but we have evolved as a species. What was a tradition in the past such as living in caves is no longer tradition because there are better alternatives for shelter, such as brick houses on foundations with plumbing, heating, etc. We need to evolve our traditions towards animals to be suited for the modern age.


Upholding a tradition or habit for no reasons that it is a tradition or habit is not a valid rationalization. Some traditions are good, bad, or harmless. Traditions that are good, bad, or harmless were always that way, no matter how many people practice them or where. Evil traditions and bad habits ALWAYS need to be broken however.

People also believe that because something is normal it is right, but this isn’t so. You just don't want to be abnormal is the true reason that false justification is used. You just don't want to be the nail to stand out. Good news is you can be a motivator by sticking out and leading by example, and this will make others think you are more normal because you will be encouraging more people to be like you and they will change and as more people change it will be seen as more normal.

Just because animal agriculture is normal doesn't mean it has to be. It is a behavior that we can stop at any time. Some say that it's just how we are to be lustful for animal products, however we can change our tastes buds by eating more plant foods and that desire will go away. Our gut bacteria will begin to like plant food and despise animal foods, this can happen in a matter of two weeks or less! There is no such thing as this is simply how we are. We are what we choose to be. We can evolve. We don't have to do this forever.

Justifications- Personal Choice/It's my freedom

When it comes to personal choice and freedom, a few in the world support freedom as much as I do. However saying that, the so called freedom of choice to kill, enslave, and voluntary fund animal exploitation is an illusion of free choice. Do the animals get the free choice to live? No you have taken that right, so therefore you do not have a personal choice.

Every purchase you make ripples out into the world like a domino by supply and demand. This means that buying meat for example, you are helping increase the demand for dead murdered cows, so you increasing the number of murdered cows in the world indirectly and you are therefore are morally held responsible. However, if you stop buying meat, you are decreasing demand, which means less cows will be murdered.


The animal agriculture industry would not exist if people didn't buy their products. When you buy an animal product such as a steak, you are demanded that a cow be killed. Here’s a fun fact: Between 2007-2014 400 million fewer animals were killed due to less demand for meat!


This also goes beyond animals, because our purchases effect the environment as well, which not only effects our local community, but even the globe. The animal agriculture industry is the most destructive industry in the world. Are we respecting the choice of millions who suffer because of environmental destruction (such as air pollution, water poisoning, plastic in oceans, droughts) by our purchases? As someone who lives a PBL our goal in life is to reduce as much harm as possible

Another important factor to consider is that most countries have socialized healthcare. What this means is that when someone gets hurt or sick and they go to the doctor, that clinic or hospital receive funding or is owned by the state. The state gets their money from taxes (money collected by extortion aka theft) and by living a poor lifestyle, you are, in a sense, forcing others to pay for you mistakes.

Justifications- I'm just one person

One justification for not going Plant Based Lifestyle is that “Oh I’m only one person, I wouldn’t make a difference.” It actually would however. We all make a difference even at an individual level. Figures such as Jesus, Martin Luther, Tesla, Gandhi have drastically changed the course of history due to their actions . Also you may not be aware of how much your actions effect the world, you will if you research how animal agriculture is done and how your money effects it. You also may not be aware of the domino effect of your actions of continuing to fund the animal agriculture industry as well.

Someone has to change for any change to occur. If every person in the world said "I'm just one person" we could never have a cruelty-free world. Some have to rise above the rest and be the change you wish to see. One individual can be a great influencer, such as Jesus Christ who was a preacher of the power of God inside you. You can lead by example buy changing your lifestyle. You are helping to bring a new era of prosperity and peace will dawn on this Earth when you do.

Justifications- You can't live a 100% plant based lifestyle so there is no point


Here is an analogy. A fireman runs into a burning building as there are two people, however due to circumstances he can only save one. So does he just sit their a let them both suffer, no he tries to do the best he can to help, even if he can't save all. The truth is that we may not be able save all the animals, thought I believe anything is possible. Animals would be killed every day by carnivores and by accident, even in a PBL world.

When you eat animal products you are intentionally purchasing a product that had a victim that had to suffer to create it. When someone buys plant products, there is no intentional victim involved in it's creation.

There is a different between intentionally killing and accidentally killing. here is another analogy. Let's say you are driving down the road and you run into a dog you kill it. You are morally responsible for what you did. You can't seriously argue that accidentally killing some insects and small mammals in crop production is as bad as the trillions of animals intentionally killed for their products.

Which causes more unnecessary suffering?


Ultimately, there are less animals small animals killed in crop production if we just ate plants. Converting plant food to animal food is inefficient. It requires more plants to be grown to produce animal products than to just eat the plants, and plants offer healthy nutrients. That means by eating plants, less animals may die in crop production.

Justifications- Convenience

Convenience is another argument that there isn’t enough Plant Based Lifestyle options for restaurants (although most restaurants have plant options). But what is more important life or convenience? There are plant based alternatives for nearly every food at almost every major grocery chain in the western world. There are alternatives for chicken, honey, milk, turkey, pork, beef, bacon, cheese, if you can think of it there are alternatives.

Justifications- Taste/Pleasure/Addiction

Are you taste buds more important than life is the question I have to start with. Is it more important than the environment? It it worth more than the future of the planet?

This is ultimately the real reason people won't stop eating animal products, the will create more justifications because they just are addicted to the taste, whether they realize it or not. Some are more honest than others and will admit this. Addicts can never be rational about the substance they abuse. I would estimate 80-90% of people live only for pleasure (and survival) and they couldn't care less about about the lives of innocent beings, that's the hard truth.

Nobody really even likes the taste of meat in nature, which is raw. All true omnivores eat raw! Food is cooked, chop in up into small pieces, put seasoning and sauces and spices and oils etc to make it more like plant products. Nobody eats raw meat whole. We make these products plant-like by adding plant ingredients and making them smaller like plant foods, for our smaller herbivorous mouths. Great news is that because the only part of meat you like is the plants, you can just eat the plants. Most meat foods have good alternatives such as beans and tofu you can put your sauces, spices, oils, and seasoning on.

When we eat a meal, it lasts for about 15 minutes, and then we forget about as soon as we are finished. But for an animal, it lasts an eternity. Every animal killed or enslaved for a meal just for our pleasure. This is not justifiable.

People who stop eating meat sometimes say they have a euphoric feeling and a great surge of energy after eating meat, this is because you are addicted to a toxic food. Heroin addicts feel a feeling of feeling of euphoria and energy after doing heroin, so the drugs must be healthy for them? All meat is toxic food and when your body tries to detoxify, it gives you an illusory feeling of energy. This illusory feeling of energy is the body detoxifying, it actually drains our over the day, which is why people feel tired all the time.

Justifications- Economy/What about the farmers?

Another argument is that farms which rely on producing dairy, egg, and meat to make money would go broke if there was no demand if the world adopted a PBL. It would not be that difficult for these farms to transfer to meat. They already produce crops for there cattle and chicken, etc. Even if they didn’t the reality is, you have to suffer for the consequences of your actions. You are the one responsible for murdering, torturing, and enslaving animals. I do not feel sorry for those who suffer economically from the rise of PBL, when it is unnecessary to farm and kill animals and there are plenty of other jobs out there for people and industries to get into.

There isn't even proof the economy would be destroyed by a global PBL movement. After all, people on a PBL still eat food, buy clothes, cars, etc. Vegans still buy products, we wouldn't be buying less, we would just be buying different products.

Companies such as Tofurky, Beyond Meat, Follow your Heart, and Garden are very profitable businesses due to the increase in meat alternatives. There is always going to be profitable industries to get into (and jobs to get in these new industries) when demand shifts, people aren't buying less food, they just buying less meat and more meat alternatives. Even if farmers suffer economically, they still have no right to murder and enslave innocent beings.

Justifications-Pets are different from livestock/But I'm an animal lover

If people were to see a dog restaurant in America, it would be shut down almost immediately from outrage. You don't see this outrage at steakhouses aka cow restaurants though do you. This is because people perceive some animals as food and others as pets.

The reality is someone in China could say they could never give up eating dog, would that make it morally justifiable for them to continue killing and eating dogs? Using that logic could be applied to any animal indeed, to whales, dolphins, pigs, chickens, cats, etc. It is arbitrary for us to decide that some animals deserve to live in peace and some deserve to die for our needs and wants. Why do we think we get to decide who lives and dies? So if you use this excuse to justify killing some animals, you have to use it to justify killing any animal. After all, all animals feel pain.

People claim to love animals, well certain animals anyways. How can you claim to love animals if you pay for them to be murdered and enslaved or/and if you hunt them? If a parent beat one child but loved the other? No. The only true way to love animals is to let them live in peace by not doing violence to them or funding their slaughter and exploitation.

Justifications- Human beings are different than animals

Human babies are some of the most helpless and naive beings on the planet, but only a psychopath would feel it be right to enslave or murdered an innocent baby, yet this happens all the time with innocent animals. Animals feel the same amount as pain as we do, and are even more intelligent than some babies and the severely mentally disabled.

This same awful justification was used to justify enslaving African Americans because they were perceived as less intelligent, looked different, and had different ways. Just because some beings are different doesn't mean they don't deserve rights. All beings feel pain and wish to live in peace, this is not just for humans. Always try to see yourself from the victim's point of view of suffering.

Just because animals aren't conscious in the same way is it morally just to murder and enslave them. Ultimately as one being suffers, we all suffer. People see the suffering of others as not causing suffering to them, but this is not true. We are all connected. Therefore we should try to not cause suffering for others if we want to not suffer.

According to the Vegan Society, 98% of animals that are killed on this planet are murdered from the animal agriculture industries, not by natural disasters, deforestation, mining, building infrastructure, etc. If you want to stop animals from suffering, the best way to do this is to stop purchase animal products.

That’s the end of justifications. The next section I will be breaking down different industries, if you purchase certain animal products, you need to know information about the industry. If you want a wider picture of the cruelty of the animal industry, read all the sections.

Dairy/Beef/Cow Industry

One of the reasons people fail to adopt a plant based lifestyle is cheese, a dairy product. Why is cheese (and milk to a lesser extent) so addictive. It is because of casomorphin, a hormone in the milk naturally. This is created so that babies will want to drink their mothers milk. Studies on rats showed that rats on casomorphin act similar to rats on morphine. Casomorphin is 10x more concentrated in cheese than milk. Cheese and milk are a drug, maybe that's why dairy products are so profitable. Cheese is the most addictive food ingredient, with 7 of 10 of the most addictive foods containing cheese.

Casomorphin has also been know by Robert Cade MD and others to cause:



Delayed Learning


Sudden infant death Syndrome

Cheese is very high in saturated fat and sodium, which also helps to make cheese psychologically addicting. It raises your blood estrogen and lowers your testosterone, which is terrible for men and also concerning for women since women will have issues if their estrogen is too high and testosterone is too low.

In order for a cow to produce a considerable amount of milk a year, it must be almost constantly impregnated (raped) and give birth. These cows give birth to calves which 98% of them are separated immediately after birth, causing great grief and psychological pain for the cow. This is done continually. Pregnant women only make milk for short time after birth, the same is true for cows, another mammal. Cows are killed early when the stop producing enough milk to justify feeding them and taking up space which is usually after 5 year, but cows in normally live for 20 years.

Cows are keep in crowded and unsanitary conditions, causing them to become neurotic (insane) and attack each other. To prevent cows from damaging each other, their horns are cut off with bolt-cutters. They are fed food such as soy and corn, unnatural for their diets which cause health problems. Worse, pig and chicken manure, animal blood, and ground up bodies are often is mixed in accidentally.

Milking is physically demanding on the mother. Cows in the wild are not milked by machines and also are not constantly pregnant, unlike in factory farms. This is very taxing on their system. Not only that the unsanitary conditions of factory farms causes infections and sores the utters.

Because cows utters are injected with antibiotics and hormones, these often get into the milk. When cows need to get rid of toxins, they will often get rid of it through their milk, and remember, you are drinking/eating that! Not only that, pus is perfectly legal to be in milk (the amount allowed in a fl oz depends on country) and the average cup of milk has an eyedropper full of pus, isn't that wonderful?

The earliest know people to raise cattle for milk are Western Europeans 3,000 years ago. Surprisingly though, 1/3 Caucasians people are lactose intolerant. We existed for hundreds of the thousands of years before without needing milk, we still don't need milk. I am still alive and healthy and I don't drink milk. 85%-90% of humans are lactose intolerant, meaning they can't digest milk, and millions of people around the world are healthy without drinking it. Milk is also the most common food allergy!

The number one reason people believe that we need milk is for strong bones, specifically for the nutrient calcium. Milk actually makes your bones weaker though, hear me out. Harvard Health Studies found that the countries with the highest diary consumption had the highest risk of bone fractures and osteoporosis! Milk actually causes your body to lose more calcium than you absorb, since your body has to remove the acidity of milk by removing calcium and phosphate from your bones! This is true not just for milk, but all animal based foods.

Milk also causes cancer! one of the reasons is all the hormones cause us to grow... tumors. They are high in estrogen growth factor also raises IGF to high levels, causing, increase risk of cancer even if milk is hormone free.

A study by Dr. Colin Campbell of Cornell University found that rats who consumed more animal protein had higher levels of cancer vs those who consumed less. This reversed when the rats who consumed animal protein stopped and the rats who consumed no animal protein started. This means that cancer can be reversed in some instances by not consuming animal protein (such as milk).

Milk also has a significant correlation with Type one diabetes in infants and people with certain genes. This is why nutritionists recommend not feeding non-human milk to infants.

Milk causes respiratory issues. Our respiratory system keeps itself clean with mucus to help prevent dust, bacteria, and fungi to not get into our lungs. Milk increase the production of mucus. To much mucus and you have a problem, especially if you have asthma, it can exacerbate the issue.

Another reason people say we need milk is for Vitamin D, but it doesn't absorb well at all in any food, but especially milk. Milk has almost no natural Vitamin D, it is added into it. The best source of vitamin D is the Sun. If you live a cold climate with little sun, you can also get it from vitamin supplements.

Milk is created for one reason. To help the mother provide the necessary nutrients to help a baby grow. After that the baby because lactose intolerant and must wean off and eat regular food. Each species milk is different than other species in many different ways, especially in nutrients. Cow's milk is much higher in protein than human milk, because cow's need to grow large in short period and have powerful muscles, unlike us. Human milk, has 6 to 10x the amount of essentially fatty acids than cow's milk to help grow our large and powerful brains.

But what about Raw Milk? It's possibly worse. Raw milk isn't pasteurized, so it's not cleansed of bacteria. Raw Milk comes from cow's who aren't given antibiotics, resulting in more pus in the milk. Salmonella, E coil, and staph infections (all bacteria) can be traced to raw milk.

We need protein and many claim that can only be gotten from meat and milk. Most Americans get too much protein, between 1.5 to 3x the protein they need, so if people stopped consuming animal protein, they would still be getting enough. Protein can be founded in plant sources such as legumes. Hemp, lefy greens, soy, and more, with far less cholesterol and saturated fat.

Chicken/Egg Industry

Eggs are very unhealthy. They are high in LDL cholesterol, aka the bad cholesterol. This causes comparable artery damage to smoking. In fact, it is illegal for companies to advertise eggs as being healthy or nutritious (because they aren't!)

Eggs are very unhealthy. They are high in LDL cholesterol, aka the bad cholesterol. This causes comparable artery damage to smoking. In fact, it is illegal for compactness to advertise eggs as being healthy or nutritious (because they aren't!)

Eggs are absolutely disgusting! Eggs are an unfertilized egg of a hen. It is produced and the excreted from a hen and is part of a hen's menstruation cycle. It's a hen's period. It comes out of the same hole that chickens urinate and defecate from!

They are several insidious way the egg industry tries to increase egg production in chickens. First they are genetically bred to produce up to 300 eggs a year vs 17 eggs that wild chickens produce a year. They have periods of light and darkness. They starve chickens in order to cause them to molt, which means they produce more eggs, called "induced molting" by the industry. Each time a chicken produces an egg, it experiences pain and loses nutrients.

You may be wondering what happens to male chicks in the egg industry. They are discarded, aka murdered almost as soon as they are born, because they don't produce eggs. They are usually gassed, grind in machine, or throw in trash bags. In the US and EU male chicks must be killed in less than 3 days.


In the chicken industry (chickens raise for meat rather than eggs called broiler chickens). Chicken meat is filthy and rancid, here is some facts.

Up to 25% of slaughtered chickens are the inspection line are covered with feces and vomit.

Shipments of chicken meat as much as 20,000 out of 25,000 pounds are contaminated with everything from black grease, metal shards, vomit, and dead insects.

Chickens are soaked in chlorine baths to remove slime and odor, and this gets into the chicken meat.

Salmonella is also a major issue with chicken. Salmonella poisoning affects millions of Americans a year, this number may be in the 10s of millions because food poisoning in difficult to identify and often goes unreported. According to a summary of 55 studies, found that 30% percent of chicken is contaminated with salmonella and 62% with Campylobacter, this two responsible for 80% of illness and 75% percent of deaths from meat consumption according to the USDA.

Bone broth is another food that is purported to by healthy, but is actually not beneficial for your bones, skin, or helping with colds. This logic is backwards, the idea of eating another animals bones helps your bones is a fallacy, that's like eating a chicken's eye will help eyesight, this is not how nutrition works.

Pigs/Pork/Bacon Industry

Some animals such as pigs are more emotionally intelligent than babies, yet nobody would justify the killing of a baby for food, they would say it would be immoral, but killing a pig for food, which feels emotions more is not? This is speciesism and propaganda.

Americans enslave, murder, and eat 100 million pigs per year! In tiny gestation (the period of pregnancy) crates female pigs are forcibly impregnated (raped) with long steel rods. As soon as these pigs are unable to produce babies, they are slaughtered.

Male piglets are mutilated in 4 horrific ways:

1. They are held upside down and have their tails cut off without anesthetic.

2. They have 2 to 8 teeth cut off by wire cutter-like devices.

3. They have a portion of the ear ripped off to mark them.

4. The are castrated without anesthetic.

Sheep/Wool/Lamb Industry

Cutting fur off a sheep in far from harmless. Folds of skin along with the tail are cut off without anesthetic to prevent flies from laying eggs on them. They are held against their will to shear them and suffer from cuts and gashes. When sheep no longer produce enough wool, they are slaughtered for meat.

Australia is the largest wool exporter, they import Merino sheep which are unnatural to the climate of Australia. They have thick wool, which can cause the sheep to die of heat exhaustion in the hot Australian summers.

Fish/Seafood Industry

Fish is not the healthy meat people claim it to be. It is often praise for it's omega 3 fatty acids, which are helpful for the heart. However, fish has no phytochemicals, antioxidants, and fiber food which is only in plants. It is high cholesterol, which can cause heart disease. It contains acidic protein, leading to osteoporosis and tumor growth.

Omega 3 is separated into DHA and EPA acids. They are necessary for every cell in the body. We need about 200 to 300 milligrams of combined DHA and EPA. They support brain and heart function. Plant sources of these critical nutrients can be found in algae, seaweed, and micro-algae supplements. The reason that fish have omega 3 is because they consume omega 3 foods such as algae! Some vegan activists such as Gary Yourofsky claim we do not need DHA and EPA, but I recommend being safe and consuming plant sources of EPA and DHA

Fish oil is a problematic food, just like fish. The EPA in fish however is not as high as people may think. EPA is not stable when exposed to heat light or air. Raw fish is exposed to air and light all the time from the time the are brought out from the ocean to the supermarket. The oils are also cooked, meaning that EPA is "burned out" of the meat. In fact this is true for all meats, much of the nutrients are burned out.

One of the most commonly asked question about fish is do they feel pain? The short answer is yes. They have been showed to respond to pain in way to suggest that they actually feel pain. Any animal with any brain can feel pain, it's that simple.

Mercury poising is a serious problem with fish, as well as oil poisoning. Mercury is toxic to the nervous system and kidneys. They cause blood clots, neurological disorders, and often obesity. Fish is the most poisonous food. Fish that are caught are often apex predators, so they means that are consumed a huge amount of other poisoned fish and become very poisonous. Fish also has Dioxin and PCBs, another problem with fish. Some fish also contain BMAA a neurotoxin which can cause ALS and Alzheimer's from algae blooms effecting fish.

Unfortunately, those most affected by all this contamination are the ones highest on the food chain – our unborn and breast-feeding children, living off of their mother. Polychlorinated biphenyl exposure (PCB) of children born to women who had eaten relatively large quantities of Lake Michigan fish resulted in poorer intellectual function of the children, compared to other children, shown by lower scores on a preschool IQ test, and poorer verbal IQ and reading comprehension at 11 years of age.

Here's an analogy to help you empathize with fish: imagine you are walking down a country road lined with apple trees. Hungry from the walk, you reach up to grab a piece of fruit. Suddenly, your hand becomes impaled with a large, metal hook that pulls you out of the air and into an atmosphere in which you cannot breathe. We drown fish and other aquatic animals in our atmosphere the same way we drown in theirs (water).











Silk Industry

Most of the silk made in the world comes from Bombyx Mori, aka silk worms. Silkworms undergo metamorphosis which transforms them into their mature form, silk moths. Silk is the spit of a worm. Silk worms produce cocoons make out of their spit, silk. They crawl their way out by destroying the silk cocoon. To prevent this, silk farmers will murder the silkworm before it hatches out of its cocoon. Between 703 billion to 2 trillion silk worms are killed every year by the silk industry.

Horse (Racing and Riding) Industry

The most common exploitation is horse riding, especially the horse racing industry. Horses are whipped from whips and electrical devices to force them to run faster, although that has been debated. Often a horse being whipped causes neurotic movement and can cause injury to the horse and rider.

Horses are given cocktails of drugs in order to mask injuries are artificially enhance performance. Many horses are called bleeders, a condition where horses lungs bleed from too much exercise. This can cause horses to break down on track, dying or being injured, and often injuring the jockey.Every week an average of 24 horse experience fatal breakdowns on races. That's 1,248 a year, according to New York Times.

Horses that are no longer able to race effectively are sent to Canada or Mexico to be slaughtered for meat. An estimated 10,000 of 20,000 Thoroughbred horses are slaughtered North America. That does not exclude horse meat industries across the globe.

Breaking a horse is psychological abuse. This is where a tamer will try to make a horse submit to them by riding them in a small fenced area to prevent escape after riding. They put saddles on horses, which is near hypersensitive waist area. This a painful process, which is why any wild horse will attempt to buck a person off. They eventually give up rebelling against the human and accept their fate.

Horse wear bits, which is use to control the horse's direction and speed during riding. This is painful, the upper mouth is subjected to intense pressure (of 50 to 100 kilograms per square centimeter on a horses mouth and important nerves) especially when a horse is forced to go fast then stopped suddenly.

Not so fun fact: Bits were created also for slaves in America to put them into submission to their masters.

Some will argue that horses love running all the time, so they liked racing and being ridden. However there is a difference between wanting to run on your own and being forced to. Horses in the wild rarely run, they mostly stand around grazing on grass.

Horse are often rode at ages as young as 2, before a horse is fully grown which is between the ages of 6-9 years. It's easy to displace a horses growth plates causing pain and lasting injury for the rest of the horse's life. Medical examination of horses found that out of 295 horses, 92 percent had spinal issues, this is no doubt not natural for horses, this is due to them being ridden on their spines.

Duck/Down/Foie gras Industry

Down is the Feathers of ducks. Like with all industries, when a duck can no longer produce enough of it's product, it is slaughtered for its meat. Hundreds of thousands of ducks are murdered every year in America for foie gras, which is fattened up duck liver. They are force feed to have their livers be 10x their nature size, then the duck is murdered for their liver to be sold.

Tobacco Industry

This one may surprise people, but tobacco products such as cigars and cigarettes often contain animal products. They often contain pig's blood, beeswax, and castoreum (Beaver Anal Sacs). Tobacco products are often tested on animals as well, even though they are not legally required to. Testing includes forcing animals such as dogs, rats, cats, monkeys inhaling smoke for six or more hours a day for years. These animals are often murdered after testing is over.

Leather Industry

The main animal that is tortured is Cows, but also other animals such as crocodiles and kangaroos, any animal with a hide can be converted into leather.

It is found in belts, jackets, shoes, handbags, wallets, phone cases, and more.

Most leather comes from China and India.

Not so fun fact: 2 million dogs and cats are skinned every year to produce leather. Much of these leather is secretly sold to western countries as cow leather.

There is no such thing as humane leather., especially when you study the work of tannery workers. Tanning Leather requires a huge amount of chemicals in order to make including formaldehyde and coal tar derivatives. Much of these chemicals are dumped into rivers and poorly disposed of. This contributes to many health problems such as cancer, skin diseases, and leukemia. 90% of tannery workers die before 50. Remember this is all unnecessary as we can make synthetic alternatives to leather than are much cheaper and just as strong, such as vegan leather.

Medical Industry

There are two main concerns:

1.What animal products are in the medicine?

2. Is the medicine being being tested on animals?

Here are some ingredients in certain medicines.

Gelatin- Found and made from remains of animals such as horses

Lactose- Made from diary and usual cows.

Shellac- Made from lac bug beetles

Magnesium Sterate- Made form the fat of other animals such as pigs

Cochineal Extract- Made from ground up pregnant beetles.

Most medicine is tested on animals because it is required by law for medicine to be put on the market. The best way to avoid this unfortunate problem is to try herbal medicine and non-FDA approved medicines (they are not required to be tested). You can also try preventing then need for medication by trying to be healthy.

It is Pseudo science. 92% of drugs fail at clinical trails even though they passed animals tests. These drugs were not put on market. That means almost all animals being used to test animals have no benefit to humans and are waste of innocent life, time, and resources.

81% of the serious side effects of drugs went on to harm human patients despite being tested on animals and passed as being safe.

You can't seriously expect an animal to react the same as person, two completely different species, especially when two different people have different results from the same drugs and have very similar DNA. How can you expect an animal with drastically different DNA to react the same?

Alcohol Industry

Some alcohol contains animal ingredient.

Beer- Fish bladder is often used to gather up yeast of beer and make it sank to the bottom of a beer cast

Cider- Some cider brands use gelatin

Wines- Some wines use animal products to help with the process of improving the appearance of wines.

Just make sure that you checking- Check the ingredients of alcohol to be sure, though some animal ingredients aren't listed, be sure to contact manufacturer if you have questions.

Tattoos Industry

Tattoos sometimes contain ingredients that are not plant based, such as:

°Bone black" (bones from animals)

°Bone char pigment

°Glycerin from animals (only some from animals.

°Gelatin, from the bones and tendons of animals.

°Shellac, from the waste of female lac beetles

You can always ask you tattoo artist if their ingredients contain animal products, however there are great alternatives as well for lube such as petroleum jelly, Dr. Bronner soap. Buy plant based lotions and coconut oil.

Bees/Honey Industry

Honey is simply the vomit of a bee, which is used to insulate their hive during the colder months and to eat as well.

Do bees feel pain, probably. The bee industry varies in the process of getting honey from bees and use different methods, some more violent than others.. Many will cut the wings of queen bees to prevent her escape. Even worse, burn entire hives to since they are more expensive during the winter to maintain than to buy new bees! 

Bee keeping is inherently exploiting an animal, the produced the honey and you are stealing it from them. Some beekeepers even steal all of the honey and feed bees corn syrup which is not natural and could be considered a form of neglect! Bees are often trapped in trays during beekeeping and smoked out of their artificial hives! Queen bees are also artificially inseminated like cows.

Ultimately, we have to understand that animals exist for their own reasons, not to serve us., the same is true for their honey and bees.

As a food for us honey is mineral and vitamin deficient. Humans require far more food factors than bees. While honey contains several very desirable sugars, these have been rendered toxic by the protective acids given to them by the bees. These acids are the bees preservatives. Humans do not have the enzymes to break these acids down and we must rob our bodies of vital minerals to neutralize the acids. When humans eat honey, it immediately begins to reabsorb moisture from the stomach and stomach flora. It destroys our symbiotic bacterial population. Several tablespoons of honey makes most people very sick. In humans honey is acid-forming and decalcifying. The body draws calcium from its bones, to neutralize the acids introduced and formed, similar to milk and other animal products.

Figs Industry

People will say that figs aren’t Plant Based Lifestyle because wasps must get inside figs to reproduce, but sometimes the wasps can’t get out of the fig. The wasps need figs in order to reproduce and the figs require wasps to pollinate, so it’s a symbiotic relationship between figs and wasps, not a parasitic or a predator/prey relationship. The figs are not designed in nature to trap the wasps. The figs have enzymes that will break down the wasp so that you will never find wasps in figs. Some farmers will import wasps to exploit the wasps in order to mass produce figs. Again this is only for Smyrna figs.


This is the end of the industries section you should now continue to read the book normally if you haven’t

Soy Deception and Hormones

Soy is not a problem food unless you are allergic to it. Soy is one of the common allergies, so you might have problems with it.


Soy can be a great part of your diet. Soy contains all the essential amino acids, protein, calcium, iron, B vitamins, folic acid, and more. It also contains isoflavones and phytochemicals (healthy chemicals only found it plant foods) that can help prevent and treat diseases. Most of the misinformation that Soy is bad for you comes from the meat industries who do not want soy alternatives to meat to become more popular therefore decreasing meat sales. Organic unprocessed soy is a health “super” food! However, processed and non-organic soy is understandably viewed with suspicion.


There is a difference between phytoestrogen (estrogen found in plants) and estrogen as a hormone in our body that is more common in women. Phytoestrogens are found in high amounts in almost all plant foods, but you don’t see a war on fruits or vegetables do you, only soy.


Estrogen is needed in both genders but women need more. Consuming plants that contain estrogen doesn't mean you body will convert those plant estrogen into estrogen hormones in your body. The estrogen hormone is produced in your body, but not by phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens can’t be made in the body and plants must be eaten in order to get phytoestrogens.


Studies have proven that estrogen levels do not increase in either women or men when they consume phytoestrogens. You can’t get too many phytoestrogens (although you can eat too much of course!)


It is well documented that actual mammal estrogen like in animal products can be 10,000 times more potent in the human body than xenoestrogens from BPA. Meat that is eaten with hormones can be converted in hormones in our body, unlike plants. Chickens make it pigs make it cows make it and we can use it. 95% of cattle are injected with extra estrogen, which leads their meat to have four times as much estrogen as normal mean. A study published in the Oxford journals shows that meat consumption can be responsible for 40% of dietary estrogen. Eating meat equals a massive increase in estrogen, which is undeniably a cause of cancer.


A number of crops use animal fertilizers that include the blood, bones, and feces of animals, however this doesn’t justify the torture, imprisonment, and slaughter of animals. There are alternatives such as nitrate rich fertilizers. Also you could collect these from wild dead animals or allow animals into your plant farm to help with the fertilizing process. Not as much fertilizers would be needed because more plants are needed to grow animals and feed us than to just eat the plants directly.

Vivisection/Animal Research/Animal Testing

Animal testing, Animal Research, Vivisection are evil and unnecessary practices but these practices are also ineffective at achieving their goals).

Evil is not necessary! Evil is what causes all suffering. Love is the answer to all significant problems, and with love, there is no evil!

Vivisection is the act of cutting, drugging, burning, blinding, shocking, addicting, shooting, freezing, infecting and surgically mutilating live animals.

According to geneticists Kathy Archibald and pharmacologist Robert Coleman, adverse drug reactions are a major cause of death killing 197,000 in the EU (2012) and 106,000 in the US (1998). According to Timothy O’Shea, a clinical pharmacist “Each year an estimated 4.5 million Americans visit a physician’s office or emergency room because of side effects related to their prescription medications.”

According to 2004 study from the USDA 92% of new medications fail to be approved after clinical trails on people after they passed animal tests, this proves that animal react very differently from humans on drugs, so it is bad scientific practice to test on animals! Of those approved, half are withdrawn or relabeled due to severe or even lethal adverse effects not detected during animal tests.

in 2008, a study in theriogenology volume 69 page 2, concluded, “on average the extrapolated results from studies using tens of millions of animals failed to accurately predict human responses.” in another study in “regulatory toxicology and pharmacology volume 64 page 345, shows that animal tests missed eighty-one percent the serious side-effects of 43 drugs that went on to harm patients.

They are two infamous drugs that were put on the market (but there are many more) that were safe on animals but dangerous on humans: TGN 1412 and Vioxx.

TGN 1412 caused catastrophic organ failure despite being given to animals in 500 times higher dosages. This drug is so dangerous that any amount of in humans can lead to death.

Vioxx is a drug that caused the largest medical disaster in pharmaceutical history. It was tested as safe in animal trails but turned out to be dangerous to humans. It caused an estimated 88,000 to 139,000 heart attacks and strokes, as many as 60,0000 of which died.

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine explains, “9 of 11 studies on mice and rats had shown Vioxx and other cox-2 inhibitors to be safe for animal hearts and blood vessels. in fact six different animal studies- in four different species- showed Vioxx was actually protective against heart attacks and vascular disease. “

It’s not always bad drugs getting through that is the issue. There's also the possibility of helpful drugs not making it market because they have bad effect in animal trials, while they'd be perfectly suited for people


There are three main reasons why animal testing is still done:



To avoid lawsuits and legal fees

According to SaferMedicines.org, says, “many factors perpetuate animal experimentation, the most obvious of which is momentum. The tradition is so deeply ingrained that the whole system is based on it. Technological lock-in and status quo bias are powerful factors here.”


Toxicologist feel more comfortable doing things “they way we have always done it” rather than trying new and emerging methods. This maintaining of the status-quo ignores the failure of animal tests to predict what products are safe while failing to recognized the made in non-animal testing methods. As a consequences, millions of innocent animal lives are killed and the safety of products are put into jeopardy.


Second Reason: Money.

Researches get money based on how many papers they publish in scientific literature. It’s much easier and faster to publish papers using animals studies than human studies.

According to Dr. Jerry Vlasak, Former vivisectionist turned animal activist, pharmaceutical companies spend millions of dollars to take doctors out to dinner and expensive vacations. Researchers manipulate animal experiments to get the results the drug industries want. Universities give grant money not based on the best and most scientific research methods, but by continuing to use animal models because of the billions made in the vivisection industry.

The organization Last Chance for Animals states “vivisection uses images of sick children and the idea animal testing is needed in order to trick us into thinking that animal testing needs to continue. Millions of children die from starvation and curable disease why we waste millions on animal experiments.”

Vivisectionist will say that there experiment is hopeful or the are on the brink of a breakthrough for a cure for a disease. They use the words “hopeful” and “promising”. What they are really saying is “send more money so I can continue my lifelong mission of gathering useless information.”

13 billion of the 18 billion dollars given from animal research is given by the US National Institutes of Health. Much of our money is being stolen from us in order to fund cruel and ineffective animal testing. This is outrageous!

Here are some particularly awful experiments done in the US:


At the University of Pennsylvania, to study the results of head trauma, primates were strapped into machinery to receive high impact blows to the head. A video camera captured by an animal rights activist, showed footage of vivisectionists taunting the injured animals who were left with severe brain damage.


To examine severe burns on life tissue, the United States army restrained pigs who were burned alive with a flame thrower until their charred flesh could be removed in large pieces.

To measure injury recovery, the Uniformed Services University Department of Defense strapped dogs down and cut apart the skin on their knees, leaving flaps. At the end of the study, all the dogs were killed.


At Emory University, to demonstrate that the eyes protein levels are the same in sight deprived monkeys compared to normal ones, animal experimenters sewed the monkeys eyelids shut.


NASA committed $1.75 million dollars in taxpayer money to fund experiments subjecting squirrel monkeys to massive amounts of radiation.


These cruel labs are often very expensive. Each dog lab at the University of Colorado for instance costs taxpayers about $40,000.


Third Reason: To avoid legal consequences.

Pharmaceutical companies continue to do animal tests because they provide liability protection in court when the drug happens to kill or injure a person. Companies test on animals in order to provide data that they can use to defend themselves when they are sued by injured customers. Even though the very same courts have ruled that the FDA has failed to show that the results of animal tests can be used for humans. Basically the unreliability of animal test allows companies to put virtually any product on the market.


85% of data collected on animal studies are simply throw away, in other words animal were tortured and help captive for no reason. Only 1-2% of the data collected in animal studies may be later used to help people. However, that data could be obtained more accurately if modern non-animal methods were used.


Animal testing has no place in any society claiming to be moral. A drug that reacts differently in a male rate may react different in a female. All drugs effect people differently, because we all have different genes, but the genes of rat and other common test animals are radically different than a human. Even in primates were humans share 99% of the same DNA, the safety results can vary widely. The 1% difference in the DNA is monumental, look at how different humans and primates are after all that should prove the difference.


Another pseudo-scientific practice is xenostransplation (using animals organs as organs in humans). Animals were not created for them to be our spare organs. Xenotransplation is bad medicine, it has never been successful. A pig’s heart was made for a pig and a human heart is made for a human.


Vivisection is a fraud. Every year in the US around 20 million monkeys, dogs, cats, pigs, rabbits are murdered and tortured for this fraud. Around 50 to 80 million rats and mice are tortured, observed for meaningless data, then murdered.


Animals are biologically very different from humans. Human beings are one of the most unique organism on the planet. These difference can’t be tossed aside. There is not way to make animal testing data useful for human beings.


Veterinarians have been asked when they were studying feline leukemia, which animal they studied on, they said cats. Why didn’t they used dogs, or other animals, they replied it wouldn’t make sense. The questioner asked why would you use dogs, cats, and other animals for human leukemia research. The vets were silent because the scam had been exposed. This is common sense logic.


Animal Researchers can never re-create spontaneously-occurring disease that human get. The can only re-create symptoms and give mutations. The experiments are always done in controlled and unnatural environments. If a researcher wanted to find no link between smoking cigarettes and lung cancer, you could used dogs for your experiment, because dogs can’t get lung cancer from cigarettes. But you don’t see dogs smoking cigarettes either do you? These cigarettes can be passed on to the market by drug regulating agencies because if they are safe in dogs they must be safe for humans. This is absurd.


Products that are tested include household cleansers, cosmetics, drugs and pesticides.

Animal Research is used in university and high schools across the nation, 84% of pre-college biology teachers report the using of dissection as a teaching tool. It is defended as a tradition and that it’s “fun” and “hands on experiment”. Not so fun for the innocent animals murder I would imagine. An estimated 12 million animals are bred or taken from the wild to be used for dissection.

Dissection is not necessary. Hands on models can be used instead, which are cheaper, safer, and more sanitary. Computer software models can also be used.

Chemicals are used to preserve dead animals and have been reported to cause headaches, drowsiness, and irritation in students performing the exercises. Dissection also requires the use of sharp cutting tools which pose a safety risk to students.

There are several superior alternatives for using animals in testing and research, they include the following methods:

In vitro cell culture

Organoids are miniature and simple version of an organ produced in vitro

Organs-on-chips or Human-on-a-chip, is a living environment that has be engineered that recreates the physiological forces that cells experience within the human body.

Computer simulations

Autopsy studies (studying dead people)

Epidemiological studies (studies on diseases and how they spread)

Noninvasive imagining (such as MRI, CT scans, ultrosound, and x-rays)


Experimenting on people who are convicted for lifetime imprisonment with no parole or death sentences (Note: this could be abused)

We must stop buying products tested on animals. We must protest and educate others on this practice. We especially convince scientists these practices are unscientific and immoral.

It is no surprise that so many of the drugs on the market are causing massive amount of problems for those who take them. Their tests are based on pseudoscience. The pharmasuetical industry and their cronies (business partners), are some of the most murderously evil industries in the planet.


Sport Hunting and Fishing

When people are treated the way hunter treat animals, people will scream “genocide” “murder” “massacre” but when a hunter kills an animal, people will say it’s a “sport”. This practice only continues because of immoral traditions and brainwashing. No human being out side of a survival scenario has a natural instinct to hunt.

Hunting continues because of lies about overpopulation, food banks, and science.


Hunts because the hunters wanted to donate food to the hungry. That's just a clever public relations scheme to try and place a halo around those who murder animals for fun. It is far more cost efficient to feed hungry people plant foods.


Hunters in developed countries don’t even hunt for food, they hunt because they love the psychopathic thrill of it. They don’t hunt to survive.


Many of the studies about how animals need to be hunted from overpopulation such as the DNR (Department of Natural Resources) of various states and NRC (National Resource Commission) are not real scientists. They are simply hunters and hunter supporters.


In 1971, the DNR of Michigan began efforts to clear of “old growth” forests because 500,000 deer was not enough for the hunters. The DRN crated the DRIP (Deer Range Improvement Program) which called for the clear cutting of 1.2 million acres of forests to create more accessible food supply for deer to increase the deer population! The DNR also gives more licenses to kill male deer than female deer because killing male deers causes females to go hay-wire and give birth to more twins and triplets.

So much for helping with overpopulation, they are not lowering the deer population, they are increasing it so they can hunt more deer!


This artificial increase in deer is causing an increase in deer-car accidents and contributes to crop damage. DNR executive Dave Arnold stated in a newspaper on January 1st 1920 that “The DNR manipulated forest habitats to increase deer population, even though they knew it would cause more auto accidents and crop damage.”


Hunters increase the deer population to create the illusion of deer overpopulation in order to gain public support for hunting.


Wildlife management is man made concept. These wildlife agencies exist to help hunters, at the expense of animals, nature, and non-hunters. We should be stewards of the natural worlds at best, that, or we should simply let nature be.


Hunters use the excuse that deer are going to starve to death due to to winter. This is a natural process and natures way of controlling populations, and is proven time again to be more stable than mankind interfering, which causes overpopulation of some animals under population of others, which threatens the stability of a nature environment.


Dead deer provide food for scavenger animals and as fertilizer for plants. It is natures way of getting rid of week animals and allowing the strongest to reproduce, this process doesn’t happen when we murder animals.


Killing starving deer isn’t a solution, feeding them would be. Hunters don’t shoot starving deer because they have no meat or they don’t have big antlers.


Hunters only care about the environment went to suits their hunting needs, when it doesn’t they destroy the environment.


Is hunting necessary to stop overpopulation of deer and other animals?

Rewrite begin


Hunting is not necessary to stop overpopulation of wildlife. Starvation and disease are unfortunate, but they are nature’s way of ensuring that the strong survive. Natural predators help keep prey species strong by killing the only ones they can catch which are the sick and weak. Hunters typically kill any animals that are good for meat or for mounting which is usually large, healthy animals needed to keep the population strong. Hunting creates the ideal conditions for overpopulation. After hunting season, the sudden drop in population leads to less competition among prey, resulting in a higher birth rate.


Hunters will plant food plots to feed and attract wildlife such as deer. This causes deer populations to increase. They are not good for the ecosystem because they create monoculutres, which destroy diversity and spread crop diseases.


Baiting food in unnatural and unhealthy food not designed for wildlife and gets animals dependent on people for feeding, which hurts their survival. Bait pile also cause animals and their waste to be concentrated in a small area, which spreads diseases. Some states ban or restrict wildlife feeding for regular people, but not for hunters.


Hunting disrupts migration and hibernation patterns and destroys families. For animals such as wolves, who mate for life and live in close-knit family units, hunting can devastate entire communities. The stress that hunted animals suffer—caused by fear and the inescapable loud noises and other commotion that hunters create—also severely compromises their normal eating habits, making it hard for them to store the fat and energy that they need in order to survive the winter.


Hunting disrupts migration and hibernation patterns and destroys families. For animals such as wolves, who mate for life and live in close-knit family units, hunting can devastate entire communities. The stress that hunted animals suffer—caused by fear and the inescapable loud noises and other commotion that hunters create—also severely compromises their normal eating habits, making it hard for them to store the fat and energy that they need in order to survive the winter.


What You Can Do


Refusing to hunt and fish is the best thing you can personally do.


Before you support a “wildlife” or “conservation” group, ask about its position on hunting. Groups such as the National Wildlife Federation, the National Audubon Society, the Sierra Club, the Izaak Walton League, the Wilderness Society, and the World Wildlife Fund are pro–sport-hunting, or at the very least, they do not oppose it.


To combat hunting in your area, post “no hunting” signs on your land, join or form an anti-hunting organization, protest organized hunts, and spread deer repellent or human hair (from barber shops) near hunting areas. Educate others about hunting.


Animals for Entertainment (Zoos, Aquariums, Circuses, Racing)


Giving shelter and food to animals doesn’t help them or justify their enslavement for entertainment. Human slaves were, fed and housed also. Apart from performing backbreaking labor, these slaves experience lives of profound boredom and restricted movement. Likewise, circuses, vivisection torture chambers, zoos and marine parks feed and house animals. There is no question that these animals' lives are also marked by profound boredom that undermines their instincts to roam, to forage and hunt, to socialize with other animals, and so on. Rational individuals rightly condemn the animal entertainment industry because they are cruel and oppressive.


1) Zoos are animal prisons.


2) When people say, "But zoos save endangered animals," the truth is, 99 percent of all the animals at the zoo are not endangered. If zoos were only saving endangered animals, not many would complain. But zoos are a business. In fact, zoos are usually the number-one tourist attraction in every state.


3) No matter how "natural" zookeepers make the animals' caged-in areas, once zoos recreate an area, it is become unnatural. Architecture is not found in animals natural environments. Most of these habitats do not provide adequate room for the animals to roam.


4) When people say, "But the zoo is so educational for children, they learn so much," the truth is they only learn useless factoids about animals. Seeing an animal in person in a cage is hardly different than seeing a picture of one. If you wanted to gain education about animals, you can research online in or books for a fraction of the time and cost. If you wanted to see animals you can do so without supporting a cruel industry by searching up pictures of animals. There is no education taking place in zoos except the cruel indoctrination of misguided values into children, telling them that it is okay to dominate and enslave animals and put them on display for their amusement. One cannot learn about animals who are in unnatural habitats displaying unnatural behaviors from the stress and boredom of captivity, which can also lead to neurotic behaviors like pacing and self-mutilation.


5) Zoos are created for people’s benefit, not animals. Take the average zoo and look at all the space for picnics, paths, and trains. Meanwhile, the animals are being driven insane in their TINY enclosures.


6) If zoos really cared about animals, then why do they serve dead animals at the refreshment areas? Seems to me that if the zoo was trying to teach kindness and respect for animals, the least they could do is make sure people aren't eating dead ones.


7) When people say, "But hunted are being poached in the wild and they live longer lives in captivity," the truth is, a life doesn't magically become happier just because it's longer! In fact some animals such as orcas and elephants live longer in the wild. The solution to hunting is not removing animals from their land; it is removing hunters from the land by convincing them to stop hunting. If more people adopted a PBl there wouldn't be a need for hunted animal products such as ivory from elephants. If natural habitat are being destroyed by people, the solution is to stop destroying natural habitat, not removing animals from their natural places of freedom and putting them into enclosures.


8) Zoos should be transformed into sanctuaries or closed. That means no more visitors. No more picnic areas. No more huge walkways. Let these animals live out their lives by giving them every inch of space on the grounds and then build one virtual reality auditorium where people can come and take a virtual ride through natural environments.


9) Nearly every zoo sells its "surplus" animals to canned hunting farms, research labs, or circuses. "Surplus" animals are the older animals whom no one wants to see any longer. The reason there are breeding programs at zoos is to make sure there are always baby animals in order to attract a bigger crowd. No one wants to see old elephants or old zebras but everyone wants to see baby elephants and baby zebras.


10) Without freedom there is no reason to exist! Zoos have taken away the animals' freedom. They do not feel happy. The thrill of endless miles of roaming has been stolen. Every thing that is natural to an animal, has been made unatural by Zoos.


11) People love to talk about animals at the zoo having veterinary care, as if that justifies their imprisonment. Prisoners have medical care, but that doesn't make people want to line up and book vacations to prisons! Of course animals at zoos have vet care. Without a "product" to put on display, one cannot make a profit. Animals are fed and receive medical treatment. Still they have no freedom. We do not know if animals value freedom over safety, so we should be safe and just simply allow them freedom. Animals suffer more mentally from being cage their entire lives than being preyed upon, this results in a condition often called “Zoochosis”.

Animals that perform in circuses wear chains and shackles, the same a prisoners and slaves. Animals are not meant to be imprisoned or our slaves. There is not way to convince an animal in circuses to do tricks without using negative reinforcement, or in other words, without hurting them and holding them against their will.

Circus animals often travel around the country in small and dark cages that are unsanitary and cause mental harm. Imagine being kidnapped and going into a trunk where you driven to an unknown location. You would be terrified and want to get out by any means necessary.

Circus animals suffering from “zoochosis” where they neurotically walk back and forth endless and sometimes this insanity causes them to self-mutilate.

Animals used in fights such as chickens and dogs are starved, drugged, and beaten to be made more aggressive. If they don’t die from fighting, they are killed. Many others die from injuries.

In rodeos, the naturally mild animals of bulls are made aggressive by hurting the bull with sticks, prods, spurs, etc. The bulls will naturally try to get the person off of them who is causing them harm.

Animals used in racing such as horses and dogs are often drugged to mask injuries.

No animal deserves to be abused or killed for “entertainment.” Please help end these cruel “sports” by never attending or supporting them. You can also help by educating others.


Exotic Pets


Exotic pets go through long journey in captivity similarly to circus animals. Many animals don’t survive the journey or become injured mentally and physically. They are kept in some of the worst conditions because certain exotic pets are illegal and have to get through border and custom enforcement agencies. Parrots may have their beaks and feet tapped and shoved into plastic tubs. Baby turtles are trapped inside their shells with tape and shoved into socks. Baby snakes are shipped in CD cases.


These exotic pets can be dangerous as well. These pets are living in unnatural environments and since they are not a domesticated species such as dogs or cats, they can be highly aggressive and can attack people if they escape control by their “owners.”


These exotic animals carry disease from remote areas of the world that very few people have natural immunity to. One example is salmonella, which affects 70,000 people each year by human contact with exotic animals, especially reptiles. According to the CDC, 75% of infectious diseases come from non-human animals.


Never buy exotic animals from dealers or pet shops. Educate others about exotic pets.


Games, Rides, and Contest Animals


Ponies in pony rides suffer from hoof injuries and boredom from going in endless circles.


Donkeys are rode around often in the same manner as bulls, the riders are aggressive in order to get a reaction from the crowd. According to The Donkey Sanctuary in the UK, the average donkey can’t bear much more than 100 pounds, which means that most people are harming the donkey if they just sit on them.


The fate of animals that are given away as prizes or used to advertise their games is grim. PETA has received reports that dead or dying animals have been tossed in garbage cans near fair booths that offer games. Game operators see animals as just property, so deaths from poor handling are just the small costs of doing business to them.


Fair attenders who win animals are usually provided with little or no instruction with caring for the animal, which results a bad trip home and/or poor living conditions. When the novelty of keeping the prize animals wears off, they are gotten rid of.


Here is a particularly cruel game called Mouse Roulette, mice, gerbils, and hamsters are spun on a roulette-style wheel. When the wheel stops spinning, the hole that animal falls into is the winner.


Roadsides and traveling zoos are another problem. Many are disguised as sanctuary or rescue operations. Well meaning people are drawn to these places and support them, but they are simply breeder and dealers of animal who exploit people’s goodwill and generosity.


Petting zoos spread bacteria such as E. coli and numerous children are infected with this from petting animals. Infections can spread by touching the animal or by touching the exhibit around the animals.


Marine Animals and aquariums


Marines and aquariums such as SeaWorld, are filled with captive animals that are put into unnatural environments.


Wild dolphins and killer whales live in large groups and swim many miles a day, but instead must swim in circles in what in the equivalent to large bath tub.


This animals are ripped from their families and spends many decades in captivity, as they are long living animals.


Dolphins and whales suffer from a unique problem while in captivity called echolocation. This is caused by the sounds that dolphins naturally make, it bounces off the walls of the tanks and it has no where to escape. This often causes them to become insane. This is similar to being blindfolded in a jail cell.


Orcas (killer whales) often destroy their teeth by chewing on metal cage bars and all captive males have injured dorsal fins.


Wild orcas live for long times, often as long as humans. However, in captivity, the only live to an average of 9 years!


Animals in dolphin riding and petting pools are contaminated with foreign bacteria and can cause dolphins to become aggressive from this unnatural behavior.


Please don’t visit marine parks, zoos, or aquariums that keep ocean animals in captivity. Encourage your local aquarium to create more space for rehabilitating (and releasing) injured wildlife by refusing to breed or bring in any more animals.


You can also educate others at local aquariums or marine parks, pressure officials to avoid subsidizing these facilities with taxpayer money, write letters to the editor of local publications.

Service Animals/Pets

In my opinion, animals deserve to be free and not our pets. I do not see a moral issue with having pets however. I accept people keep animals as pets. However, if you are buying meat based animal food for your pets, then you are not truly a Plant Based Lifestyle who is trying to stop the meat industry. There are alternatives to meat for your animals. One brand is called nature’s recipe. There are also good Plant Based Lifestyle options as health food stores such

as trader joe’s or whole foods.


Animals are not meant to be slaves for handicapped people. They were not meant to be slaves to police and military departments and agencies fro the purposes of finding drugs, bombs, or dead bodies. They do not exist to help hunters catch their prey.


These animals are not compensated for their labor. Animals don’t understand the concept of a free market. They are held against their will and sold. They do receive payment for their efforts, but they didn’t consent to working. This is called slavery.


Plenty of people need jobs and could do this work. The reason they don’t is that animals doesn’t have to be paid a salary.


Training session with these animals require breaking the animal. This always requires either physical or psychological harm to be done, depending on the animal. Animals do not want to perform these “helper tasks.”


Imagine a severely mentally disabled adult coerced without compensation into heavy labor, such as hauling rocks around in a mine. Reasonable people would agree that in this circumstance the retarded individual has been enslaved.


Palm Oil


Non-sustainable palm oil plantations are destroying Indonesian and Malaysian rainforests. Orangutans are being hit the hardest as they are left without a habitat. They are shot, poisoned, beaten to death and burned alive from deliberately set forest-clearing fires to farm palm oil. After their mothers are killed, orangutan babies are stolen and sold as pets. Nearly 90 percent of orangutan habitat has already disappeared, most of the Indonesian and Malaysian rainforests are predicted to disappear. Almost all of the world's palm oil exports come from Indonesian and Malaysian plantations.


Animal Intelligence


Gary Yourofsky, an animal activist, has a massive number of great examples of Animal Intelligence here: https://www.adaptt.org/animal-rights/animal-intelligence.html


I will list one here: “I once saw a Discovery channel show about ants. There was a flood. A few hundred ants carefully, methodically and rationally LOCKED LEGS to form a raft. Then, a few others escorted the queen ant to the top of the raft. The ant raft eventually floated to safety, killing all the raft ants, but SAVING the queen thus preserving the survival of the colony. Not only is this rational thought, it is ALTRUISM at its finest, something few humans are capable of. Ants, bees and the rest of the insect world are some of the most intelligent beings on the planet. Step on an ant near the colony, and watch the whole ant community go ballistic. They know when they're under attack. They easily TRY to avoid pain and death.”



If animals and insects aren't aware, then what are they? If they are NOT capable of feeling pain, then what do they feel? Eating, sleeping, drinking, surviving, procreating, looking for shelter, building a home, defending themselves and saving each other aren't instinctual behaviors. They are thoughts attached to actions. It's the human animal who operates instinctively. Very few people think for themselves and come to rational conclusions. Pulling into McDonald's for a Big Mac is NOT rational thought. It happens because the media, the government, schools and parents tell people to do it. If humans were truly rational, we wouldn't be killing the animals, the earth and ourselves!.

Do plants (and animals) feel pain, does it matter, and how do we know?


When plants get old we call them ripe. We animals get old we call them old, just like us

Animals feel pain so they understand where to move and what to avoid that is hurting them.

Plants do not feel pain. Plants don’t have a central nervous system or pain receptors unlike animals. Plants do not have the ability to escape danger or life threatening situations, so if plants felt pain it would simply be torture and would serve no purpose.

From a religious point of view, would God create plants with the ability to feel pain they could not escape it? They would not be benevolent or compassionate.

Plants have to ability to respond to their environments, Sunflowers point to the sun and vines grow to the sun. Responding to your environment (stimulus) is not the same as feeling pain. Take the example of a nail, if you hammer a nail, the nail responded to stimulus by being pressed down, not because of pain, plants work in a similar way.

If you were driving down the road and saw a dog in the road, you would probably swerve over to the grass rather than run over the dog, proving you have more empathy with dogs than the grass, this is likely because at a conscious or subconscious level you either know that dogs feel pain and it would be immoral or you value dogs over grasses life. 16 kilograms of plants are needed to produce 1 kilogram of animal protein, so even if you do believe plants feel pain, then being PBL would reduce their suffering by 16 times the amount.


Imagine I am in a room with you. If I said my right hand is hurting. Would you believe me? There's only one person in this room knows it's hurting, me. If I tripped over my feet and banged my head against the side of a table and start bleeding profusely out of my head, and I'm screaming on the ground, would you believe that I am in pain? Of course, I'm showing the signs. Here's a test. You take your hand you put over a flame what happens? What's your reaction? You automatically pull back and scream, you take a dogs pawl put over a flame. What's his reaction? Same thing, pull back and scream. You take, a dog, a pig, a cow, a chicken, a goat, a duck, a horse, a rat, a mouse, any animal that's living that put a body part over the flame, has the same reaction.


Even if plants did feel pain, that doesn’t justify causing pain to animals.


You know that animals feel pain and emotions instinctively when you are young and would chase animals, they would run away in fear.


Just because in the production of plant products some insects are killed doesn’t mean we can’t atleast try to prevent innocent animals dying a painful death by reducing suffering.

There is a reason that plant advocacy groups are essentially non-existent. It is because everyone knows that plants do not feel pain, so there is no reason to advocate the abolishment of farms. Everyone knows the difference between taking a carrot out of the ground vs slicing a pig into pieces.


If plants feel pain, how come firefighters never rescue plants, but have protocols for rescuing humans and animals. It is because we want to stop the pain of being who can experience pain from being burned or choking in the smoke. We do this because we emphasize for others. We emphasize with others because we understand that they feel pain like us and because they feel pain like us, we feel pain as well.


No body interfers with someone cutting their grass and screams murder, but if we did the same to an animal, many probably would.






Most new biotech products and processes are tested on non-human animals. Often the new product IS non-human animals. Biotech companies aren’t just in the food business. They develop medicines, vaccines, industrial agents, chemical agents, etc. Human DNA has been spliced with non-human animal DNA to try and develop a working non-human animal model for human vaccines, among other things. Cows, steer, sheep, pigs, and other non-human animals are abused by these companies for cloning research, and now these cloned animals are entering the food supply. Goats have been engineered to produce drugs and spider-silk in their milk. Rabbits, pigs, mice and other non-human animals have been engineered to glow in the dark. These companies work with a host of toxic chemicals and are required by the FDA to test drugs and other products on non-human animals before they are approved.


Since 80 percent of corn and 95 percent of soy grown in America is set aside as animal feed, when you consume animals and the things that come out of their bodies, you are consuming GM animals AND plants! If you want to avoid genetically-modified organisms (GMOs), the first step is PBL. Your next step is choosing to buy organic. Although many powerful companies are attempting to edit legislation, by law organic products must be produced without genetic engineering. For your benefit, very few vegan companies use GM soy.


If you're concerned about ingesting pesticide residues and you're still a carnivore or omnivore, pay particular attention to the next sentence. The overwhelming majority of pesticide intake comes from eating animal products. There are three reasons for this. First, the meat, dairy and egg industries douse billions of animals with chemicals to kill flies and mosquitoes that spread diseases from animal to animal. These chemicals seep through the pores, where they're permanently stored in the animals' flesh. Second, federal law allows crops set aside as animal feed to be sprayed with two to 20 times the amount of chemicals used on crops set aside for human consumption! Finally, keep in mind that it takes from three to 20 pounds of plant protein to produce just one pound of animal protein. Therefore, by eating an animal you are not only ingesting many times more toxic residue from the very plants eaten by the animal you ate than you would have had you just eaten the plants yourself; you are also ingesting the accumulation of these residues over the entire (brief) life of the animal you ate!


In stark contrast, only a small percentage of pesticide intake comes from plant-based foods. You also have the option to purchase organic plant foods, which solves the chemical problem altogether. I would suggest trying to buy non-GMO products.


While you might be able to buy some chemical-free animal products (which is pretty hard to do because animal feed is rarely organic). Don't forget that there are still three issues that can never be overcome:


1.The murder and enslavement of animals and

2.The nasty effects of consuming animal products

3.The environmental destruction and world hunger caused by animal-based agriculture.


Basic Plant Nutrition


Plants make up the natural world. They use sunlight, water, and co2 (carbon dioxide) to create sugars to which animals such as us feed off of.


According to Carl Zimmer, a science writer, It is a myth we evolved our brain from eating meat. Our brain in mostly powered by glucose, not protein and fat. Glucose is found almost exclusively in plant foods.


Calories are different, it is how much energy a food source have. However just because two foods or drinks have the same number of calories doesn’t mean they are the same or give you the same type of energy (in fact it may even drain you). For example an apple and a small can of soda may have the same number of calories, but the soda is far worse due to its lack of nutrients and being high in simple carbs.


Fats store energy in our bodies. Consuming them increases the absorbing of fat soluble vitamins, A, E, D, K. The body can’t produce essential fatty acids on our own, so it must be consumed in foods. This is why a low fat diet are dangerous. Fats are needed to keep cell membranes functioning, protect against shock, keep body temperatures normal, and maintain healthy skin and hair.


Fats are broken into 3 types. Unsaturated fat, which should be most of your fats and are very healthy. Saturated fats, which are healthy in small quantities, but dangerous in large, and trans fats which should be entirely avoided. Trans fats are often in Hydrogenated oils and meat. Check the nutritional label on the back.


Cholesterol is necessary for cells to interact with each other and brain function, too much though can lead to clogged arteries, leading to heart attacks and strokes. LDL cholesterol comes from fast foods, potato chips, cookies, cake, donuts, meat, eggs, and anything with trans fat. HDL cholesterol the “good” cholesterol, is found in olives, beans and legumes, whole grains, high fiber fruits, flax seeds, nuts, chia seeds, avocados, soy, and more.


Micronutrients are vitamins and minerals. They are needed in small amounts, but are crucially necessary. The help with metabolism, heart, cellular ph levels, and bone density.


Vitamins help cells make energy. Vitamins with the help of enzymes metabolize foods, which helps you gain more energy from foods.


Vitamin A,b,c,d,e,k are the types. Vitamin A helps with gene transcription and embryonic development, they are mostly found in orange, yellow, and red plants. Vitamin C is important for the immune system. It mostly found in citrus, red peppers, and kale. Vitamin D is obtained from getting sunlight. Vitamin E is an antioxidant, heart health,and brain. Vitamin K is for blood health and bone health.


Minerals are elements from the periodic table. The main 7 are sodium, potassium, chloride, phosphate, calcium, magnesium, and Sulfur. Calcium is use for muscle contraction, nerve transmission, preventing blood clotting, and healthy bones. Magnesium supports cellular activity and assists in enzymes. Sulfur maintains acid balance and helps in liver detoxify. Potassium is an electrolyte, muscle contraction, and heart health. Sodium is for water and electrolyte balance. Chloride helps maintain blood volume, pressure, and ph of body fluids. Phosphorus is important for bones, 85% percent of body’s phosphorus is found in bones.


Phytonutrients or Plant nutrients, are only found in plants. These unique benefits can not be gained by eating animal products. They support optimal cellular function and communication, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory activity, repair dna damage from toxin damage, detoxify carcinogens.


Disease is almost always caused by nutritional deficiency. Scurvy was once called a disease, but we now know that it was simply a lack of vitamin C. Almost all diseases can be solved with proper nutrition.


There are 4 types of Nutritional disease


Conditions that interfere with nutrient utilization

Conditions that cause greater than normal need for a nutrient

Conditions that cause nutrient destruction in the body

Conditions that cause greater nutrient excretion out of the body


Lack of nutrients can lead to obesity, wasting, eating disorders, cardiovascular disease (#1 killer in US), cancer, diabetes, fatigue, weakness, constipation, depression, lakc of concentration, and more.


Vitamin C deficiency can lead to nosebleeds, rough and dry skin, slow healing wounds, weakened immune system, easy to bruise, digestive issues, high blood pressure, harder to lose weight, strokes, and certain cancers.


Vitamins supplements can be helpful if your body is in disarray due to lack of a certain nutrients and can help you get your body back in order, once it is, you should strive to get your vitamins from foods, not supplements. Vitamins from supplements may be going to waste because enzymes need support from foods or otherwise vitamins will be wasted. Chronic stress can also destroy certain nutrients in our bodies.


Doctors receive almost no education in nutrition. Only 25% of medical courses have a single course in nutrition


In a study done by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, they found that patients often beat their doctors in tests, how is that possible? Nutrition is the pinnacle of health!


Cigarettes were often advertised as healthy and safe, even by large mainstream scientific institutions such as American Medical Association. However, this was proven later that smoking cigarettes is a harmful.


The same is said for meat, we can’t wait until mainstream scientific institution tell us that eating animal products is killing us. Recently, mainstream science has been acknowledging the benefits of a vegan diet. We must take the initiative, our lives (and health) are on the line!


There are disease caused by too much nutrients. Such as consuming too much saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium.


Only 3% of Americans get enough fiber, because they don’t eat plant foods. 98% of Americans don’t get enough potassium. These are found almost exclusively in plant foods. Plant foods contain so many vitamins and nutrients that can’t be gained in animal foods.


Kevin Trudau, a health insider claims in his book “Natural Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About”,nutritional diseases is one four causes of disease.


Dr. Esselstn says “Even just diet alone can reverse disease. How about our number one killer, number one killer of men and women, the number one reason you and everyone you love will die: heart disease. [It] can be prevented, arrested, treated and cured with diet alone.


Most people go to the doctor for chronic disease from a poor diet! 85% of the money in the healthcare industry goes to chronic diseases. These medical centers do not treat the problem, but only stop the symptoms. It’s like having a motor oil light on and you take out the motor oil light instead of getting more oil. You will no longer have the light, but you still have the problem!


“I think diet plays a minor role in mental health. I mean the surprise with that chapter is that it plays any role at all. And in fact it plays the most, so a plant based diet is found to be the most powerful intervention in improving mood within a matter of weeks, no other diet has ever been shown to have the effects. But having said that, that doesn’t mean that it's going to, I mean just because it works better than everything else doesn’t mean it works particularly well. There’s lots of mental disorders for which we have no data on diet at all, all we have is the depression/anxiety data. But it’s remarkable, and hey, people suffering from these mental disorders need all the help they can get.” -Dr. Michael Greger, Clinical Nutritionist





B12 supports cell metabolism, they are found largely in found in leafy vegetables, blue green algae (spirulina), and bacteria. Natural soil and water have b12 in it as well. B12 is also made in the intestines if you eat the right foods. It is even made in the mouth as well!


People who are deferential in b12 may experience symptoms, such as fatigue, weight loss, gastrointestinal issues (such as upset stomach, diarrhea, or constipation), numbness, confusion, and memory loss, Some people avoid adopting a plant based lifestyle because of myths they hear about B12. B12 deficiency is not caused by eating only plants.


According to Dr.Vetrano, B12 deficiency is not only caused by a poor diet, but digestive problems that make it difficult to absorb nutrients correctly, making nutrients hard to absorb. This can be caused by Crohn’s disease, Celiac disease, and other digestive disorders.


B12 is a bacteria that comes from the soil. B12 is severely damaged by heat, as with many bacteria. Cooking meat and fruits and vegetables destroys much of the b12. If you are really concerned about getting b12, a way to get it by unwashed raw organic fruits and vegetables that come from the earth. This is not practical for most. Again, any normal human being should produce enough b12, but if you want to be certain you can take b12 supplements.


The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reports that 39% of Americans have low levels of B12. If only 1% of Americans are PBL, how can B12 deficiency be a PBL issue? No PBL casualties occur from B12 deficiencies.

Omega 3 and 6

Omega 3s and 6s are crucial for the brain. These can be gotten from plant sources such as flax, chia seeds, winter squash, wild rice cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, hemp seeds sea weed, beans, leafy greens, and berries.


Getting Protein in Herbivore Diet and more info on protein


Protein in meat ultimately comes from plants. Plants have an average of 14% of calories are protein, while meat is 75%. However, some plants have higher percentage of protein from calories such as beans, nuts, seeds, algae, and hemp. A 150 pound person needs less than a cup of hemp seeds to achieve daily protein needs. Over-consumption of protein is also an issue and people often believe protein is more important than it really is. It can cause problems such as obesity, since American's eat an average of 1.5 to 3 times the amount of protein they need, and this is almost exclusively from animal products sources. Over-consumption of protein is much more difficult on a plant based diet however, because plant protein is much more healthy.


All amino acids are found in the plant kingdom with alfalfa sprouts, almonds, bananas, bean sprouts, brazil nuts, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, coconuts, corn, dates, eggplant, filberts, goji berries, okra, pecans, soy, spirulina (seaweed), squash, sunflower seeds, sweet potatoes, tempeh (fermented soy), tomatoes, walnuts, and wheatgrass are complete proteins.


Carbohydrates literally mean carbon hydrates (water). Carbohydrates are literally carbon hydrogen and oxygen mixed together. This carbohydrates are used to make sugars. From these sugar molecules, amino acids are created which make up all protein.


There are 20 amino acids, human have 8 amino acids which they cannot produce on their own and must be obtained elsewhere, such as food.


Only plants have the ability to convert atmospheric nitrogen n2 into protein, which can be eaten by all life. Thus, all protein is initially made by plants. Therefore, all animal protein is actually just recycled plant protein. It is the similar to donating used plastic bottles to a recycling plant, and then the materials are used to make new products, however, during the recycling process some of the materials are lost, so not as much product can be made.


What this means if the plants died off, given enough time, all life on earth would die including carnivores.


Therefore since we are capable of eating plants, we should cut the middle man, animals, and get the nutrients from the source which is richer in nutrients.


Plants contain all the essential amino acids that are necessary for the human body.


This study found that rats grew better on meat, this make sense for a rat as they naturally eat meat. This study also found that the rats don’t grow as well on human milk, probably because they aren’t humans! Rat milk as about 10 more protein than human milk, because rat babies grow 10x faster than human babies


It is nearly impossible to have a vegetarian diet that is sufficient in calories, but not sufficient in protein.


Proteins are like the materials you use to build a house. How much building material you will need depends on the size of a house and the number of houses. It also depends on the time you want to build it in, is how much you need of materials. If you want to build a house in a month vs a year, you will need more materials faster in the house if you want to build it in a month.


You want to eat as much protein as your body needs to repair you bodies cells. Cells die of and become damage over time, and must be replaced and repair and the only way to do that is with protein. There is no advantage of eating excess protein, and in fact if you eat excess meat protein can cause problems, however eating extra plant protein is generally not a problem.


Once a building is complete (or a person becomes an adult) you do not need as much protein, only enough to maintain your body (homeostasis). Once the house is complete you only need protein to maintain and repair, such as you will need more building materials if there is a hole in the wall. For example if you are injured and tear some tissue, you will need to consume more protein to repair that tissue.


If you continue to give materials to the house when it doesn’t need it, it will create rubble, the equivalent of a tumor, remember that all tissues need protein, so tumors can only exist if you have excess protein. This tumors can also become cancerous, thereby becoming dangerous.


Protein that your body needs and you consume enough of is used for ezymes, hormones, body tissues, and neurotransmitters. The rest is converted into fat. This is also true for excess carbs. Carbs are used for energy and for breakdown of amino acids, the rest goes into glycogen. Excess carbs are turned into fat is not energy efficient, so your body tries to avoid it. Excess carbs turned into fat require energy to turn into fat, that same energy you get from carbs. It is better to get fat from fat not carbs, as you are required to consume 25% more calories to turn carbs into fat rather than just eating fat. When you eat a lot of simple carbs, your body wants to burn it off, therefore resulting in a sugar rush, such as when someone eats a lot of candy.


Our bodies can’t store protein. All protein note used for maintaining our body and repair cells is converted into carbs.


Animal protein is not buffered (unlike plant protein), the sulfur in excess animal protein is metabolized into acid. To neutralize that acid, our body takes calcium from bones and gets rid of it in the urine and this weakens bones causing or contributing to osteoporosis and also kidney stones.


Plant proteins are buffered by phosphate, therefore, do not cause excess acid production or significant calcium loss when metabolized into carbs, and have not been show to increase risk of developing Osteoporosis. Because of this buffer, you can eat highly acidic fruits such as oranges and still be fine, without worrying about calcium loss or bone problems.


Regular exercise allows your body to use protein more efficiently as well. If you are working out, you generally don’t need extra protein. What you need is extra energy (carbs and fat) not protein more than likely. That is because the average American get twice the amount of protein that they need.


The idea that because animal tissue is similar in composition to human tissue that it is higher quality is false. It is based on the faulty assumption that it is best to consume proteins that have similar composition to our own tissues. You would not expect a cow to eat meat so why would you expect a human, a herbivore, to process it well. By this logic, you could argue this is a great reason to eat each other, yet cannibalism is well know for centuries to cause massive health problems. The largest and strongest animals on earth are herbivores, such as elephants, so it not necessary to eat flesh to make flesh. The best human flesh is made form adequate appropriate amino acids and energy from the most healthy protein sources which is plants.


Animal protein and diseases caused by it include:

-Heart disease

-Cancer (prostate, breast, colon, pancreas)



-Prion Diseases

-Alzheimer’s Dieseas and other forms of dementias

-High blood pressure


-Exacerbation/acceleration of kidney failure

-Kidney stones

-Dysentery and other food-born illnesses


Animal protein (meat, eggs, honey, dairy) is a potent cancer promoter.


Studies suggest putrefaction (rotting) of animal protein in the colon released toxins that exacerbate adhd and possibly other mood/behavior disorders. The amino acid composition of animal protein raises blood levels of homocysteine, plants do not do this.


Homocysteine in humans has show to damage blood vessels and increase the risk for heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s, and Osteoporosis.


Herbivorus mammals should only consume animal protein in the form of milk from their mothers during infancy, when they are rapidly growing, In fact that is what it was made for and it is more effective to do so than to give a baby formula, even if it is plant based.


If herbivores are exposed to animal protein during adulthood, that protein actives oncogenes that can stimulate abnormal growth and lead to tumors and cancers. As an adult your cells are not suppose to grow, if they do they “grow” in the form of tumors.


Imagine you need propane to heat your house. You get what you need from the store to heat your house. If you bought so much it was all over your house, your house would blow up. The same is true for consuming too much protein, especially animal protein (imagine the animal protein being more explosive)


Researchers thought that animal protein was better because they had more leucine essential amino acid.


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In a landmark study (Low Protein Intake is Associated with a Major Reduction in IGF-1, Cancer, and Overall Mortality in the 65 and Younger but Not Older Population)

people with higher animal protein intake had a 75% higher overall death rate and a 4x increase in cancer death over an 18 year period. Extra leucine in diet can promote cancer via extra TOR (Target of rapamycin) which increases IGF-1. Cancers are covered in IGF-1 receptors. The IGF-1 levels are 9-13% lower in vegans than meat eaters. Plant food also have leucine, not too much to cause cancer, but enough to supply your body with leucine, a necessary amino acid. More is not always better. Mammal milk such as human’s milk is high in leucine because it helps with growing a person, but if you an adult, drinking human milk (or any animals milk) would help you grow cancer.


Per gram of protein, animal protein has more leucine than plants. This leads to extra IGF-1.

Because animal protein has much higher IGF-1 and leucine which is often excessive, it results in cancer. However eating excess plant protein usually is MUCH more difficult to do, meaning getting extra plant protein won’t cause you to have too have much IGF-1 as much as if you ate animal protein.


Animal proteins have much higher methionine which promotes cancer development and cellular aging aka you will get older faster and therefore be less healthy and live less long. Plant Based Lifestyles live an average of 10 years longer than meat eaters!


Animal protein accelerates kidney damage, increase cancer risk, inflammation (more pain), and bone loss leading to osteoporosis.


1 in 10,000 people live to be 100. A single gene removal in worm double it’s lifespan from 30 days to 60 days or the equivalent of a healthy 200 year old person. It is called the grim reaper gene, or the IGF-1 receptor. You can on turn on or off these genes partially by what you eat. Not eating animal protein helps turn off these genes (partially). These is because genes are not set in stone, there is a new type of science called epigenetics where genes are expressed differently depending on our behaviors, a great book on this is the Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton.


A study in urology in 2005 showed a decrease in cancer growth when meat eaters switched to a plant based diets.


We need to grow when were a kids, which is why we need our mother’s milk and more protein (and other nutrients). If you growth hormone receptors is deficient it can cause dwarfism, yet this also make you essentially cancer proof, according to 100 dwarfs tested over a period of time, none died with cancer despite their relatives dying of cancer at around 20%.


Low carb animal based diets were associated with a significantly higher risk of all cause mortality (deaths from any causes) in the long run. However, Vegetable based low carb diets were associated with lower all cause and cardiovascular disease morality rates.


A study from University of Southern California shows that researchers have found that eating diets rich in protein in mid life you are 4 times more likely to die from cancer than a Plant Based Lifestyle, which is about the same as a smoker. However if you smoke and eat animal protein, your rate of cancer is even GREATER.


Carnitine and Choline in meat can be converted by a certain gut bacteria into toxic TMAO that increased risk of stroke and cancer. Plant Based Lifestyles, however, do hot have this gut bacteria that can covert choloine or carnitine into toxic disease-causing TMAO.


Plant proteins always are accompanied by fiber. Fiber in the colon is used for energy and to make bacteria necessary for digestion. Because animal protein has no fiber, it cannon be digested and will rot, causing damage to blood vessels and accelerate kidney dysfunction.


This putrefaction can also create Ammonia, Phenols, and sulfides like hydrogen sulfide. HS can cause a “Leadky gut” and IBS. The guts leaks when it doesn’t get enough fiber, causing bacteria from the gut to get into the bloodstream, where it doesn’t belong and it can wreak havoc.


Diets high in animal proteins and low in fiber and can have detrimental impact on mood and behavioral disorders such as ADHD or Depression from this putrefaction. Having a plant based diet creates certain bacteria in the microbiome which decrease symptoms of Anxiety and Depression.


Animal fat can alter the structure of the kidney by acid overload, since meat is highly acidic (not in the sense of an orange) and can increase ammonia production and can damage and scare sensitive kidney cells. Plant foods do not cause this effect. Kidney transplant patients were able to stay off the list by switching to a plant based diet.


Plant Proteins have been show to have a beneficial effect on Serum cholesterol, bone health, Immune function, exercise physiology, immune function, kidney function, colon health, stomach health, vascular health, acid-base balance, liver function, decrease heart disease risk, decreased cancer disease risk, and decreasing risk for Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementias, Decreased risk of ADHD and Depression and possibly other mood disorders.


Protein is not as important for babies or humans either, despite our moderate size for a mammal. Human milk has the lowest protein of all mammals, feeding cow’s milk, which is 3x higher protein is dangerous to babies because they are not meant to have that much protein.


Diets high in fat and protein (and low in carbs) do not help to fuel your muscles, while diets high in cards can double your fuel and help with optimal performance (more muscle weight gain)


The greatest success in the history of medicine have been focusing on preventing rather than curing. Total life years saved by preventing include hygiene, sanitation, water treatment, infection control, food preparing methods, work place safety, and nutrition science far exceed surgical techniques and administering pharmaceuticals.


The majority of disease and death in the western world is due to the way we eat and live. It is that we have too much, not to little unlike developing countries which often lack these preventive measures stated previously.


We must reject the idea that things that are pleasurable are necessarily those that are destructive to our health and environment. We can and must learn to derive pleasure and happiness form things that protect and assist our lives and preserve the planet for future humans.


According to the Academy of Nurtirition and Dietetics, an appropriate planned herbivore diet is nutritionally adequate (in all nutrients), and can prevent and treat diseases.


the amount of protein in mother's breast milk is only 5 percent, measured in terms of caloric expenditure, yet breast milk spurs rapid growth in the infant through the first months and years of his/her life. Even fruit has around 5 percent protein, which is the same amount of protein human babies receive from mother's breast milk.


Animal protein is high in sulfur and makes the body more acidic. The reasons is that animal protein makes it into our large intestines too fast. This means that meat protein is not fully absorbed when it reaches our large intestines, and begins to ferment. Protein is suppose to be absorbed before it reaches our large intestines and ferments (this happens when we eat plant foods). This sulfuric animal proteins break down into hydrogen sulfide, a highly toxic gas.


Meat, which is almost always cooked, produces toxic gases called Polycyclic aromatic

hydrocarbons, which may cause cancer. The smoke from meat causes cancer!


The protein contained in whole plant foods is connected to disease prevention. According to Michelle McMacken, MD, a board-certified internal medicine physician and an assistant professor of medicine at NYU School of Medicine:


“[T]he protein found in whole plant foods protects us from many chronic diseases. There is no need to track protein intake or use protein supplements with plant-based diets; if you are meeting your daily calorie needs, you will get plenty of protein. The longest-lived people on Earth, those living in the “Blue Zones,” get about 10% of their calories from protein, compared with the U.S. average of 15-20%.”


A recent study conducted by researchers in California and France found that meat protein is associated with a very sharp increased risk of heart disease, while protein from nuts and seeds is actually beneficial for the human heart.


In the International Journal of Epidemiology, researchers found that people who ate large amounts of meat protein, which is a daily norm for many people, represented a portion of the human population that would experience a 60 percent increase in cardiovascular disease (CVD), while people who consumed large amounts of protein from nuts and seeds actually experienced a 40 percent reduction in CVD.


81,000 participants were analyzed for this study. The authors emphasized that they, as well as their colleagues, have long suspected that the protein from nuts and seeds protects against heart and vascular disease, while protein from meat, especially red meats, increases your risk. They were right.


While underconsumption of protein is harmful to the body, overconsumption comes with risks as well. In the United States, the average omnivore gets more than 1.5 times the optimal amount of protein, and most of that protein is from animal sources. This is bad news because excess protein is often stored as fat. This stored animal protein contributes to weight gain, heart disease, diabetes, inflammation, and cancer. But, this is only from animal protein.


A study (Patterns of plant and animal protein intake are strongly associated with cardiovascular mortality: the Adventist Health Study-2 cohort) concluded that:


Associations between the ‘Meat’ and ‘Nuts & Seeds’ protein factors and cardiovascular outcomes were strong and could not be ascribed to other associated nutrients considered to be important for cardiovascular health. Healthy diets can be advocated based on protein sources, preferring low contributions of protein from meat and higher intakes of plant protein from nuts and seeds.


A 2015 study published in Cell Metabolism is one of multiple studies that points out:


Humans with Growth Hormone Receptor/IGF-1 deficiencies display major reductions in age-related diseases. Because protein restriction reduces GHR-IGF-1 activity, we examined links between protein intake and mortality. Respondents (n=6,381) aged 50–65 reporting high protein intake had a 75% increase in overall deathand a 4-fold increase in cancer and diabetes mortality during an 18 year follow up period. These associations were either abolished or attenuated if the source of proteins was plant-based.


Multiple studies have shown the difference between animal protein and plant protein. Another great example comes from Colin Campbell, a Professor Emeritus of Nutritional Biochemistry at Cornell University, whose experiments on laboratory rats showed cancer cell growth can be turned on or off by simply varying the amount of animal protein included in their diet. This was an enormous discovery, with implications to the diets of millions of people. His results, from what’s known as the “China Study,” have proven to be replicable.


“When it comes to getting protein in your diet, meat isn’t the only option. Mounting evidence shows that reducing meat and increasing plant-based protein is a healthier way to go. A diet with any type of meat raises the risk of heart disease and cancer, when compared with a vegetarian diet.” Dr. Deepak Bhatt, a Harvard Medical School professor and Editor-in-Chief of the Harvard Heart Letter


The Demonetization of Carbs and info on carbs

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This section is paraphrazing from Dr.Milton Mills lecture on carbs, I recommend you watch it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z55fiuVSagU


And one of the most detrimental trends in Modern nutrition is low carb diets. And people think that they're actually doing something that's good for them by going low carb, but they aren't because our bodies need carbs every day 25% of the energy you burn is used up by your brain alone. The human brain only weighs three pounds, but uses 25% of the energy we burn everything. And it's all in the form of sugar. So are, you know carbohydrates, glucose, that's what the brain uses. And that's why when people who have diabetes if their blood sugar level goes too low, they will go into a coma because the brain cannot function without it. So our bodies are designed to utilize starch and carbohydrates.


The problem comes when we take in the wrong types of carbohydrates, and I'll explain that in a minute, but the fact is that human beings are so adapted to a starch based diet, that we actually have six times more starch enzymes than any other primate. The problem with carbs is the fact that in most western countries, people are eating processed carbs. And by processed carbs, what I mean is they're eating refined sugar, and they're eating grains that have had their fiber removed. So instead of eating whole grain rice, by brown rice or wild rice, we take the fiber out and we white rice, instead of eating whole wheat. We turn it into white flour. And the problem is that once you take the fiber out of a plant food, the starch can be broken down and absorb so quickly, it's like eating pure sugar and what that will do is it'll cause a spike in insulin levels. And it's true that if your insulin levels are constantly elevated, it prevents your body from burning fat. And so what ends up happening is that that can promote weight gain. But it's even a little worse because when you actually look at what else Westerners are eating, they're eating refined carbohydrates that are loaded with grease. So the brain is craving carbohydrates, because that's what it needs to run itself on. Our body tells us we need carbs, so we go out a eat unhealthy carbds like donuts, which is white flour and grease and insulin level, sugar levels, spikes, insulin goes up, sugar level goes down, and then suddenly, we find ourselves hungry again. And instead of eating the high starch foods that our brain really and our body, we should really want. So again, that promote weight gain. And so what some, again, very

poorly informed individuals have suggested is that, Oh, well, if you eliminate the carbs, it'll help you burn weight. And and that's true to an extent, because it kind of puts the body on a starvation mode, and you have to burn protein and which is, again, very stressful from a metabolic standpoint. And studies have shown over time, that low carb diets are associated with higher risk for chronic disease. Actually, poor performance on tests of mental function, which makes sense because you're not giving the brain what it needs. After all carbs are important for the brain. And it also is associated with a greater risk of all cause mortality (deaths from all causes). You might be able to lose more weight, but what’s better to be skinny and unhealthy or dead or weight a little more a be healthy? You need to eat whole plant based foods, not plant based food that are heavily processed to the point where the fiber is removed, this means not juicing the plant food, as it removes the fiber! And it turns out that the absorption that when carbohydrates are surrounded by fiber, they're in a sense protected, and that actually helps the absorption of the carbohydrate, prevent your blood sugar levels from spiking too high, but it also prevents them from falling rapidly. And so it keeps your blood sugar level in a more stable range. You don't get hungry as often, your brain is happy, your body is happy. And the fiber does all sorts of wonderful things when it gets to the colon and gets broken down by the bacteria in the colon.


So it sounds like maybe people are just confused about carbohydrates in general, they think of like donuts when they really should be thinking about potatoes and whole grain.

You know, when most people think of potatoes, they think of russet potatoes. But russet potatoes are essentially obese potatoes. They are potatoes that have been selected for through selective breeding. The fiber ratio is thrown off. It's much better if you're going to use potatoes to use the smaller varieties like Yukon Gold, red potatoes, and sweet potatoes. And if you cut into those potatoes, you'll notice that their flesh has a more waxy texture as compared to the sort of dry crumbling texture of a russet. And that's because they have a much higher fiber content. And so they have a much better impact on our physiology because of the fiber that's in these potatoes. Those other root vegetables have a lot of fiber in them. And so even though they have a carbohydrates, that carbohydrate absorption is helped by the starch are therefore healthier. All carbs not equal. The bad carbs are the processed carbs that have the fiber removed. The good carbs are the whole plant foods that have the fiber. Well, that's very similar to what we do with plant foods. plant foods in their normal natural state are loaded with fiber, the have good sources of carbohydrate, very healthy for us. But when we get our hands on them, and we modify them and turn them into the unhealthy foods.


When you're swilling down sodas all day, drinking lots of refined juices, or eating lots of candy and lots of sweets. That's when you start to really throw your physiology off and it becomes very unhealthy. So you want to avoid not only the processed carbs, but also the refined sugars.

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The only reason why high carb diets can be dangerous is if you are eating high carb processed foods, which have had almost all other nutrients removed. High carb foods such as fruits are good for you if they come from natural sources.


High fiber foods such as plants do not require you to eat as much to feel full, due to high satiety. High fat low carb foods such as meat and eggs, can trick our brains into overeating because these foods have high calories and lack fiber (to help you feel full).


The Blue Zone’s people who often live the 100s such as the Okinawa, where 85% of calories are in the from of carbohydrates, with 50% coming from sweet potatoes, a whole plant based food. Japan has the lowest obesity rates in the world for a developed country, and they eat 79% of their diet in the form of carbs.


Researcher from the University of Tokyo found that Low carb diets are associated with a higher risk of all cause mortality.


The nutrient groups are broken into macronutrients, micro nutrients, and phytonutrients. Macro-nutrients are carbs, proteins, and fats. Carbohydrates are broken into sugars (simple carbs) fibers (cellulose) and starches (complex carbs). Carbs break into cellouse and glucose to become fuel and help with digestion. Simple carbs give you a large amount of energy quickly, but too much it becomes fat in the body by overloading your liver. This form of carbs in mostly in processed sugar, and not good for you unless found in whole fruits and vegetables, which contain other nutrients. Complex carbs are fiber and starch, which takes longer to digest, but carry more nutrients. They are found in almost all plant based foods. Carbohydrates is what lead to the development of our brain.


Other Benefits of eating Plant Products vs Dangers of Eating Animal Products (Put benefits in Personal Benefits of going Plant Based Lifestyle) or rather break up sections into inflamation cholestrol, weight, etc. add to industries for specific products as well.


Some of the largest (and most intelligent) animals on earth eat a plant based diet. The largest land animal on Earth is the African Elephant. The African elephant eats a diet of plants, consisting between 70-200 different species. Muscle mass is no issue on a vegan diet, since we are also herbivores as I will explain later. They also can live to an old age like us, 60-70 years.


68% of all disease in the US is caused by diet. That means the SAD (Standard American Diet, and yes it is quite sad to see people dying from preventable diseases due to poor diet) is not working. The biggest nutritional issue in America is that we eat so much animal products and very little plant products.


Inflammation is increased in the body after eating an animal product such has sausage and eggs. Inflammation can causes many problems, including pain and delayed healing. Even a single small meal with animal foods can increase our levels of inflammation to dangerous levels in less than one hour and last for several hours, until the next meal when we eat more animal foods. Our body is in a constant state of inflammation when we eat meat! Inflammation is the bodies immune response to attacking something, the body is attacking endotoxins, which is in the bacteria of animal products only!


These endotoxins cause our guts to become leaky, which means that bacteria starts to slip into our bloodstream, in other words, bacteria is going places it should not be going!


Drinking milk causes a 25% increase in estrogen. Drinking milk also causes a 20% decrease in testosterone. This shows that drinking milk is a MASSIVE mistake for men.


Plant based diets support a healthier gut biome. By switching to a healthy plant based diet you are changing the bacteria in your gut from having less harmful bacteria to more protective bacteria. Not all bacteria is bad, but animal products contain bacteria not meant to be in our bodies. Our stomach is not acidic enough to destroy these bacteria, unlike meat eaters.


In the Office Workers study, in 14 weeks it showed that if you are obese, you could see a 13 pound weight loss, a 3% body fat loss, better gluten tolerance and insulin sensitivity at 16 weeks by adopting a vegan diet. This study put people who had migraines on a Plant Based Lifestyle diet and 88% of them showed improvement in their headache pain, and the number of people that needed medication for their headaches lowered by one third. The also had a potentially life saving 22.2% drop in total cholesterol


The Plant Based Dietgroup reported a 40 to 46% decrease in health related productivity impairments at work that was based off how many days of work they missed for health related impairments and how much time at work they missed for them as well. This means that they were getting less sick.


According to the IJC (International Journal of Cancer), even a 3% increase in the consumption of energy intake from animal protein was associate with a 15 percent higher risk of cancer. A 2% increase in energy from plant protein intake was associate with a 23% lower risk of cancer.


The Candian Nationla Insitute of health did a study on Plant Based Lifestyles, vegetarians, and ominvores and found the only population that was not overweight was Plant Based Lifestyles.


Here is some more info on PBL by Charles Leadbetters “Vegetarianism and the Occult”


We should take in the best physical and mental food. If we desire to be greater, we must be able to build ourselves in such a way that we become greater. You are what you eat, that is a fact. If we want to become greater, we need first feed ourselves the right mindset and programming. Then, we must feed our bodies with the right foods. If we wish to be clean and pure, we need to clean our bodies so that we will be closer to the Creator. Here is why vegetables and fruits are the purest and best foods to eat.


First: Because vegetables contain more nutrients than an equal amount of dead flesh.


Meat is in a constant state of decay as soon as an animal is killed. This decay is still happening in our body as soon while it is in it. Animal products take longer to digest because our body is digesting a food that our digestive system is not adapted to eat. The decay causes to release of toxins and poisons. Most diseases are caused by the eating of animal products, and many new ones have been created. Many of the lower classes in India ate meat heavy diets, which is one of reasons they remained in that class.


Fifth: Because the eating of dead bodies leads to indulgence in drink, and increases animal passions in man. Mr. H. B. Fowler, who has studied and lectured on dipsomania (alcholism) for forty years, declares that the use of flesh foods prepares the way for habits of intemperance (lack of discipline and moderation) in everything; and the more flesh is consumed, the more serious is the danger of confirmed alcoholism. Many experienced physicians have made similar experiments and wisely act on them in their treatment of dipsomaniacs. The lower part of man's nature to care only about pleasure is intensified by the habit of feeding upon corpses. Even after eating a full meal of animal products a man still feels unsatisfied, he feels a vague uncomfortable sense of desire. This craving is the hunger of the animal products, which cannot be renewed by the poor stuff offered to them such as meat, dairy, eggs. To satisfy this vague craving, or rather to appease these restless nerves so that it will no longer be felt, stimulants are often used such as drugs and alcohol.


A more recent study conducted by researchers at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital followed more than 130,000 people for 36 years, monitoring illnesses, lifestyles, diets and mortality rates.


They found that replacing between 15g and 19g of animal protein, the equivalent of a single sausage, for beans, nuts and other plant protein, significantly decreased the risk of early death. Replacing eggs with plant-based protein also lead to at 19 percent reduction in death risk.


Researchers found that a 10 percent higher intake of meat was associated with a two percent higher mortality rate and an eight percent higher chance of cardiovascular death.


Some might say that adopting a PBD is extreme or extremist. Yes it is extremely different, but it is also extremely healthy for you. Plus the number of people who are adopting a PBL is increasing so soon it might be normal and easier to fit in. But really, what is more extreme, eat ing only plants or having your chest ripped open and a vein from you leg sewn onto your heart, as half a million people have a year.



Other Personal Benefits of going Plant Based Lifestyle/Why Go Plant Based Lifestyle


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Animal protein contributes to the acceleration of osteoporosis because keeping blood and tissues at a neutral Ph balance always takes priority over keeping calcium phosphate in the bones. Bones can hold out for years with insufficient calcium, but blood and tissue cannot because they need phosphate to offset the acidity. When blood and tissues become acidic with animal protein, the body withdraws calcium phosphate from the bones and uses the alkaline mineral phosphate to keep the Ph levels of blood and tissue balanced. The calcium is then excreted through our urine. Since animal products are the main source of acidic protein, people who consume the least amount of animal protein always have the lowest rates of osteoporosis, bone fractures and other diseases. Alaskan Eskimos, who consume large quantities of animal protein and rarely eat plants because of their icy environment, have the highest rates of osteoporosis in the world!


The Harvard University Nurses' Health Study proves that dairy products offer no protection from bone fractures or osteoporosis. In fact, participants who drank three or more servings of milk per day actually had a slightly higher rate of fractures than women who drank little or no milk.



The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (AJCN) proves that dairy increases the risk of prostate cancer. (A UCSF study of 27,000 men also showed an 81-percent increased risk of prostate cancer from consuming 2.5 eggs per week.) Another AJCN study shows that children who consume high levels of dairy products have close to three times the risk of developing colorectal cancer in adulthood, while a study of 60,000 women reveals that those who had four servings of dairy daily had twice the risk of ovarian cancer. The Lancet reports that dairy, especially yogurt, will increase the risk of ovarian cancer. In 2004 the American Journal of Epidemiology published a study from the Yale School of Public Health which showed that animal protein and saturated fat increase the risk of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, while large amounts of fiber (only found in plant foods) reduce the risk

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Debunkers argue they have studies that “prove” that I am wrong. That very well may be true. Here’s the thing, you don't need a medical study to show you with people are dying. Medical settings can be manipulated either way. You don't need the studies. All you have to do is pay attention to this meat, cheese, milk and eating society that we all live in. How many of your family members and your friends family members have a disease already or have died already from a disease? Diet is the most important factor in health, it is not just the polluted and radiated world we live in that is causing these health problems.


Even moderate amounts of animal products are detrimental to the human body because moderate amounts of animal fat, casein, and animal protein are harmful in the same way as moderate amounts of meth, dope, and heroin is harmful. If you want to avoid lung cancer, moderately smoking five cigarettes per day would not be ideal. If you want to avoid heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis and other diseases, not even a moderate amount of meat, dairy and eggs can be eaten. From an ethical standpoint, cruelty in moderation is never acceptable.


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World Hunger




PBL is a sustainable solution for world hunger


Imagine an island of 100 to represent World Hunger and how it relates to a PBL.


100 people in an island and 1 person owns half the island and resources. 84 people eat a diet with meat and animal products. 14 eat no meat but animal products. Only one person eats a PBD. There are 21 overweight people, while 16 people are starving or malnourished (their diet is severely lacking in nutrients). On this island, there are 1,000 animals being killed for their meat or being raised for their products (milk, eggs, honey, etc). The island feeds 1/3 of all their grain to them, uses 30% of the farm-able land, and a third of all freshwater is dedicated to animals. This island produces enough food to feed 130 people, but instead of giving it to the 16 starving people, they are giving it to the animals who do not need it to live! Also, the food is more nutritious in the base form of fruits and vegetables instead of being processed into meat and animal products (Remember the law of assimilation?)


This island of 100 is a smaller scale of Earth and modern day stats on population and food studies. This island is a smaller reflection of our world today. Do you see how insane this is!


NEEDS TO GO SOMEWHERE ELSE The Key to a plant based diet is to have foods that serve as a good foundation, you don’t start with food such as processed plant foods. That would be like starting a house with a roof, you can’t do it. You want the foundation for a planet based diet to be organic whole raw fruits and vegetables of a colorful variety and to eat only what as much as you need. An example is a organic apple. An organic apple is organic because it is non-gmo, wasn’t irritated, and sprayed with deadly chemicals. It is whole because it is not processed in a facility or ripped apart and make unnatural, you are eating it in as close to it’s natural form. It is raw because you did not cook it, cooking causes nutrients to be drained from food and destroys the energy of the food, along with good bacteria and enzymes.


It is more economically viable as well, animal agriculture uses up a third of all cropland and water. This increase in more land and water would decrease land and freshwater prices, which would allow more poor farmers to use the land for farming.


Every two to three seconds some human (most likely a child) starves to death, while pigs and cows continually get fat. Even the Council for Agriculture, Science and Technology, a group comprised of people involved in animal agriculture, acknowledges that 10 billion people could be fed with the available crop land in America if everyone became adopted a PBD. One acre of land can yield 30,000 pounds of carrots, 40,000 pounds of potatoes or 50,000 pounds of tomatoes. However, one acre of land can yield only 250 pounds of meat. Why? Depending on the animal in question, it takes from three to twenty pounds of vegetable protein to create one pound of animal protein. Animal agriculture works like “a protein factory in reverse.” However, not only does this process squander protein resources; it annihilates carbohydrates, fiber, antioxidants, phytochemicals, and many other nutrients altogether.


An acre of cereal produces five times more protein than an acre devoted to meat production; an acre of legumes (beans, peas, lentils) can produce 10 times more protein; leafy vegetables, 15 times more protein. The production of surplus amounts of grain in the U.S. frequently results in inefficient exchanges of food resources that take place between the U.S. and many Latin American countries. If soybeans, vegetables and grains were fed directly to humans, instead of to animals whose lives were breed into existence, we could alleviate much of world hunger by putting an end to these transactions. This is why the world's largest feed-the-hungry organization (Food for Life Global) feeds millions of hungry people free PBL meals! This is not affordable if it was done with animal products, since animal prodcuts are extremely expensive, but the may not appear that way because of subsides to the meat and dairy industries which secretly artificially reduces the cost of animal products. Unfortunately you subsides still go towards meat industries whether you eat a PBD or not.


In order to sustain a meat eater, you need 3 acres of land, half a million gallons of water, and 2.8 tons of carbon are emitted into the atmosphere. A plant based diet requires only 1/6 an acre of land per year, 125 hundred thousand gallons of water, and plants do not produce pollution, in fact they breathe in carbon dioxide, so they reduce pollution.


In the US there are 56 million acres of land that grow crops, only 4 million acres are used to feed humans. This means that 14 times more land is used to feed animals for animal husbandry than to feed humans.


This is simply unsustainable. If the United States was the only country on earth, there would not be enough food despite having enough arable and currently farmed land to feed all. The US population as of 2020 was estimated to 331 million according to UN data analyzed by worldometers.info https://www.worldometers.info/world-population/us-population/ . We would need 990 million acres of land to feed the United States if all were meat eaters, if even a 10% (33 million) were we would still not have enough.


Environmental issues Ecoli/Disease/Virus/Infection


In his fifth report to the Privy Council in England we find Professor Gamgee stating that "one-fifth of the total amount of meat consumed is derived from animals killed in a state of malignant disease"; while Professor A. Winter Blyth, F.R.C.S., writes:


Animal agriciulture is reponsible for 51% of GHG emission compared to 13 percent of global transportation. It is reponsible for 91% of the Amazon rainforest destruction. It is a leading cause of species exticintoin, ocean dead zones, and habitat destruction.


The footprint (the cost) of a single pound of beef is between 1,847 to 8,000 gallons of water per pound. This is FAR more than any fruit or vegetable.


The thing is, we don’t have the land. There’s simply not enough land for the number of animals we eat every year. The amount of land that it takes to produce 37,000 pounds of plant-based foods will only yield 375 pounds of meat.


The land required to feed 1 a PBD person for 1 year is 1/6th acre. It takes 3 times as much for a vegetarian, and 18 times as much for a meat-eater.


The following information comes from Bite-sized Vegan’s website, she is an excellent in-depth aggregator of scientific information related to veganism:

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Whether you eat fish and marine life or not, this matter impacts all of us. The ocean, or rather the phytoplankton within the ocean, provides somewhere between 50 and 80% of oxygen and the oceans ecosystems store carbon in massive quantities. If commercial feeding is not stopped, there may not have enough oxygen on earth for us to breath, which can result in the extinction of all life on Earth.


The fishing industry tend to go for the biggest fish first, only 10% of predatory fish species remain, which could leave the unchecked species to feed on the ocean’s vegetation releasing the stored carbon. If we lost just 1% of these blue carbon ecosystems, it would be equivalent to releasing the annual greenhouse gas emissions of Australia.


90-100 million tonnes of fish from oceans each year with some sources even estimating 150 million tonnes. There is no way for the marine populations to replenish themselves at this rate.


Our industrial fishing methods are incredibly inefficient, with some operations throwing 98% of their catches overboard, dead, because they aren’t the targeted species.


Land-based animal agriculture is the leading cause of ocean dead zones, which are areas in the ocean starved of oxygen such that marine life suffocates and dies.


Animals that are raised for food on land are killing the ocean animals. And to add a further layer of insanity, we are feeding the fish we catch to the cows, pigs, chicken, and other land animals and to the fish we farm.

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A conservative 2006 study by the United Nations food and agricultural study placed animal agriculture at 7,516 million tons per year or 18% of annual global green house gas emissions with a far more thorough 2009 WorldWatch Institute study taking into account overlooked livestock respiration, land use, methane and other oversights of the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations with the ultimate outcome of at least 32,564 million tons of carbon dioxide per year coming from animal agriculture. That’s 51 percent of all global emissions compared to the 13 percent of all combined transportation.


Focus is always almost exclusively on carbon dioxide but methane is 25-100 times more destructive than carbon dioxide and has 86 times more polluting. According to the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), “37 percent of human-induced methane comes from livestock.”


If we do reduce the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as all the organizations call for, it will take around 100 years to see an actual decline, whereas reducing methane shows results almost immediately with significant results within decades.


Making one pound of hamburger does the same damage as driving a car for more than three weeks.


Animal agriculture is never mentioned by any of the top environmental organizations or environmentalists in relation to global warming. They focus on alternative energy such as converting to wind and solar power which will take 20-plus years and roughly 43 trillion dollars, but going PBL takes seconds and is cheaper than being an omnivore.


477 gallons of water are required to produce 1lb. of eggs; almost 900 gallons of water are needed for 1lb. of cheese;and 1,000 gallons/liters of water are required to produce 1 gallon/liter of milk.


For every one pound of fish caught, up to five pounds of unintended marine species are caught and discarded as by-kill.


And what’s suggestion of the major ocean protection organizations? Sustainable fishing. there’s no way to make 100 million tons of fish by 2050 sustainable, especially given the 5 pounds of by-catch for every one pound of fish.


Up to 137 plant, animal and insect species are lost every day due to rainforest destruction. Rainforests cannot be regrown!


According to an interview conducted by Dr. Richard Oppenlander with Dr. Simon Stuart, chair of the International Union for Conservation of Nature species survival commission:


“Habitat loss from grazing livestock and feed crops is far and away the most pervasive threat to terrestrial animal species, impacting 86 percent of all mammals, 88 percent of amphibians, and 86 percent of all birds.


One in every eight birds, one in every three amphibians, and one in every four mammals is facing an extremely high risk of extinction in the near future.”


A third of the planet is desertified (being turned into a desert), with livestock as the leading cause.


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Animal agriculture is:


The leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions leading to global warming,

Uses a third of the earth’s fresh water,

Up to 45 percent of the earth’s land,

Is responsible for 91 percent of Amazon Rainforest destruction with 1-2 acres being cleared every second,

And is a leading cause of species extinction, ocean dead zones,

And habitat destruction.


For the wrap up:


The problem is animal agriculture and the solution is a PBL.


A person who follows a PBL produces the equivalent of 50 percent less carbon dioxide,


Uses 1/11th the oil,


1/13th the water, and


1/18th the land


Compared to a meat-lover for their food, and every day saves:


1,100 gallons of water,

45 pounds of grain,

30 square ft of forested land,

20 pounds carbon dioxide equivalent, and

Innocent animal’s lives.


What we choose to eat has a huge impact on the world environmentally, socially, and morally. The animal products industry is the most environmentally devastating force on the planet. Our choice to eat meat, diary and eggs impacts more than just our stomachs: It tears down forests, uses insane quantities of water, creates massive pollution, and diverts over 80 percent of the world’s crops to livestock.


According to the UN, all 17 the world’s major fishing areas have reached or exceeded their natural limits, this is resulting in extinction and environmental destruction. Soon there will be no fish, maybe then people will stop eating fish.


Industrial innovations permit fishers to scoop 80 to 90 percent of a certain fish population from the ocean in any one year. Individual species have been ushered to the brink of extinction, and predator-prey relationships that evolved over millennia have been disrupted.


One may ask, does aquaculture, or fish farming, reduce the strain placed on the oceans by wasteful industrial fishing methods? "Strangely, it may do the opposite," says Carl Safina, Ph.D., director of the National Audubon Society's Living Oceans Program. How so? The young fish used in aquaculture and the food fed them are often taken directly from the sea. What's more, aquaculture is routinely conducted on coastal land cleared of mangrove forests, the prime breeding and spawning ground for many fish. To date, about half the world's mangrove forests have been cleared, drained, or filled. Aquaculture also requires vast amounts of clean water and a lot of antibiotic drugs.


Conflicts have arisen from industrial fishing. Industrial fishers will often go into areas where people fish in order to survive and will catch fish so aggressively that the local population has no choice but to fight the industrial fishers in order to survive.


As we undertake these challenges, thankfully there is something we can do every day to help protect our aquatic environments. We can choose an ocean-friendly diet. Some might suggest that dramatically scaling back our consumption of fish and shellfish doesn't even begin to address the problem. Will it really make a difference if you stop eating seafood? Given the challenges involved in getting fishers worldwide to stop draining the seas of life, what we do individually is likely the best choice that can make a difference. Ultimately, it is consumer demand that has brought us to this point, and only a huge reduction in consumer demand can prevent a total collapse of the seas. If Americans begin by stopped eating seafood, four billion pounds of marine life would be spared each year. This would allow the world’s bodies of water to begin a process of healing.


The process of extra agricultural fertilizers (most plants are grown for raised animals), manure, sediments, and pesticides cause explosive growth in algae. When algae die and sink to the bottom of the ocean, it causes the oxygen in the ocean to deplete, creating an ocean dead zone. There is currently a zone about the size of New Jersey in the Gulf of Mexico!


Animal agriculture is not just a public health hazard for those that consume meat. In fact, the single worst epidemic in recorded world history, the 1918 influenza pandemic, has been blamed on the livestock industry. If that is the case, the unnatural density and proximity of ducks and pigs raised for slaughter led to the deaths of 20 to 40 million people across the world. Since then, the raising of pigs and poultry has resulted in millions more human deaths from the 1957-58 Asian flu, the 1968-69 Hongkong flu, and the 1977 swine flu. All of these influenza strains seem to have arisen in the same region of southern China where intensive systems of animal agriculture have become a breeding ground for new killer viruses which often spread across China and the globe.


The concentration of animals with weakened immune systems in unsanitary conditions seems inherent to factory farming. As intensive livestock operations continue to spread worldwide, so will viral breeding grounds. Moving away from intensive animal agriculture and towards more sustainable plant agriculture may benefit the health of the planet and its inhabitants in more ways than we know.


Deadly outbreaks such as E. Coli, salmonella, and listeria in plant foods ultimately come from feces. Plants do not make feces, this problem is caused by dumping manure into waterways and then that water is absorbed by plants which get the bacteria in them. Trillions of pounds of feces are produced by the animal industries and most is just dumped into the water we drink and cultivate plants from.


The meat, egg, and dairy industries are heavy consumers of fossil-fuel resources. Raising animals for food requires more than one-third of all the raw materials and fossil fuels used in the United States. The best meat companies returns only 34.5 percent of the invested fossil-fuel energy as food energy, measured in terms of caloric expenditure. In contrast, the poorest plant food companies returns 328 percent. In other words, the least-efficient plant food is nearly ten times as energy-efficient as the most-efficient meat food!


Terrestrial Biomass of Livestock is 3.3 times the biomass of humans. 77% of the world's vertebrate terrestrial biomass is livestock.

The global warming impact of 1 dairy cow is worse than 8 cars

Greenhouse gas emissions attributable to one US milking cow warms the planet to the same degree as 8 cars when measured 10 years after initial emissions.

The FAO reports that the livestock industry accounts for 35-40% of all human caused methane emissions. Methane is a GHG 104x more potent than CO2 over a 10 year period.


Methane has warming effects 23 times stronger than CO2 and nitrate oxide is 296 times more than CO2. The only reason why there are so many cows is due to the agriculture industry. Overpopulation of humans is not causing climate change or lack of resources, it is overpopulation of bred animals for the agriculture industry that is.


Today, the majority of wild-caught fish go to feed our farmed fish as well as our pigs, cows and chickens. Harish Sethu of CountingAnimals.com deduced that the United States alone uses more than 5.6 billion pounds of wild-caught fish to feed the animals we eat, with between 144 and 293 wild sea animals killed annually to feed the farmed fish and shrimp eaten by the average American consumer.


The main reason that fisheries across the globe, despite it no longer remaining profitable in many areas due to over-fishing, are subsides. The global fishing subsides in 2003 were 25-29 billion dollars and are far higher today.


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Herbivore vs Carnivore Biology/We are herbivores


Herbivore teeth is flat and rounded. Their jaws move in a grinding and move horizontally as well as vertically. Their intestines are long. when you look at our anatomy and our physiology, look at our senses, We have eyes that are that can see the full range of the visible spectrum of light. That's because that helps us know when a fruit is ripe and when it's ready to be picked. We have hands that can grasp an apple and can peel a banana. Herbivores often have opposable thumbs to grab fruits and vegetables.


It is easier for us to digest plant foods and requires less time and energy.


Canines are in most herbivores mouths. They are used to chew harder plants such as nuts. The animal with the largest canines are hippos and they eat only plants. If you think our teeth were made to eat animals, take a wild animal such as a rabbit (if you can catch it) and eat it raw and whole, no cooking or slicing. If you try to you will break your teeth, because our teeth are not strong enough to crack bones or eat through hide.


Just because we can physically do something doesn't mean that we are morally justified to do so. Since we don't have to eat meat, that means we can survive off plants. The absence of necessity is the absence of justification as well. It’s dishonest to say we're built to be intrinsically designed to kill animals. There's so many of us would never want to kill the animal itself. All true carnivores and omnivores kill animals themselves and never feel guilty. If they felt guilty doing so, it would threaten their survival! If we wouldn't want to kill the animal our self, why is it acceptable to pay for someone else to do it on our behalf? When you try to show many people slaughterhouse footage they say, “Don't show me that, that's going to put me off my food.” I say well, why? Why would seeing the process of how animal products arrive in your plate put you off consuming them? It is because we have no natural instinct to kill and eat animals. When carnivores such as wolves are show by their parents how to hunt and kill for meat, they don’t communicate to their parents “Don’t show me that, it might put me off my food.” That is because they have a natural instinct the day they are born to chase and kill animals.


When looking at psychological and physiological features we are herbivores. Ideal levels of fat cholesterol and weight are only seen in PBD people. The longest living healthiest culture on earth is the most herbivorous culture. Pretending to be an omnivore is our leading cause of death. Virtually everybody believes that we are omnivores because they themselves are behavioral omnivores, but just because somebody eats meat does not make them an instinctive or natural omnivore.


We hate the idea of blood and guts. Gore makes us sick. Slaughterhouses are like horror houses the point where it's illegal in certain states to film them in any capacity, because we are so disgusted by it that it hurts business. Carnivores love blood, guts, and gore, to them it looks like a ripe piece of fruit would look like to us, delicious!


We, unlike omnivores and carnivores, don't have protein receptors on our tongue. We also don't have fat receptors, which is why raw meat is tasteless. Cooked meats have taste only because of the spices and salt that is added. Chefs add salt and we have salt receptors on our tongue. Imagine eating meat without salt or seasoning.


We can move our mouths side to side, which carnivores can’t do. Carnivores don’t cut up their meats into small pieces with utensils, they eat the animal whole, that, or they eat a rotting corpse over a period of days. They eat the entire animal, not just the parts “they like” such as chicken’s breast, they would eat the entire chicken. Deaths Associated with Choking in San Diego County and the San Diego County Medical Examiner's database, Most foods that are chocked on according to a San Diego are meats.


The pH in our stomach is not acidic enough to dissolve bones and hard tissue. Carnivores have larger stomachs, so they are able to eat larger amounts of food in one sitting, a hungry wolf can eat 20 pounds of meat in a single meal, this is the same amount as us eating 100 hamburgers.


Intestines for herbivores are 10 to 12 times their body length. For carnivores it is only four to six times.


Carnivores never suffer from hear or artery problems from eating meat (which is high in saturated fats and cholesterol), meanwhile heart disease is the number one killer in the US. The main reason that heart disease is the number one killer in the US is animal product consumption.


Diets high in animal fat and low in fiber can cause diverticulitis, a disease. This disease doesn’t occur in carnivore.


PBL almost never suffer from constipation because plant fiber and bacteria help with digestion in herbivores (because we are herbivores).


When we stray away from a plant based diet, we become ill and diseased.


There is not reason for human beings to eat large amounts of protein, which is very high in meat. We can’t store protein, it is converted into carbs and fat. Converting protein into carbs dehydrates us, so extra protein would be dangerous in a survival situation, which was most of human history.


Catherine Milton of UC Berkeley says that our brains do not develop from eating meat. If that was the case then the animals that ate the most meat would have the largest and most complex brains.


We have color vision to see when fruits and vegetables are ripe, carnivores do not have this ability, nor would they need it.


We cut up animals parts and cook them with seasonings and salt in order to make them taste like plants and to have similar textures as plants. We do not eat meat like carnivores, carnivore eat disease-ridden, dirty, wet, slimy, and bloody meat.


We cover ourselves in plants in order to smell better and attract those of the opposite gender. The reason this can attract the opposite gender is because it makes other think we have been collecting lots of fruits and vegetables and are successful foragers, so we would be a great partner and that could provide for them. Think about it, we do not cover ourselves in raw meat smells because that would be disgusting.


Chronic inflammation has been linked to atherosclerosis, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, and autoimmune diseases, among other problems.


Are We Designed to Eat Meat? Summary of Milton Mills MD phenomenal presentation


Carnivores are optimized for predation and hunting, since prey will run away. They are trying to eat something that doesn’t want to be eaten. Carnivores will try to eat weak, diseased, stupid, and old animals because they are easier to catch.


Herbivores are optimized for foraging. They need to be able to move around a large area to find food. Their food stays still, so there is no need for chasing their food. They remain active during daylight hours because it easier to see ripe foods. Herbivores try to find the most lush and ripe foods, because they are the most nutritious.


If an animal uses more energy gathering or hunting food than what they receive from it, this is inefficient and will cause their death if they continue.


If a carnivore tries to find the strongest of a species and focuses on eating those, it is not only more difficult for the carnivore, but it also destroys the species the predator is preying on. This is because of natural selection, the weak genes in the species are surviving and populating instead of the opposite of what normally happens. We are essentially destroying species by eating the largest and strongest of species, thereby making weaker animals more predominate in the gene pool of animals we farm.


Carnivores have a torpedo shaped body (long and slender), to help them to run faster. They also have an armored front to protect against injury. The most vulnerable part of the body is in the back, where they are not being fought. They have thick muscular thick and sturdy neck so they can wrestle prey to the ground without breaking their neck or getting whiplash. They have forward deployed weapons such as talons, claws, and teeth. They are fast and they use this to catch prey off guard by ambushing. There are also Digitigrade, which means they are always on their toes (in a sense making their legs longer so they can run faster), they can began running at high speeds in an instant. It also extends stride length to increase speed. They also have permanently flexed joints to help them accelerate faster. It is the equivalent of standing with your knees bent all the time, its very uncomfortable in short amount of time for humans. You can try this. This means it takes a lot of energy to stand up, so if they aren’t actively doing something that requires movement, they will lay down. We do not require much energy because only our bones are resisting gravity, not our bones and muscles. They have light legs, because heavy legs are difficult to move. They have acute hearing and they have locational hearing, in other words they can hear the location of where prey may be better. They usually have night vision and can see 6x better in the dark than herbivores. Carnivores mostly hunt and night because herbivores sleep at night and are easier to prey on. They can track movement better, but they have drawback of lower resolution so they can’t see details as well. They have more rods and less cones in their eyes which helps with night vision. Cones are good for finding details and are more prevalent in humans and herbivores than rods. They have great smell, up to hundreds of thousands of times more powerful than herbivores. This allows them to track prey they can’t see or hear. Using these scenes, they can find what animals are weak, such as with cancer and diseases. Dogs are being trained to detect early stages of cancer and other diseases, much earlier and more effective than even machines such as MRIs can. Carnivores are sedentary, usually sleeping up to 20 hours a day. This helps them conserve energy through long periods of digestion between meals. This also helps them avoid overheating during hottest part of the day, since most carnivores have thick coats. All male carnivore except hyenas have baculas or penis bones. Herbivores and humans do not have bacula. Their center of mass in near their front legs so they can pounce on animals and have their full body weight on them, making it difficult for prey to escape.


“Vulernable” Herbivores

Often live in large multiple family social groups. Their legs are straight so they can stand up at low energy cost, many herbivores such as horses can even sleep standing up. Their limbs are lighter than carnivores on average since they need to be able to outrun the carnivores and they can also run longer. They often have color vision to detect the ripeness of food and to see if it is eatable. A carnivores doesn’t care about these things so they usually see black and white. They use horns, hooves, antlers, and numbers to defend against predators. They often have means of intimidating predators to make them appear stronger than they are. An example is a springbok jumping around when they see a cheetah. They often have the ability to play dead or camouflage. An example is that lions will move straight past baby antelope that are playing dead, because they can’t tell the difference between grass and the antelope due to their lack of color vision and lower resolution sight. If they were to move they would know however, since they have an excellent ability to track even slight movement


The moose and wolves of Isle Royale are famous for it’s ecological studies, because it is a single predator prey relationship. In one study, 95% of moose hunts by wolves at Isle Royale National Park are unsuccessful. The 5% of those who did escape were old, injured, sick, or diseased. This shows that predators pick their prey. The effect, though not intentionally by carnivores, is that propagates good genes in prey. The fact they are mostly unsuccessful means that they can only exist in small numbers.


“Invulerable” Herbivores

They are so large and powerful they are immune to prey. Think elephants. They are usually slow, only going about 25-30 mph, because they are so powerful they don’t need to run fast. They also have heavier legs as well, in order to support their heavy weight. They have hairless skin, flat and blunt nails. They are mostly flat footed. They live in family groups and live significantly longer than carnivores


A question to ponder:


If someone stole your food 95% of the time you tried to eat, how would you avoid starving to death?


Humans are designed to forage and walk. We have an exposed body, a vulnerable ab and groin area, no bones protecting these areas. We have straight heavy legs (to support our heavy weight since were are bipedal, more force in exerted on our legs) and a flexible neck. We have hairless skin to cool our huge brain. Our brains use 20% of our energy and the skull doesn’t allow us to abort that heat, so we do it easily through our hairless skin. Large social groups, high intelligence, and safe sleeping makes use largely invulnerable to predators.


Our speed and endurance is meant for escaping insects we might find during foraging such as bees which can fly up to 20 mph, humans can sprint 20-24 mph. This is not enough speed to run away from prey such as cheetahs and lions which can easily outrun us. Insects usually pursue up to 100 meters from nest, around the time we can sprint without being exhausted.


Long pregnancy and lower upper body strength makes the idea of “stone age” hunting practically impossible. The female in every species is always able to get the diet they need to live and raise young. Long gestation (pregnancy) periods of humans is typical of large herbivores. Human embryology suggests being a herbivore was a necessary prerequisite for human brain development.


Besides marsupials such as kangaroos, Single baby births are more common (carnivores give birth to more, called “litters). Baby’s birth weight is 6-8 percent of mother’s body weight. Carnivores have shorter gestation periods, this allows more time for mothers to hunt. Having a large baby for long periods of time would make it difficult to hunt. There babies are born at lower percent body weight than herbivores on average. Because of longer gestation period, humans have more time develop their brain’s foundation for life, a carnivore will never be able to develop a brain such as ours due to short gestation periods.


Herbivores babies have more energy per gram of body weight and are born with their eyes open (a sign of neurological development), carnivores are born with eyes closed.


Carnivore milk is 2-10 times higher in fat and 2-4 times higher in protein than herbivores on average. This is because carnivores need more nutrient milk since carnivores are born at an earlier stage of development.


Cow milk protein is very different from Human milk protein. The percentage of fat is similar in Cows and Humans, however, the composition of the fat is very different. The fat in cow’s milk is much more saturated than the fat in human milk. This is why it is not possible to make butter and ice cream from human milk. Cow’s need this higher fat and protein milk because they need to grow large quickly. They are born at 80 pounds and by their first birthday they are around 300 pounds.


Carnivores have reduced facial muscles that allow them to open wide, but have massive temporalis muscles to help with strong jaws. The need to keep their upper jaw and lower jaw stuck together because using to attack and wrestle to the ground often heavy moving prey otherwise would dislocate their jaw. They need a powerful jaw to crush their bones and to dismember their limbs to prevent escape or fighting back. They do not chew. They can hardly move their mouths side to side and cannot move forward and back. In general, they act like shears.


The bite forces of carnivores are between 300-1,000 psi, while human bite force is only 135-150 psi.


Herbivores have well developed facial muscles (one of the reasons we can make so many faces), however a carnivore cannot. We have stronger lower jaw muscles and our lower jaw can move side to side. Our teeth operate more like nut crackers. The mobile type of jaw structure is only found in herbivores. Herbivores have thick muscular tongue to help with chewing and enzymes in saliva to help break down carbohydrates for digestion. The small opening into walled in oral cavity allows herbivores to suck up water, where as carnivores have to lick up water. They have a larger angle of mandible (the corner of lower jaw).


Carnassial teeth are jagged and fit together to allow shearing to cut flesh. The molars of herbivores are flattened to provide a grinding surface to shred fibrous plant foods. Carnivores molars slide past each other vertical like spikes when closing while herbivores instead slide across each other, like a hammer meeting a nail. They have a shorter angle of mandible (the corner of lower jaw).




Carnivores esophagus is wide. This allows them to swallow huge chucks of food without choking. They also have muscles along their throat that allows them to decide not to swallow while having food in throat so they can spit out food to their young when they get back to their home where their babies are.


Herbivore esophagus is narrow. They have to swallow small amounts of food. According to Milton Mills, a Critical Care Physician and Vegan lecturer, 90% of people who choke to death are eating meat.


Animal tissue is quickly and easily digested, it is mostely protein and fat. They have no cell wall or fiber. Carnivores do not require a long intestinal tract.


Carnviore stomach is extremely acidic with food, with a ph of less than 1. Powerful acid dissolves bones and tough tissue. Extremely large stomaches. It holds 60-70% of gut capacity. They can consume 20% to 30% of body weight in one meal. It is also designed for intermittent feeding if they can’t eat the animal whole. They need to eat as much as they can when the eat because they don’t know when there next meal will be (remember 95% of hunts are unsuccessful). This meal can last them days, until their next kill.


Carnivores can eat carrion (rotting and bacteria-laden flesh). This allows them to eat a single hunted animal over a period of days, while maggots, flys, and bacteria, grows in the dead animal, note that they eat the entire animal as well, not just parts like human meat eaters do. They can do this without getting sick or food poisoning, partially due their extremely acidic stomach. However, if you ate bacteria laden food and decaying flesh, you would get sick.


Carnivores small intestine is short. They have enzymes primary for protein and fat digesting (what is mostly in meat), while carbs are mostly in vegetables and fruits. Carnivores cannot process lots of carbs.


If you without eating a meal for 3-4 days then eat a full meal, you will get sick, while carnivores do this all the time. During WWII many concentration camp survivors were starving for days or many days and ate huge amounts of food when they were liberated, but this causes many to die of shock.


Cells in our body lose water while absorbing nutrients after not eating for several days. It will pull blood from bloodstream into stomach, giving them diarrhea, causing their blood pressure to drop and die of shock and die.


That is why people in the hospital for abdominal surgery have to eat clear, truely liquid foods, and then to more solid fluids so you don’t run into this problem of losing bodily fluids.


Plant cells have protein, fat, carbohydrates, and a fibrous cell wall.


Herbivores have either one chamber stomach or multiple chamber stomachs, however all carnivores have only one chamber stomache. The purpose of chewing is to mix digestive enzymes in mouth with food, to help with digestion. Note than carnivores do not have these enzymes to break down carbs, which is why they can’t have too many carbs in their diet.


Herbivores stomachs are simple, it holds only 30% or less of total gut capacity, meaning they have to eat more often. Their stomachs are only mildly acidic, therefore it cannot break down bones and tough tissue. Herbivores cannot hold enough calories to last even one day, so they must eat several times a day to satisfy calorie needs. Only Herbivores have an appendix.


Their small intestines are extremely long, 10-12 times body length or more. Extended length allows sufficient time and surface area to absorb nutrients from high fiber plant tissues. Mix of carbs, fat, and protein digesting enzymes. They have nearly unlimited capacity for carbohydrate digestion and absorption.


Carnivores want to get food out as quickly as possible because rotting flesh would poison the carnivore. They have short intestines and short colons


Herbivore digestion is longer because of our long intestines and colons. We doesn’t have to worry about rotting flesh when eating a proper and natural herbivore diet. This also allows extreme digestion from plants as well.


Humans meet all the criteria for strict herbivore and no criteria for carnivores.


Human eyes are not like carnivores, other herbivores have eyes in front rather than side. We have awful night vision. We can see in color. It’s like saying hummingbirds and eagles both have wings so they must eat the same food, which is not true.


Gastro-Esophegal Reflux disease (GERD) is often due to or exacerbated by diets high in meat.


Hunting is not energy efficient which is why crop failures result in mass famines while lack of animals don’t. This is why locusts are considered terrible throughout human history while locusts to a carnivore is just more food.


Low fiber diets are dangerous for humans and herbivores (but not for carnivores).


Herbivores are found more in areas where plants grow better such as temperate climates. Most of earth is a temperate climate which is why there are more herbivores on earth than carnivores. It is also why there are more people near the warmer areas more suitable for plants than in the arctic areas. At around 7 billion humans on earth, this means we fit more of the population dynamics of a herbivore. It takes more energy to raise animals than plants which is why carnivores are fewer in numbers, if they overpopulate, they would starve due to lack of food.


Carnivores almost never suffer from heart attacks or strokes from animal foods high in saturated with fat and cholesterol because they are designed to do so, if a herbivore did however, they would suffer from this problem. Atherosclerotic plaques do not develop in carnivores. Herbivore bodies and humans produce all the cholesterol we need, extra cholesterol is dangerous however.


Carnivores cool their bodies off by panting, while herbivores sweat. Carnivores produce their own vitamin C, while herbivores must get it from diet.


We sweat through our skin like other herbivores, we do not pant like carnivores.


Your body makes its own cholesterol, so you do not need to worry about getting it from outside sources, in fact if you do consume extra cholesterol it can harm you.

When finding out whether an animal is a herbivore or carnivore you must look at their natural physiology, not just their behavior, to find that animal is best diet suited for. Many people eat meat, but that doesn’t mean it is the best diet suited for them.


Dr. William Castelli, director of the Framingham Heart Study (the world's longest running heart study), says cancer rates drop 60 percent if people stopped eating animal products.


Humans and other herbivores also have carbohydrate-digestive enzymes in their saliva, meaning our bodies were created for fruits and vegetables. Animal products have no complex carbohydrates, which is why carnivores/omnivores lack carbohydrate-digestive enzymes in their saliva.


Some people say that because we can’t digest cellulose that means we are not herbivores, however digesting cellulose is not beneficial or harmful.


Having eyes in the front of your head doesn’t make you a carnivore, many other herbivores such as sloths, gelada baboons, lemurs, gorillas and bonobos have eyes in the front of their heads as well.


What are all the thoughts that come to mind when you see the image below.


What do you say? Fresh and sweet, right?


I came into your room with a basket of strawberries. Now what would be your thoughts? Okay, same thought. What would you think if I started chewing on the strawberries? Maybe we want to join in. If I come into the room with a basket strawberries, how many of your mouth starts to salivate. If I took a strawberry and I put it on your nose? What do you smell? If I took a knife and sliced a strawberry in half and put that under your nose. Now what do you smell? Those are these sensations remain the same. You see a strawberry and it looks like a strawberry. You smell a strawberry and it smells like a strawberry. You take a bite of a strawberry it tastes like a strawberry. Exactly. It's a strawberry. Now what thoughts come to mind when you see the image below?


Most will say it’s cute pig. If a brought a pig into your room and stared chewing on it how you feel? You would probably think something is wrong with me or at least you would not join in on chewing. You would probably attack me, try to convince me to stop, or call the police. You would not salivate and think of the pig being taste. What if I sliced it up and put up to your nose, you wouldn’t smell the pig, you would smell blood and it would smell like death.


If I brought you a butchers knife and a captive, would you take that knife and slice up the pig? You wouldn’t if you weren’t a psychopath. You wouldn't do it, but you would pay others to do so. This is because you aren’t a psychopath or someone with numbed emoticons. This is hypocrisy. Just because you didn’t slice up the animal or heard it scream doesn’t mean that the action of doing so didn’t happen in the process of making that meat. I would suggest all slaughterhouse worker enjoy delivering pain to animals or they have numbed out their emotions.


Our culture tries to indoctrinate us into not empathizing with animals. It removes the direct process of killing animals as possible. This is why filming in slaughterhouses is illegal, the meat companies don’t want to show the process, because it would hurt their profits. They want us to see animals as food. The meat and animal product industry has a massive influence in media and schools which is why you never hear about the crimes of animal agriculture.



Origins of Human Diet


The idea that our ancestors primarily ate meat for survival is flawed, lacks evidence, and common sense. It is not realistic for stone-age humans to have enough time and energy to hunt with their primitive tools, they would be using more energy to hunt, skin, and cook food than they would get from the meat (along with the millions of other survival threatening problems that come along with eating meat). Food that is foraged instead of hunting consumes less energy and we receive more nutrients.

They did not scavenge. Most large Savannah predators eat almost all of the meat off animals, so humans could not have scavenged from them, they also guard their food while they eat it over a period of days and we would not able to fight these predators.

The ability to digest starch was likely a major factor in the development of big brains according to research from the University of Californian and Arizona state university. We have certain enzymes and genes which help break down starch more effectively than other species, this improves our access to carbs, which fuels the brain and this boost helped develop our brains more than other animals.

The brain loves glucose, it is the only thing we take in for energy. Meat is not a good source of glucose, to grow and maintain this big brain you need glucose which is only found in plants.

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Microscopic fossils of plant foods are abundant at various sites of ancient humans, indicating a PBD. Furthermore, dental, bone, DNA, and ancient human fecal analysis have shown considerable evidence that many of these people ate mostly plants.


Researchers have not been able to say with absolute certainty what food our ancestors ate and how often they ate it. It also varies from tribe to tribe, humans in temperate climates ate more plants than those in article climates which eats more meat..

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Animal Product Politics/Government funding/Ag-gag




The USDA continues to put the interests of the chicken industry above the concerns of people.

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In 1993, for example, then-USDA chief Mike Espy was asked about using warning labels to alert consumers that poultry products might contain pathogens. Espy answered: "We wouldn't do anything like that. We don't want to have a chilling effect on sales." A year later Espy resigned after being caught accepting illicit favors from the same poultry industry that he had promised to clean up.


The USDA has allowed the meat industry to speed up the slaughter of chickens and has done almost nothing to modernize the government’s meat inspection system. The system is ineffective, for example, regulators will sniff and poke at chickens to find out if chickens have harmful bacteria, however, it is impossible to tell if chicken has harmful bacteria by using these methods.

The USDA keeping cutting back its regulation after they receive more and more money from the meat industries. Today some 1,370 inspector positions remain vacant. As a result, meat and poultry are, "more contaminated than ever before," says the independent Government Accountability Project (GAP) which represents government whistleblowers, including many federal meat inspectors.


**Maggots and other larvae breed in storage and transport tubs and boxes, on the floor, in processing equipment and packaging, and drop onto the conveyor belt from meat splattered on the ceiling above.


**Some slaughterhouses that by law must be inspected at least once per shift, sometimes go up to two weeks without inspection.


While acknowledging that, "It would be irresponsible to generalize based on these examples," GAP warns that, "it also would be irresponsible to conclude that these findings are deviations from the norm."

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Meat is artificially cheap, but you ultimately pay the price in externalized costs. Have you wondering why meat can be so cheap? One of the reasons is subsides, 2 to 5% of the meat price is reduced because of subsides. So a 1 dollar piece of meat would cost 5 less cents.


There are 38 billion dollars a year in animal product subsidies. That’s just direct subsides, indirect subsides are much higher. They are very high subsides to grow the crops that are used to feed animals. There are also subsides to artificially reduce the prices of meats.


Plant foods that aren’t used as for animal feed can’t compete with the artificially low prices of meat. They don’t have the political strength to compete with the animal product industries.


There are also externalized costs, or costs are imposed on a third party. Here is an example. If you take garbage and put it into a can and let the garbage people pick it up, you are internalize the costs, you pay for the cost. If you take the garbage and throw it into a park, you are externalize the costs. You are not the one who has to pay for cleaning up that mess, others have to pay.


The animal industry externalizes about 414 billion of cost each year to consumers and taxpayers. A big mac might cost 5 dollars, but the true costs if you include externalized costs the actual price is 13 dollars. Other externalized costs include the cost to the environment. such the erosion and degradation of bodies of water, which increases costs for many products and services, plus taxpayer dollars for cleanup. The dumping of manure into bodies of water and the fact that it ruins the ecosystem of fish, pollutes drinking water, and removes oxygen from the air is another cost. These costs are monumental, some of which can’t be measured in dollars. Can you really put a price on clean drinking water? The costs are also externalize in the form of people getting sick due to the fact that animal foods cause health problems, which people pay for in taxes.


5 trillion dollars worth of environmental damage is done worldwide every year, mostely because of the animal agricultural industry.


Whenever a pig farm is established in an area, the smell of manure and pollution causes the property value to decrease in the area by tens of thousands of dollars. Nobody wants to live near that. What this means is that the pig farmers are essentially externalized the cost and shifting the burden of the pigs waste and smell of it to others. What they should be doing is putting the manure in a safe place where nobody would smell, but that would hurt their profits so they don’t.


This is a picture from illegal drone footage over pig farm, the brown is manure going into rivers and the air! You can watch this footage here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayGJ1YSfDXs:




The neighboring communities near these farms suffer mists of these waste operations, which some confuse as rain. Those who live near the farms suffer from respiratory illness to a high degree. They smell an awful stench virtually any time they are outside.


The animal industry uses checkoffs, which they claim are these check offs are done by private investigators, but in reality it is done by Congress and the USDA. The government is using it’s money to increase the demand of a product, often through aggressive and false advertising.


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Here area few advertising slogans you might have heard that come from these industry boards.


Beef, it’s what’s for dinner.

Got Milk?

Pork, the other white meat.


Theses industries spend $560 million a year promoting their foods in a dozen categorizes, all of which are animal products. These investments resulted in a 8 times increase in sales. Overall, there was $4.6 dollar increase in sales due to these advertisements.


The government buys excess animal products. In 2016 the US government bought $20 million dollars of excess cheese.

What About Regulations Controlling Meat and Dairy Safety?


Food inspectors from the USDA are notorious for “looking the other way” when it comes to inspecting animal products for toxins according to John Robbins. Caryn Hartglass of Earthsave International notes: “Food safety is worse today than ever before.”


Fishmeal and animal products are tested at a rate of 1 out of every 1,000 to 10,000 products for mercury. The average amount of mercury found in fishmeal is 51ppb (parts per billion). FDA regulators are suppose to declare it unsafe at 20ppb, they are simply ignoring their own regulatons and risking the health of people and animals.


Some studies indicate that children born near large farms where tons of substances contain toxic metals leak into the water supply such as animal waste, pesticides, and fertilizlers show a higher rate of autism. Autism rates are growing, 1 in 40 children have autism.


Earthsave reports that FDA allows feed for cows that include the remains of other animals such as pigs, horses, and chickens as well as the blood and gelatin (bones and tissues) from any animal. Some slaughter houses are allowed to let cow brain and spinal cord tissue into ground beef products.


Politicians accept money from the industry during and after campaigning. An example is Agriculture secretary Dan Glickman, who received $47,540 from slaughterhouses. This is not an isolated innocent, this is common practice.


Grazing on public land is as high as $250 million dollars annually, essentially the destruction of the environment is being subsidized These subsides go almost exclusively to large livestock corporations.


The beef and dairy industries enjoy the ability to aggressively advertise their products while being seen as doing public service for the health of our country. For example, in December 1997, The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) visited national food writers of some of the country's largest food and lifestyle magazines, providing up-to-date information on beef. The results are paying off -generating more than 7,050 positive beef stories that reached into homes 1.24 billion times during one year according to NCBA statistics.


Dairy food are usually seen as food great for bones, people have been lead to to massive advertising campaigns and government-sponsored “education” in public schools. People in America react with disbelief when thousands of scientist and doctors say that dairy foods are not essential and billions of people in the world live healthier lives than Americans without diary.


The government continues to support the industry over consumers when there is money to be made. The government hardly any money from the people compared to the wealthy industries. Only when demanded by citizens and the media do politicians change their rulings.

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Rep. James Walsh, a New York Republican who received over $65,000 from agriculture industry interests in the 1996 election cycle, introduced the amendment to force the USDA to conduct more extensive hearings, thus delaying implementation of the new food-safety system, which included testing for salmonella in ground beef. The industry strongly objected to the new salmonella testing, saying it was not the proper scientific measure to use, and convinced Walsh to offer the amendment on their behalf.


It was an effective tactic to insist on more study on the new regulation, and some estimated it could delay the implementation of the new rules for up to two years. In a regulatory battle like this one, a two-year delay would effectively kill the new amendment.


The Washington Post reported at the time that an attorney for the National Meat Association was one of the authors of the Walsh amendment.


In the end, after a public outcry from consumer advocates and newspaper editorials criticizing the amendment and the meat industry, a compromise was negotiated and the new meat inspection rules -- with the salmonella testing -- went forward.

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The North American Meat Insitiute (NAMI) estimates that the meat industry “contributes” about $894 billion to the US economy.

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The “funding effect” describes the uncanny correlation between the conclusion desired by a funding source, and the conclusion reached by the researchers being funded. The funding effect, and the strategy of “manufacturing uncertainty”, have been used with great success by manufacturers of dangerous products, to oppose public health regulation. To resist regulation, industries fund scientific reviews to downplay the risks of their products. The scientist are simply trying to get whatever results from their experiments that those funding them (the meat industry) wants them to. Industry scientists are completely biased unlike independent scientist. The meat industry researcher are 4 to 8 times more likely to publish results that support their industry than independent researchers!

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Head start teachers are responsible for providing nutrition education for over a million low-income children every year. Only 4 out of 181 headstart teachers could answer 4 out of 5 basic nutrition questions correctly. Here is an example question “Which has the most calories: protein, carbohydrate, or fat?” 54% said it was hard to know what nutritional information to believe. The food industry wants to keep it this way, they do not want Americans to know about health because their industry would crumble into dust. 55% of these teachers were also obese. These teachers are teaching nutrition to kids at very young ages when children can’t reject education their receive. The education children receive during this time will likely reflect what the kids believe in for the rest of their lives.


Here is a summary of Vox’s exccelent video “How Big Government helps Big Dairy sell Milk.”:


Federal guidelines recommend 3 cups of dairy a day. Milk was only a small part of a diet of a small group of people, mostly northern Europeans. It was almost for survival because of long winters where fruits and vegetables were not easy to grow. During WWI the government sent huge amounts of canned milk to soldiers over seas, but then the war ended. Because of these war subsides, many farmers got rid of their fruits and vegetables to favor dairy agriculture. This made them stuck and they continued to make more milk, but demand for it was low, so the dairy industry needed to create a demand. They convinced people through advertising that peopled needed milk to survive and thrive. This is where the got milk advertisements and education campaigns for dairy are from. The National School lunch program required all meals come with milk. Even still, the government was responsible for buying much of this milk and using it in schools, the military, and for food aid abroad. By the 80s, the government spent 2 billion dollars a year buying surplus dairy products, often contained in huge underground warehouses. Reagan put an end to this during his administration, but the dairy industry was upset. The dairy industry then lobbied from legislation that would require dairy farmers to pay for dairy advertisements for the large dairy industries. These are called checkoffs and they checkoff efforts helped sell more than 7 billion additional pounds of milk in 2011 alone. 15. They also required them to pay for partnerships for restaurants to develop heavy dairy-based menus, which is why you see dairy more than anything else, extra cheese, milkshakes, cheese burgers, at almost all major restaurants. USDA approves of this and in fact, is in charge of a multi-million dollar ad campaign for this. Every 5 years the official Dietary Guidelines for Americans. The people who speak to change these guidelines are often paid in the tens of thousands from the dairy industries; individuals such as such as Susan Debene and Glenn Thompson and Democrats and Republicans alike.


In 2004, a federal appeals court actually declared the dairy checkoff program unconstitutional because it forces farmers to pay for the promotion of dairy products even though it may not be

in their interest. However, since this is government speech, it is protected.

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School milk sales comprise seven to eight percent of total U.S. fluid milk sales, which are already declining. As Barbara O’Brien,senior executive vice president of Dairy Management Inc. notes, “That’s a sizable and important piece of business. Those sales are crucial to lifelong dairy consumption and keeping people positively inclined to our products and our industry.”

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This also helps indoctrinate the young into becoming milk drinkers their entire life and to continue to buy diary products. The Jesuits, the religious organization responsible for converting millions of people to loyal Catholics in Colonial Latin America knew that if you teach a child before the age of 7 anything, they will have planted a seed in their mind which can’t be uprooted. The dairy and meat industry exploit this knowledge and use this to increase their sales.


National Frozen Pizza Institute promotes ridiculous and laughable claims that pizza is healthy. Here are some:


• Cheese is a high-quality food providing valuable nutrients…and continues to be a part of a

healthy eating plan.

• Pizza contributes many essential nutrients to children’s diets – particularly teens

• Pizza is among the top four sources of calcium, protein and fiber in the U.S. diet


Yet they will leave out fact such as the high amounts of unhealthy saturated fats in pizza.


The USDA refers to fresh fruits and vegetables as “specialty crops.” Specialty crops do not receive subsidies…


USDA provides additional support to livestock and crop producers by purchasing agricultural products for use in the National School Lunch Program, purchases remain skewed toward meat and dairy products” Think about when you ate lunch at school, what’s was your options? I guarantee your options included lots of meat and dairy and few vegetables.


$38 billion subsides & $30 billion in bailouts every year are for the meat industry. The way to stop this industry is to protest and demand these subsidies be stopped. That or stop paying taxes as much as possible. Educate others about this.


The richest top 20 percent of federal crop insurance policy holders in 2011 benefited from 73 percent of subsides. Farms are becoming more concentrated in the hands of fewer in fewer hands. These farmers would do just fine on their own and the could continue their operations if they received no subsides. If they couldn’t perhaps they should operate their business in a more efficient manner.


According to the Food and Land Use Global Coalition Global Report, The public is providing the global meat industry 1 million per minute in subsides!


Just 1% of the $700bn a year given to farmers is used to benefit the environment, the analysis found. Much of the total instead promotes high-emission cattle production, forest destruction and pollution from the overuse of fertilizer. Farmers are getting paid to destroy the environment and to not have to worry about the rising trend of PBL effecting their profits or continuing the endless suffering of animals.


The subsidy analysis in the report was done by the International Food Policy Research Institute, using OECD data. The “remarkable” return of forests in Costa Rica, the report says, followed the eliminating of cattle subsidies and payments for improving nature. “But there is a long way to go,” the report concludes. “Perverse subsidies need to be rapidly redirected or phased out.”

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Over the past decade, the animal-agriculture industry has been behind the introduction of "ag-gag" bills in more than half of all state legislatures across the country. These dangerous bills are designed to silence whistleblowers revealing animal abuses on industrial farms. Ag-gag laws currently exist in seven states, penalizing whistleblowers who investigate the day-to-day activities of industrial farms, including the recording, possession or distribution of photos, video and/or audio at a farm. To date, four additional ag-gag laws have been struck down by courts as unconstitutional.


Ag-gag laws pose a threat to a wide spectrum of values and issues Americans care about. Social issues potentially negatively impacted by ag-gag laws include, but are not limited to:


Animal Welfare

Food Safety

Marketplace Transparency

Workers' Rights

Free Speech

Environmental Protection


Ag-gag laws do not reflect the public's will, proving we do not live in democracy. The poll revealed that 71% of American adults support undercover investigative efforts to expose farm animal abuse on industrial farms, and that 64% oppose making such investigations illegal.

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Plant Based Lifestyle Kids, Infants, and Pregnancy

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Health begins with breastfeeding for babies. Milk varies markedly from species to species, and each type of milk is designed to provide optimal nutrition to the young of the respective species. So just as a cow's milk is designed to provide a unique and optimal balance of fats, protein, and minerals for her calf, a female human’s breast milk provides optimal nutrition for your HUMAN baby. Breastfeeding not only gives your baby a nutritional advantage but an immunological one as well. It builds their immune system so it functions optimally and protects your child from infection. If for some reason you are unable to breastfeed, there are plant based formulas on the market.

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Don't allow yourself to be frightened by poorly reported news stories claiming “death by a PBD.” Malnourishment will always lead to death, whether it’s a PBD or not. Misinformed, naïve parents who feed a growing baby only soy milk or applesauce are idiots. What the media and meat, dairy, and egg industries won't tell you is that infants and kids with abdominal pain, gas, bloating, diarrhea, vomiting, colic, eczema, skin rashes, anemia, tooth decay, asthma, chronic fatigue, nasal congestion, bronchitis, ear infections, diabetes (I or II), cancers, ADD, autism, and more are all linked to the consumption of meat, dairy and eggs Please remember that when you eat incorrectly during pregnancy, it affects the fetus in the same horrible way that alcohol, cigarettes and other drugs harm your unborn child!


Children are often subjected to the unhealthy and unethical food addictions of their parents. Their minds can’t reject what their parents eat and its the only food they are around or even have. They do not know better. Thankfully, children at an early age desire colorful fruits and vegetables naturally, it is only we feed candy and other addictive foods such as fast food do they begin to hate fruits and vegetables and love MC Donald's and candy.


Animal Products advertising and indoctrination in schools and media


Natural flavors (also called natural sources) are some of the most commonly used ingredients in processed foods and cosmetics (such as makeup). Most people are unaware that 95% of the time those flavors come from animal sources. Unless the product says vegan or plant based, you can assume that natural flavors are from animal sources.

Dr. Ed Mills is a professor of meat science at Penn State University says the color of the meat doesn't necessarily indicate it's fresh. A consumer can't believe their eyes because consumer can't tell to look at the product that this is two weeks old or three weeks old. They have to look at the sell by date on the package. Carbon monoxide is pumped into meat packages to keep the meat looking red and fresh even if it is old and expired. Remember that ultimately all meat is in a state of decay!


Most children absolutely love animals and we do anything to protect them. They made them smile and they loved to play with them. We knew even at the age it was wrong to do violence to animals, it seems we have forgotten. Someone told us we need to ignore their suffering and eat them. Speciesism, like racism and sexism, is taught, we naturally respect animals right to live.


We are taught that animals are to be used as objects, for sources of entertainment, as property, and as food. Someone lied to us and stole our empathy.


The media glorifies meat in cooking channels, hunters, fishers, horse racing, etc. You see advertisement for meat and cheese products on TV all the, time, almost never for something such as fresh fruits and vegetables. Then after that you see advertisements that are for dangerous pharmaceuticals that are suppose to help for cancer and blood pressure.


You see advertisements of happy cartoon animals dancing and smiling for fast food companies. The truth is that there is no happiness in fast food. Fast food corporations are some of the most barbaric, evil, and deceitful corporations in the world. They are lying to you and what you to associate their meals with happiness and love, when sadness and hate is all they do in their practice of murdering millions of innocent animal lives.


The American Egg Board has tried to convince people there are no negative effects of eating eggs. That they do no raise cholesterol or increase risk of heart attack. They wish to “surround moms wherever they are.” They pay for product placement in TV shows such as The Biggest Loser which is ironic considering eating eggs helps you gain weight.

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The FBI states that most serial killers began their life harming animals when they were children. Why is it that leading criminologists and psychologists look at children who harm animals when they're young as potential red flags for humans who may one day grow up to harm other humans?

Because it goes against our innate compassion.


If every child that was born in the world was raised that the life of all animals was to be valued the same as pets. How would that child every grow up to harm others based on superficial reasons such as race, sexuality, or gender?

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There is no such thing as happy cows happy milk. Animals are never happy when they are held captive, families are separated, beaten, hooked to machine, deprived of sun, and fed unhealthy food. Those are lies will tell ourselves to feel better about the food we eat. These are scams used by the industries to get you to buy their products.


Why do we value some animal life over others when all animals feel pain? This is cultural indoctrination. People are upset at dog festive in china where they sell chopped up dogs. People don’t advocate for the welfare of dog slaughter facilities, they want them abolished! Why? Because they are completely immoral and deserve no compromising. You do not compromise with evil.


If we took those dogs and but them in Western slaughterhouses the process would almost be the same. Would you put your pet animal into a slaughterhouse? We only want the animals we eat and exploit to not be in factory farms, not the ones we love, but this is hypocritical. Pigs, cows, chickens feel pain the same way as dogs do.

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The only way to maintain this contradiction between our values and our daily actions, is to ensure that the animals we eat and use have no names, no faces, no identities.


So we give them inventory numbers. We brand them with hot irons or freeze their skin off. We tattoo and tag them, inject electronic transponders under their skin, or strap them to their necks or ankles. We even give them barcodes. The important thing is that they are clearly identified as property. And that they are treated as such. Because as soon as we see them as individuals, we threaten the foundation of the lie upon which we so desperately depend on to continue feeling good about exploiting animals for our needs.

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PBL is Cheap


The world's largest feed the hungry organization is Food For Life Global. The only donate plant foods, because doing otherwise would be too expensive. These organizations were sent letters by animal activist Gary Yourofsky, and he received back similar response. They said that they didn’t donate plant foods for ethical reasons, but they did it because it is 20 to 30 times cheaper to use plant foods that using meat and other animal foods.


Animal products are the most expensive foods in the world, assuming they are not subsidized and in a system of purely supply and demand. This is because it requires more land, more labor, more time, and more energy to produce. The poorest countries eat almost exclusively plant diets for this reason and most charities that give food to the impoverished give out plant based foods because they are cheap and can sustain a person. Eating meat and animal products has always been a luxury throughout human history and still is today.


Foods such as beans, rice, lentils are some of the cheapest foods in supermarkets. These foods are also incredibly healthy for you, which will save you money in drug costs, hospital visits, doctor visits which you would suffer from if you ate animal products instead of healthy and cheap whole food fruits and vegetables. Processed foods like beyond meat burgers are much more expensive than the ingredients in them because they are heavily processed which requires a lot of money to do. The same is true for processed meat products. Restaurant food is always going to be more expensive than grocery food. Raw whole plant based foods are dirt cheap.


More importantly, PBl is an ethical lifestyle decision. Just like people who have decided not to rape and murder people, PBL people have expanded their circles of compassion and decided not to rape rape and murder people nor support the killing of animals. Once an ethical decision has been made, it will be done. Until you've made that decision, excuses will be plentiful. Once you choose PBL, the excuse of costs goes out the window.


Nothing is worth more than peace of mind, and nothing is more costly than the burden of living a life causing suffering to others.


Vegetarianism/Reducing Meat and Animal Products isn’t enough.


Animals suffer greatly in the dairy, honey, and egg industries. It is not enough to be a vegetarian. Animals spend more time suffering when they are exploited for their products than if they are just simply killed for their meat. As I mentioned before happy cows, free range, cage free, etc are nothing but lies put out by the industries to make you feel good about the animals being exploited to get you to buy their products. All of these animals that are exploited are ultimately killed for their meat, even if you didn’t buy the meat, there is no way that farms are going to stop killing animals (that were raised for exploitation) for meat because it is profitable. Male cows and Male chickens are often just killed quickly after birth for their meat because there are a more of a liability than an asset.


Simply point there is no healthy moderation of animal products, any amount is unhealthy for you.


The average PBL has 15% lower rates of cancer than omnivores while vegetarians have only 5% lower. Dairy contains lots of unhealthy estrogen and grow hormones that men and women do not need, and increases risk of cancer among other problems. The average vegetarian is overweight, the average PBL is of a healthy weight.


As I mentioned before, the Animal agriculture industries are all killing the planet, ending the meat industries would help, but it would not be enough to reverse the trend of ending this planet to healing the planet.


Personal Benefits of going Plant Based Lifestyle/Why Go Plant Based Lifestyle/Religious Reasons to go Plant Based Lifestyle.


Intelligent people cope more easily with situations that did not exist in our ancient past such as modern dietary options. Our ancestors faced constant food scarcity, we face the opposite problem, food abundance. Intelligent people are more likely to make wiser choices about what they eat, considering both their own health and animal welfare issues.

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Researchers from the British Medical Journal have also recently published a study which describes how a fruit and vegetable-rich vegetarian diet can even boost brain power! At the same time, meat-eaters have a higher incidence of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and other serious health problems.


Beezhold’s first study , which was published in Nutrition Journal, took subjects from a group of Seventh Day Adventists. 60 of them were vegetarian and 78 of them were omnivores. Beezhold, along with her research partners, carefully recorded the diets of the participants to account for their intake of fatty acids. They gauged the mood of the participants by having them complete psychometric tests.


As Beezhold expected, the vegetarian group did have significantly lower levels of fatty acids. Despite this, the vegetarians still scored much better on their mood tests.


Recent studies show that individuals with higher intelligence are more likely to become vegetarians. Using 11 different cognitive tests at three pre-16 ages researchers have found people who choose meatless diets are more intelligent than their omnivorous friends.


Another scientific theory, Savanna-IQ Interaction Hypothesis, supports the correlation between a vegetarian diet and higher intelligence. Satoshi Kanzawa, an evolutionary psychologist, suggests the ability to change personal habits in reply to challenges in the world is strongest in people with higher empathy and intelligence levels. There is a strict link between a person’s ability to easily adapt their habits to modern problems with higher IQ.


When you begin to transfer over to a PBL you may notice that your sense of taste and smell will be enhanced especially for fruits and vegetables.


When people do transition to a plant based diet, they feel more energetic and healthy. And a lot of people will dispute that and say that meat makes them feel better. Here's what happens with meat, it's actually decaying when it was it's killed. When you put a decaying substance in the body, your body releases different types of chemicals, largely from like the adrenal system, that are identifying it as something that is toxic. Decaying food doesn’t belong in the body. That will often give someone an energy boost because of how the internal chemistry of the body is dealing with an internal toxin, and then that is mistakenly identified as giving you energy.


The problem with many of the truths we hold as universal, not just about nutrition, but all aspects of our world, is that we’ve been bombarded with beliefs from biased sources for years and then accepted those believes as truth. And when someone believes something for a long enough time, if they encounter information that conflicts with that belief system, they do everything in their power to defend it. It’s called cognitive dissonance, and it’s why it can be extremely difficult to talk to a meat-eater about the benefits of Plant Based Lifestyleism/vegetarianism.

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The bottom line is, humans do not require meat, and a Plant Based Lifestyle/vegetarian diet, or a diet severely restricted in meat consumption, is a far healthier option.


Gut health is extremely important to your overall health. In fact, it could be the most important, as all health starts in your gut. If you have an unhealthy gut, you will have an unhealthy body with a variety of potential problems.


One aspect of the gut is what’s known as the “microbiome,” comprised of the trillions of microorganisms that live inside of our bodies. The microbiome produces critical nutrients, keeps our gut tissues healthy, protects us from cancer, turns genes on and off, and more. Studies have also shown that they play an important role in liver, bowel diseases, diabetes, and several autoimmune disorders.


Where do plant foods come in? Studies have confirmed that plant foods help shape a healthy intestinal microbiome. This is another reason why scientists and health professionals are becoming big advocates of plant-based diets. The fiber found in plant foods helps promote the good bacteria that’s needed in our guts. Dairy, eggs, and meat, on the other hand, help foster the growth of disease-causing bacteria.


“Landmark studies have shown that when omnivores eat choline or carnitine (found in meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, and dairy), gut bacteria make a substance that is converted by our liver to a toxic product called TMAO. TMAO leads to worsening cholesterol plaques in our blood vessels and escalates the risk of heart attack and stroke.


Interestingly, people eating plant-based diets make little or no TMAO after a meat-containing meal, because they have a totally different gut microbiome. It takes only a few days for our gut bacterial patterns to change – the benefits of a plant-based diet start quickly!”


– Michelle McMacken, MD

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ED isn’t just an embarrassing condition, it’s a deadly one. In the vast majority of cases, erectile dysfunction is a direct symptom of heart disease (our nation’s number one killer). As mentioned by Dr. Greger in his, ‘Survival of the Firmest’ video clip, “Erectile dysfunction and coronary artery disease are just two manifestations of the same disease: inflamed, clogged, and crippled arteries.”“men over 40 who experience ED have a 50x risk of having a cardiac event.” A plant-based diet is the single most effective step to preventing and reversing heart disease (and erectile disfunction as well).

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“Erectile dysfunction—defined as the inability to have a satisfactory intercourse is present in 100 million men worldwide and 30 million men in the US.”


The problem is that Viagra pills don’t treat the underlying cause which is clogged, inflamed, dysfunctional arteries. So erectile dysfunction and coronary artery disease are actually two manifestations of exactly the same disease. 40% of men over 40 have erectile dysfunction placing them in nearly 50 times the risk of dying from a heart attack cardiac event like sudden death.


We use to think erectile dysfunction in younger men in 20s-30s and it was all psychogenic in origin. Meaning it's all in their head. But it turns out we are realizing it’s more likely the early signs of vascular disease. So men with erectile dysfunction, even if they don’t have any cardiac symptoms, like chest pain, should be considered a cardiac patient until proven otherwise.


So that’s why even young men should care about their cholesterol levels because hardening of the arteries can lead to soften the penis decades down the road. Your cholesterol now can predict sexual functioning decades later.


The science is consistent on this point – PBL live longer. Studies often show 7-8 years of additional life, and at least 12% reduction in mortality from any cause over the same period of time as compared to meat eaters. You will also be healthier those years!


How to go Plant Based Lifestyle/Foods to eat/What to avoid

Adopting a PBD would not be as difficult as people may think it would to be. People already eat plant foods every day such as bread, beans, rice, cereal, oatmeal, etc. You can simply replace the meat products with more of the foods that you eat everyday that are plant based.


You want to wean into a plant based lifestyle slowly and have a plan for getting all your nutrients so you can be healthy. This is also to help prevent you from reverting back to your meat and animal product diet so that way you don’t blame it on the supposed lack of nutrients of plants.


Juicing and making smoothies is a great way to transition. It is how I personally transitioned. It helps adopt yourself to plant foods and they taste absolutely delicious. They take very little time to consume and are high in nutrients.


Some PBL people don't eat the right foods. They want to eat artificial sugars, high carb processed foods, etc, just because they don't have animal products in them. That's not an ideal approach. You want to eat healthy, whole fresh fruits and vegetables, largely unmodified from the from man as nature intended.


It is best to transfer to a PBL diet over time, this is because your body will probably suffer from withdrawal symptoms if you immediately switch over. Some people feel sick when the transfer to a plant based diet because they do it too fast, this is because of withdrawal, not because plant foods lack nutritrients.


There are plant food version of almost all meats, find the ones you think you would like and buy them. They are found in nearly all grocery stores, but especially health food stores. If you can’t find any near you, request that they bring in more plant meat alternatives. They aren’t the healthiest foods in the world, but they can help you transition by tricking your brain into thinking it’s eating meat when it’s not. The look and taste similar to meat.


Bacon, ham, sausage, chicken, turkey, steak, tuna, hamburgers, hot dogs, milk and cheese can be made with soy, wheat, rice, hemp, beans, quinoa and other plant-based products. Brands incldue Gardein, Tofurky, Beyond Meat, So Delicious and others.


Most restaurants have plant based foods, if you are unsure, ask the waiters or management. Mediterranean restaurants, Indian, Asian restaurants have plenty of options, and they are my go to.


Avoid eating inordinate amounts of white bread, white rice and pastas, as well as excessive amounts of sugar. Refined carbohydrates and sugars can lead to unexpected health problems. Eats lots of whole raw organic fruits and vegetables.


Fasting is a great way to transition as well, in my experience. You have to be careful when fasting if you have certain diseases and disorders, but most can do it just fine. What I did is I made myself hungry, then I would eat plant foods. When you are hungry, food tastes much better, making it easier to eat foods you don’t like. However, all foods are essentially an acquired taste, because our taste buds and our guts can adjust to liking almost any food. I like foods now that I didn’t like before. It requires discipline to fast, but if you have it, fasting is a powerful way to transfer to a PBD.


How to influence others to Plant Based Lifestyle/The problem with militant Plant Based Lifestyles

Zealous and Militant veganism is hurting the cause. The idea that we are going to change the world by yelling at people and insulting them is not realistic. I understand militant vegans however, because what is being done to animals is a crime to the highest degree. It is causing so much suffering to all living beings, not just animals. Just remember you can channel that anger into positive change by using more effective methods of communicating information. You can be compassionate for animals and try to be emphatic and understanding with people, doing so will help you influence people to change more effectively than yelling. If you really wish to make change, try to understand group psychology and how to influence people. An excellent book on this Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People Speak the truth no matter what, do not back down. Speak for those innocent animals or are being enslaved, murdered, tortured, and rape, speak as if YOU were those animals! Try to be sympathetic and understand that the people were are talking to have been raised since they were young to believe in carnism. Most are willing to change if you get through the programming enough and are persistence about educating them. Some will be easy and some may be too programmed to change (or alteast it would take an unreasonable long time to a change), don’t waste your time on these people. Often with these people, you are planting a seed of an idea that will grow into a tree that may cause them to change lifestyles later on, so don’t think your effort was useless, some things take time and some people have to think about things for a while before they change.

We need to influence people if we want to change the world, it is necessary. We need numbers. The carnists might win if we don’t fight back.

The numbers that PBL is at right now are not enough to change the world, each time we convince someone, we are getting closer. That is worth celebrating. We have to take it one person at a time or one step at a time. Don’t get bogged down into thinking you have to convert everyone in a day. Just try one person at a time or a small group. If you can make a good presentation, video, song, etc and post it online, you can easily convert millions!

84% of PBL people fail according to he Humane Research Council. There are seven reasons why PBL people fail and return to an omnivore diet:

1. Unsatisfied with food, this is a result of not finding the right foods, not adjusting your taste buds and microbiome, and/or not eating enough food.

2. Health, PBD are healthy for all people of all ages. All human being are innately herbivores. I reccomend mostly/all whole raw organic fruits and vegetables to maintain health.

3. Social Issues, people are pressured by family and friends to keep eating animal products, We should educate ourselves by wathcing vegan documentaries, lectuers, and reading vegan books. Convincing carnists alleviates social pressure as well.

4. Motivation, watch and read about the animal industries and cruelty. Read into the science and health benefits. This will motivate you, since you will understand that being PBL is healthy and great for the Earth.

5. Eating Costs, Cheap and healthy PBD foods include Beans, rice, bananas, apples, and most oranges. Basically raw whole foods are very cheap. I would recommend going organic too even though its more expensive it the short term, because in the long term it will be more expensive because organic is healthy than pestidcide-ridden conventional produce.

6. Restaurant choices, most restaurants have plant based options, ask the waiter or manger if they have options. If not go to another restaurant. Chinese, Mediterranean, and India almost always have great options.

7. Too long to cook and prepare meals. Meals should take the same amount of time to make if they are plant based, the reason it takes longer is because you haven’t made it a habit to make the new plant based recipes. There are very simple recipes. You can simply eat whole and raw fruits and vegetables, which take no time to prepare or cook if you want to keep it simple. You can bulk cook or prepare as well, that can save you tons of time.




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