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[WIP] Ultimate Article: Our Society is Based on Theft and Slavery

The This is another drastic jump in subject here. American Dream (is based on slavery) Our society is based on theft and slavery

The American dream to keep people divided by wealth and social status, to keep us focused on ourselves, and not the real enemy, the owners, their minions, called the military and police, and their cronies who control the economic slavery system. The dream, which could be called a mirage, is to chase a green piece of paper that their rulers created and they have indoctrinated people to believe it has real intrinsic value. Inflation and hyper-consumerism is to make sure you will never have enough. You will be needing a new one because it is outdated or broken or become bored every 10 minutes with it. The value of the dollar is based on how many countries are subjugated to the America Empire and typing numbers into a screen. Any country that doesn't buy oil in US dollars is invaded by the USA.

Money is debt and slavery. People are poor because of low paying jobs (because large corporations shut down all the quality jobs and local businesses by lobbying congress). To start a new business, needs loans, they take loans that charge interest which makes them even more poor. Then add taxes, which make them even more poor. That loan adds money into circulation in the economy, which increases inflation. Who profits from the arrangement? Bankers and that is all, they can turn 100 of your dollars into 1,000 of theirs.

If you people if the dollar has value, they say yes. Can you use it to survive on an island? The most common answer you will get back is but I NEED it. The truth is that money can’t fed you, shelter you, or protect you! The symbol, language, and color of dollar bill subconsciously influence people to the acquisition of it with enlightenment.

As people grow older and buy into money worship promoted by celebrities and music, the only thing on people's waking minds. There is one religion in the world, not Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, only money. Money is their God. You can replace this with materialism, selfishness, and it's still true. All because the military destroys any technology that can create sustainable non-scarcity living for humanity. It's crazy that people spend most of there lives working as indentured servants to a fear based scarcity and debt created by inflation, taxation, free energy suppression, usury, and unnecessary consumerism. It's crazy that people spend most of there lives working as indentured servants to a fear based scarcity and debt created by inflation, taxation, free energy suppression, usury, and unnecessary consumerism.

Take a look at a generic historical example of the pattern of tyranny. A rouge thug gathers together a band of men to extort money from the people nearby where he lives. In his success, he plunders massive amounts of money and grows his gang into an army. He successfully kills the previous officers of law and enforcement, or subverts them through stealth. Knowing that he can plunder more value in the long term if he leaves his victims alive, he implements a “tax” upon everyone in his range of influence. He draws borders, he gives decrees. Importantly, he promises his victims that he will protect them from all other thugs. His victims slowly become accustomed to his will, and The people become afraid if they hear their neighbors talk of escaping the taxes and cruelty. Soon they actively support the regime by targeting all 'treasonous' speech, and turning in deviants to police. Originally called criminal, the thug is now called authority. He is called law and order. - Jeremy Locke in his book “The end of all evil.” (This is a must read)

"If you added together all the forms of taxation that we pay in a year and subtracted that from your income, you would be shocked at how much of the energy you receive for your energy given goes back to the system in taxation alone. Ultimately, this money/energy ends up in the Rothschild 'lake' and this is what, despite the ever-increasing taxation, we get an ever-decreasing quality of services which this money is supposed to be paying for. Add to all this the interest paid to the banks for 'borrowing' non-existent money called 'credit' and you can see that humanity is being energetically and systematically sucked dry. Something else is being sucked dry also - choice and potential. How often are people denied what they want to do or where they want to go by the mantra of 'I can't afford it' or 'I don't have the money'? Our money is part of our energy field, part of 'us', because that ‘ownership’ makes a vibrational connection between our energy field and that of the money. Giving and receiving money is energy in, energy out. Look at all of the above and you can see that the masses are being manipulated to give out far more energy than they are getting back. Even after the original exchange has taken place in the form of salary or profit, most of what we receive is then consumed by taxation, interest on money and artificially-inflated costs for essential services. The economic system, headed by the House of Rothschild, has been created to vampire the life-force of the global population. The public see money, but the Rothschilds see everything as energy, which, of course, it is. We call money, currency, but it should be currcent-cy. This is how the Rothschilds use it, as like an electrical current which they circulate and then get back at a much greater voltage, or 'plus interest'." -David Icke You need to cite the source of this quotation in full. Also, for quotes of this length, you need to get written permission to reprint from the copyright holder of the original.

One of the primary ways our society is based on theft is taxation. If you don't pay taxes, then you will eventually be forced to pay or you will be arrested and put in jail under coercion. If you are coerced under your will then you do not have a willful or voluntary choice which is what makes coercion immoral. If you don’t KNOW that taxation is theft then you need to go to http://exploreistaxationtheft.com/. this is the best source I would recommend for understanding this concept.

One of the big arguments against taxation being theft is that people are born in a country, therefore they have to agree with the laws of the country. Here is the problem with that. You do not get to choose to be born in a country. You didn’t sign a contract when you were born. You are forced to obey a control you never signed which would make the laws invalid since you have to sign a contract in order to be legally bound (according to natural law, not man’s law) This argument doesn’t hold up. Every individual does not have to be contractually bound to follow the laws of a given place. It would be impossible to enforce. This doesn’t make the laws invalid.

Another common argument is we have a democracy. In democracy, what is taxed and how much is decided by groups of voters and elected politicians. The individual has no choice on accepting whether they choose to fund the government or not, or how much you are taxed, or what is taxed. You can vote but your vote only counts if it breaks the tie. Ties have never happened in the history of democracy. Your vote does not matter. Especially when you consider gerrymandering and the fact that we live in an indirect democracies. Voting also is often useless because of gerrymandering, electoral colleges, and most democracies are indirect democracies, in other words you vote for politicians, not not laws you want to live by. That or you vote for politicians that will vote a certain way on certain laws. If you are threatened into doing what the government tells you in terms of paying taxes, then you have no individual voluntary choice.

The government claims the right to rob you There is an excellent and humorous video by Larken rose, called I have the right to rob you. Larken Rose has a piece of paper that says “I have the right to rob you.” This is petty thievery. Then he says,”Well, I got a group of my buddies and they say we have the right to rob you.” That is simply gang violence. Then he says,”Well, I gotta get my buddies. We write in fancy paper, with complex terms, and in cursive. Instead of saying I'm allowed to rob we say, I'm allowed to tax you.” It sounds less aggressive or violent, but it is just a violent. The creators of the Constitution say we have the right to rob you. Not only that it says that future political leaders have the right to rob you. Almost every country has a document such as the constitution that essentially says “We have right to rob you and rule over you.” because of fancy letters and complicated legal terms Try to express this idea in fewer words. .

"If the law takes from some persons what belongs to them, and gives it to other persons to whom it does not belong. See if the law benefits one citizen at the expense of another by doing what the citizen himself cannot do without committing a crime" – Frederic Basitat

Because taxes goes resources or things you like, it does not mean that it isn't theft. If you really do your research on what taxes don't go to what most people think it does. Taxes at the surface level appears to be funneled towards basic military defense, courts, police, and welfare, which is things that most want. The truth is it mostly goes into black budgets, also knows as SAR (Special Access Programs), which means we don’t really know what our taxes go to. Our taxes fund wars of murder and police brutality, and tyranny. You are funding the boot that wants to suppress your infinite potential and brutalize you.

This money often goes to people who already have a plenty enough money such as large corporate executives instead of people who are poor and are trying honestly improve themselves. This is called corporate welfare. I’m talking about corporations such as those that lie to make a profit such as pharmaceutical companies or those that use slave labor such as big tech companies to make their products. You risk opening yourself up to libel charges when you name a company and make claims of criminal activity by that company. I strongly suggest you either remove this section or don’t name the companies. They will try to bend the rules of the game in order to favor them because they want to steal money from people by lobbying the government. It isn't done through a democratic process, 90% of the time introduction of higher taxes, is done by lobbying the politicians who make new taxes instead of voting.

We pay cops take to take our money. Cops extort people through tickets, fees, civil asset forfeiture, and enforcement of taxation. Yes, police do, in fact, have ticket quotas. They're not just pulling people over because they want to help with traffic. Cops don’t practice civil asset forfeiture to punish greedy criminals, the do this in order to increase their salaries and benefits.

Here are two great videos that you must watch to understand the true purpose for government and taxes:

The Story of your Enslavement by Stephan Monlyeux https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xbp6umQT58A

How to Herd Tax Cattle by James Corbett https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qAJT77FSvxs

These video explain that government exists to steal money from people and to exploit them. A government that steals 100% of people’s money causes some issues (know as slavery or communism), because it doesn't produce much wealth. But if you give people some freedom and you don't steal all the money, you actually get the higher return. It's basically free range slavery. That is what really we are living under. Welfare exists to make sure that citizens are taken care of well, so that they can produce more and therefore the government can steal more from the citizens of a country than what they gave no welfare. You want to make sure your tax cattle are “protected” from common criminals so police can steal from you instead. You want to make sure that your tax cattle are protected from invaders because then they wouldn't be able to steal as much invaders tend to loot the places they invade.

There are some ways to avoid paying taxes. Lots of the loopholes are being closed for avoiding taxes because, it does hurt the government endless greed. Here are some great sources for how to avoid taxes: (WHERE IS THIS SECTION)

The government can't tax people 100% because if they did, people would rebel since almost all would be upset that they couldn't afford to live, and this would make people furious and rebel. The government has to get bonds and inflate the currency in order to pay for much of their expenses because the government can’t pay for it’s expense by raising taxes because people hate paying taxes. You can't have a tyrannical (or any) government based on only taxes because people would rebel against that.

The national debt is far higher than what people may think. When I wrote this sentence, the us debt is 23 trillion dollars. There's is no way our government could fund itself without inflation bonds and inflation. One of the things that taxes does is it pays down the interest on debt. If interest rates on debt gets too high, hyperinflation happens. Hyperinflation is when the interest on debt is too high and money becomes almost worthless over a short period of time. If hyperinflation occurs, the whole global financial control system would collapse, and that would not be very beneficial the global elite.

A Ponzi scheme, a from of a pyramid scheme, is the basis of all welfare programs. A Ponzi scheme is a scheme made to by those who create it to exploit those who fall for it. This chart explains it better than I can:

Social Security is the classical and ultimate Ponzi scheme in America. It was promised when it was proposed that it would help a lot of retired people retire, and it did early on (Note that social security welfare is always done by the stolen labor of others). This is because there were 20 workers for one retiree. Now it's three workers for one retiree and it’s become worse. Soon, there may be more retirees than workers, this would cause social security to collapse. During WWII there was a huge population because a lot of soldiers came home and people had babies to replace the losses in war. The taxes for Social Security, are not used to guarantee your retirement. They guarantee other people's retirement. If you are young now, you probably will work your life paying taxes for your retirement, but you will receive no money from social security. This is literally like being at the bottom of a Ponzi scheme.

All income taxes, according to the Grace Commission Report, goes to paying down the interest on the national debt. Government wouldn't cost nearly as much if it was paid only by taxes and not by debt and inflation. One reason is you wouldn't have income taxes, income taxes was introduced the same time the federal reserve was created. The federal reserve was created so that the government could go infinitely into debt to pay for whatever it wishes at the expense of higher taxes on the people and higher prices on good and services via inflation.

The primary way that banks make money is by making loans and then charging interest on those loans. It's called fractional reserve banking. Almost every bank in the entire world is a fractional reserve bank. It means that banks only need to have 10% of the money in reserve to make a loan. If a bank receives $10, they can make $100 in loans then charge interest on those loans. Banks make minimum 10 times more money than what they have in store. Banks make money from having deposits in the bank and those deposits go towards making loans.

You may have heard of bailouts but what about bail-ins. This is when banks who go bankrupt from making poor gambles on the stock market hey go into too much debt and they need to pay it back. Banks will take the money from the customers and use it to get out of debt. Banks can take money from your account because you legally don't own it. They can also freeze your account, which is where you cannot access money anymore from your account. The FDIC, which is a government agency claims to guarantees up to $250,000 for each account, but does not have enough money to cover deposits, according to the OCC.gov. If the FDIC had to cover the account of all Americans, it would cost over 80 trillion dollars! The FDIC’s claim that they can cover up $250,000 for each account is statically false.

The Federal Reserve is the United States central bank. Almost all countries have a central bank (except North Korea, Iran, and Cuba). The reason that centrals bank exists is so they can fund the government using quantitative easing, which is when banks creating money out of thin air to fund the government. You can't have a government that operates on the global market without a central bank. If you have to pay everything that the government does by taxes, people would revolt. People would rebel because they’ll be taxed too much. That's why they governments must borrow money.

Free money is not real and all fiat currencies in world history always go to their actual value, which is zero because fiat money is completely worthless. The value of our money is based on faith that paper currency and numbers on a screen actually have a value, but it doesn’t. The only reason that cash has any value is because people believe it has value. Cash has no intrinsic value. Intrinsic value means that you can’t do things with cash such as shelter, clothe, defend, or feed yourself with it. If people lost faith in the value of a currency then it will no longer be seen as having value in society. There are two metals that have always had value in all of times and places. That was gold and silver. That is has value, paper currency does not. Paper currency is worth less than the paper it is printed on Silver is used today for electronics, medicine, jewlery solar panels, jewelry, and more.. But their value, like that of fiat currency, is also based on faith. Many people value these metals. If millions of people suddenly would exchange goods and services for—oh, I don’t know—oak leaves, creamed spinach, and cat feces, then these materials would take on a role of currency.

Imperialism is based on theft and slavery. Wars are used to steal the natural resources from other countries and give it either to nations, banks, corporations, industries, or financial institutions. That is the reason for wars.

The prison system is slavery, most people in prison are locked up for victimless crimes, and many of them are forced to do work for corporations, and they're literally forced to work.

One of the major forms of theft in our society is what is called socialism. Socialism is based on an authoritarian economy, socialism is evil. I prefer the term authoritarian economy because socialism makes it sound like it's social and it's a good thing but it's not. Socialism is deceiving and forcing people to fund things. Socialism is used to enslave people to the government. Government itself is slavery, but a socialist government is even more so. Government is not the same as society, just because you don't want the government to steal from people to pay for something you want does not make it morally justified or reasonably.

“Socialism, like the ancient ideas from which it springs, confuses the distinction between government and society. As a result of this, every time we object to a thing being done by government, the socialists conclude that we object to its being done at all. We disapprove of state education. Then the socialists say that we are opposed to any education. We object to a state religion. Then the socialists say that we want no religion at all. We object to a state-enforced equality. Then they say that we are against equality. And so on, and so on. It is as if the socialists were to accuse us of not wanting persons to eat because we do not want the state to raise grain.” -Frederic Bastiat

There are also many failures of socialism as well. All it does is impoverished people and it's pushed under the guise of helping poor people. It only helps those who control the socialist system. Socialism often starts of as a workers revolt (but are often funded by foreign powers and bankers) against tyranny, but always ends up leading it oligarchical collectivism, according to George Orwell. About half a billion people have died because of socialism, primarily in the tyrannies of Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, and China. They died from refusing to not following the orders of the ruling classes. They also died from starvation due poor allocation of resources and intentional starvation. Can you expound on this? How and where did they die, and what was socialism’s role? It doesn't matter if people if you call it communism, socialism, fascism, cronyism it’s essentially all the same. It’s called tyranny. Tyranny is the belief that you have the right to do violence. Nobody or group of people have the right to conduct violence on others.

There is a difference between positive versus negative rights. Positive rights are not rights. It's a claim that statists make. Positive rights is the idea that you can justly force people to pay for what you or others want. Negative rights are true rights, such as I have the right to not have violence done to me.

Democracy is really just another form socialism if you don't believe me, here's a quote from Karl Marx. He says, “Democracy is the road to socialism.” Socialism leads to leads to communism. Communism leads to slavery and then ultimately genocide.

“If people are bad and shouldn't be trusted with freedom, then why would they be trusted with power? Are they better and believe that they're above everyone else?” - Frederick Bastiat

If the natural tendencies of mankind are so bad that it is not safe to permit people to be free, how is it that the tendencies of these organizers are always good? Do not the legislators and their appointed agents also belong to the human race? Or do they believe that they themselves are made of a finer clay than the rest of mankind? - Frederic Bastiat

We are born into a slave system through birth certificates. A certificate is a document that show is used in commerce to show how much of a good you have on ship, you are a good that is “birthed” into your mothers waters just like a ship is birthed into dock. Governments want to know your commercial value when you are born and how much you will make. This concept is right out of Nazi Germany, literally. You are a stock (security) on the stock market. This essentially means that they own you. On your birth certificate, the red numbers on the bottom corner are a security stock exchange number on the world stock exchange. This means you are literally a human resource and a financial asset.

Banking has to be one of the greatest scams on earth This feels like another subject jump from the previous paragraph. and it uses debt, usury, and inflation to enslave people. The creation of new dollars steals wealth from the United States and also every country since USD is the backing for every currency by the Bretton Woods agreement. This agreement made the every currency in the world backed up by the USD. The USD was backed up by gold, so essentially all major currencies in the world were backed up by gold. In 1971, the USD was no longer backed by gold, which means that all currencies in the world were backed up by nothing but the belief that it had value. If the USD crashes due to inflation, all currencies become worthless and the entire global economic system collapses. That is why income taxes are so high, to prevent the global economic structure from collapsing. Every new dollar that it's printed, devalues all major world currencies.

In deflation, prices and wages go down. However there this is a major problem: most are in debt. Your debt is still the same after inflation, but your income is the lowered, which means it's more difficult to pay debts.

But in a deflation just about everything declines including your wages, prices, GDP, and the money supply and most importantly for your income. In the Great Depression nominal income fell by 53%. Your monthly income will now be $47 instead of $100. You might be thinking self Yeah, but our prices falling too? So our purchasing power stays the same. Well, yes and no, even though your prices are falling too, debt isn’t. Debt is nominal, which means it's a fixed number. So your debt payments are still $40 but your income is now $47 you can forget about the movie, the gas, and your insurance you can even forget about your utilities because all you got left after servicing your debt is $7 and you’re going to need that to eat. - Mike Maloney. I highly recommend you watch is phenomenal video seris called the Hidden Secrets of Money

Law enforcement in Canada on average cares for about tax evasion than real crimes such as murder and about 90% of violent crimes are committed with no police intervention.

People are conned by spending because the more they spend the more money in circulation, the more the dollar is inflated. This means it’s more difficult to buy the same goods that you bought before prices adjusted to inflation.

The global economic power dominate the world through IMF and World Bank. These organizations particapte in financial domination. do this in three ways:

1. Trick countries into signing loans and then increase the interest rate which bankrupts a country.

2. Cut off their imports and exports by sanctions which absolutely crippling country because most countries are not self sustaining.

3. Invade a country to destroy their economy, then they will offer the only loan, which they must accept because there are no other loan offers, and these loans have absurdly high interest rates.

People in that country used there money to take care of themselves, but now they have to spend their money on paying bankers. This is a major reason why there is and continues to be third world countries. The IMF also is known for supporting dictatorships as well. They claim they care about impoverished but then why would they support dictators? Dictators just steal from people that's not helping the impoverished at all.

All wars basically are banker wars. Central banks fund, both sides of war. One example is Libya. The reason that Gaddahfi was killed was he refused to use US dollars to sell oil from Libya. Gaddahfi wanted Libyan dinar on a gold standard instead of being back by United States dollars. Central bankers believed that he had to be overthrown. One of the major reasons for all the imperialism in the world is to set up a central bank control by the International Monetary Fund. Global bankers want to control the economy and the people of a country by invading a country, then give loans to countries at high interest rates which they must accept or the country won’t be able to trade on the global market, and then they have to pay those loans back. That country becomes enslaved by the global bankers, because if they don’t pay, they will be blockaded and possible invaded, resulting in the lost of people and precious resources. This is one of the major reasons for war in modern times. Countries are invaded just to set up central bank's IMF banks to control and enslave the people.

You need to be aware of is a lot of times they might say that their wage increase increases but that wage is often just adjusted for inflation and your aren’t actually getting a higher wage. There’s a difference between price and value because prices are based off inflation. Value is not. The price of all items increase slowly over the years, but not because the value of the goods are going up.

The following paragraph is a summary of Mike Maloney’s information on Gold and Silver:

Hyperinflation can hit very rapidly if you start seeing things be slightly more then usually at the store, then you will see within days, that stores prices go up 200 times more so you have to pay attention to inflation and be prepared by buying physical gold and silver. When you buy gold and silver, you want to buy find gold and silver that is 99.9 purity called find silver or 24 carat gold. Don’t waste your time with coins unless you are into that. Bars are the cheapest. For the domination you want to have the highest you can for a lower total cost, but not to high where you can’t store it in safes easily. You want to have some small silver bars that weight only a gram or so in case the economy is destroyed and you don’t have enough time to smelt your silver in a refinery and you get some quick cash. Almost no one has the skills to smelt silver. Time is not the issue. Make sure you test your gold and silver weights by using a scale and a magnet, if the magnet repels you are good for the magnet test. You need a fine scale that can measure to the thousands place. Your ounce bars should weight .9115 ounces each, since troy ounces is the standard unit of measurement for bars, not ounces. Make sure that you gold and silver is stored in plastic bags to prevent water from tarnishing them. You can store a safe in the ground, however if you do, do so at night or under shed so others can’t see where you are putting it. Storing safes 3 layers deep is the most safe. An example getting a floor safe, placing a rug over it then playing a dresser over the rug. You can also have others store your goal and silver, but do it at a company that does so and not a deposit box in a bank because the bank can take your gold and silver if they have a bail in. Most of all do not tell anyone that you are storing gold and silver in your house except your trusted person, make sure they will not tell anyone either.

Voluntarism is one great solution. The basic theory of voluntarism is that all transactions should be based on consent. This is also some times called Austrian economics.

Agorism is another great solution. This solution is based off using practical action to disturb the economy such as buying and selling goods and services without permission from the government, without paying taxes, or selling illegal goods and services. If enough people follow agorist philosophy, there will eventually be not state economies because they will collapse. By practicing these transactions, you are preventing more money going to the state and you are showing people an alternative to the statist economic system. You also save money as well.

Free energy technology is another solution. Free energy technology is misunderstood, it is not a perpetual motion machine that generates energy. It still requires materials to make the technology, so it isn’t truly free like all things in life. It harnesses from the nearly ultimate supply of energy that is in the air, which he called “cosmic energy.”

Nikolai Tesla is the most well known inventor of free energy technology. was an inventor who is well know for contributing to the AC current, which is used in almost all electrical systems. In 1902, Tesla created free energy technology successfully and was even patented. These patents are US685957A and US685958A. This is not science fiction. This patents and the blueprints for these technologies already exist and are available to the public.

Telsa had dreams for a world by setting up this tower that could harness the nearly infinite quantity of energy and focus it on any place in the world, even ships at sea, to provide wireless electricity. His dream began with the construction of the Wardenclyffe Tower in New York City. He received funding from JP Morgan, but Morgan was interested only in using Tesla’s technology if he could profit from it. Because of nature of the Wardenclyffe, it could not be used commercially, unlike other energy systems at the time. The laboratory at Wardenclyffe was sold to an investors after Telsa was deep in debt after Morgan pulled his funding. Tesla had the plans for this technology that if implemented, would have been successful in providing free energy to all on Earth.

When the grand plan of wireless power transmission became out of reach for Tesla he wrote: "It is not a dream, it is a simple feat of scientific electrical engineering, only expensive—blind, faint-hearted, doubting world! Humanity is not yet sufficiently advanced to be willingly led by the discoverer's keen searching sense. But who knows? Perhaps it is better in this present world of ours that a revolutionary idea or invention instead of being helped and patted, be hampered and ill-treated in its adolescence—by want of means, by selfish interest, pedantry, stupidity and ignorance; that it be attacked and stifled; that it pass through bitter trials and tribulations, through the strife of commercial existence. So do we get our light. So all that was great in the past was ridiculed, condemned, combatted, suppressed—only to emerge all the more powerfully, all the more triumphantly from the struggle."

After his death, Tesla’s more advanced technology was stolen by the Office of Alien Property when he died, allegedly to prevent it getting into the hands of foreign powers. Very few now know what the nature of these technologies are, as most have not be declassified by the FBI. Even Tesla knew this could occur and didn’t writing down all his ideas, to prevent misuse by the militaries and commercial powers of the world.

This technologies have the possibility of eliminating scarcity and the need for money. Unfortunately, most of the technologies are suppressed by governments, energy companies, and by the oil industry. The only solution to this is to end all governments. No government in the world will allow this to happen as it will destroy the entire global financial system. . Why bring this up if it’s not possible to enact?

The Venus Project is excellent idea for the future once humanity ascends. The idea is having cities that are managed by AI that allocate resources to people as they need automatically, this gets rid of politicians. This AI will still have a human element to them because engineers will make sure that these AI act correctly and do not malfunction. Everything in the Venus society is automated so there will not be crime, traffic, accidents, etc. This removes the “need” for government. It’s an interesting idea, something to consider in the future.. The same with this one. The technology for this is at least fifty years away, if not more.

The thrive movement is a great solution, probably my favorite. This movement incorporates free energy technology and voluntarism.







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IMF Support of dictatorships (but claim to care about impoverished)


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Successful tax protest in France

https://thefreethoughtproject.com/france-protest-works-govt-suspends-tax/ fbclid=IwAR3JED89XttBk70EbOiDoaOzByJYvTVjwtKykujzVOC3bcOhcKYRN-RiSC0

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