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History is a lie

So much of history is unverifiable. It is what is called revisionist history. It is well know that history is written by the victor. Many of these historical truths are just stories. Many cultures and historical information was covered up or destroyed by conquerors, such as the Library of Alexandria. Our 5 sense perceptions are often flawed, since 99 percent of reality isn't detected by our 5 sense. You only can truly get information for the source of all information, the etheric field. When you get info from the etheric field, you are getting it from the source of all info. Ethernic field information is often called the realm of ideas, innovation, intution, and discoveries. It where you get your ideas from. The other is your subconsious mind, which is a reciver of information from this field. To get info from the etheric field, the best way is to mediate and do what feels right. Go in with the attitude you will be safe and recieving only positive and empowering information.

Every government murders and steals from its subjects to mantain it's power.

"History is a lie agreed upon." -Napoleon

"History is written by the victor." -Proverb