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DNA comes from blood and spirit, it’s about 50/50. You are unlike any other human being that has every existed, now, or ever will. Your blood is your genetic code and is why you look similar to your family members and ancestors. It is your physical foundation fo your life. Your spirit is what you brought in from past lives, past lives are an interesting topic we will get into later, however, know now that it you can change your DNA. Even if you brought in DNA programs that don’t serve you, you can change this with Epigenetics. Our DNA is influenced by our thoughts, you are changing your DNA by reading this, your DNA will be very different if you read and memorize this material, you will have much better DNA.

DNA can be changed these materials:





Sometimes junk DNA brings us down and distorts our thoughts which effects our feelings. When you are harmonious with DNA wiring you feel joy. Clear out the bad in the DNA is a key focus to do early on, this could prevent you from exercises the essence of who you are. REiki, BEST, Cranal sacral, hypnotherapy. Bad DNA can prevent you from exercises your talents and the feeling of exercising those talents to your fullest capacity.

You have tools, but they can’t be utilized until you act;

Everybody on earth hast he ability to use their mind to change their DNA and bring it to the same level as the elite class (and beyond) and give them infinite power. This is what eugenicists don’t want you to know. A eugenicist is a dark occult secret society member that wants to use drugs, gmos, vaccines, to influence people’s blood DNA, they can’t effect spirit DNA. We will explore these topics in the health chapter.

You should act according to your person consciousness ,this means acting according to your values, which comes from your DNA. Acting on something against your values is ruinous. If something makes you felt guilty, don’t do it. This is not the same as morality, morality is objective, I explain this in the last chapter, for now lets focus on building you up.