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America as an early example of natural law

We can see that societies that obeyed natural law have been the most successful, peaceful, and orderly societies. Take early America for example, I wouldn’t use Colonial America as an example. It was ruled by elites with wealth, and the slave trade and the treatment of Native Americans and other indigenous peoples was a rather shameful period of history. one of the reasons America has been such as great society (at least in the past) is that we obeyed natural law for the most part. That is not to say we were perfect, the enslavement of Africans Americans and extermination of Native Americans was horrendous, most of the extermination though was from disease and came about later, but it was a step in the right direction. Some of the founding fathers were against the slavery, such as Thomas Jefferson in his later years, Ben Franklin, Thomas Paine, Samuel Adams. The reason slavery was in America the Founding fathers were divided between the wealthy slaving loving fathers and the abolitionist fathers, they made a compromise called the 3/5th compromise so that way the slave-dominated states could have more power in the new government, without this, the American Revolution may never have gotten support. The abolitionist knew the compromise was worth it because abolition was inevitable. The reason is we had was a system of government that was the closest to natural law.

In early America you had the right do to almost anything you wished as long as you did not do violence to others or their property. That is what made the American System so successful. Other countries were ruled by kings who could do essentially whatever they wanted as long they could get away with it, in other worlds, as long as the peasants and their pawns Paws? (vassals, knights, etc) didn’t rebel or question them. This resulted in war and chaos from this unjust inequality.

In the America system anyone could be a successful person as long as they didn’t harm others. This created so much wealth, peace, justice, and prosperity, that in just a few decades, America became the number one places for the world’s migrants. They came for opportunity, for religious freedom. People came to America so they could find a better life from the chaos, poverty, war, death, economic stagnation, and misery of the rest of the world. Where are you getting this information? In Colonial times, the two groups who came here were mostly those seeking religious freedom and those banished from their country. It is one of the reasons that America became one of the wealthiest, crime free, and technological advanced nations on the Earth. It is because we have keep much of these traditions of obeying natural law and we ought to keep these traditions and always be striving to get closer to a natural law society.