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Nations, Property, and Democracy

The justification that moral relativism is OK because some countries have laws that say that a certain action is moral and legal and others are not is a false justification. Ultimately, nations and government claim to own property which they do not own. They claim to own property that isn’t theirs when it’s actually owned by others. You must pay property taxes or you home is taken from you. If the government wants to at any time, they size your property and make you homeless by Eminent domain. Any objects you own can be taken by the police as evidence of a made up crime using civil asset forfeiture. Governments also claim to own territory that is owned by nobody. In order to legitimately own property under the laws of nature, you must physically be present on that property frequently enough to be considered yours (or in other words, not abandoned.)

This is called the homesteading principle, it as a guiding principle of America’s peaceful expansion (I’m not talking about when the army came in and exterminated and assimilated the natives, the homesteaders were mostly peaceful settlers). They is where families would go into unsettled parts of American in the west and would own property. Essentially, you can’t claim to own property you haven’t rightfully acquired, you also can’t claim, for example, the Earth because you say so.

You must be responsible for that land and have acquired the land legitimately. Let’s do a checklist to see if the property of nations is legitimate.

1. Nations/governments agents are physically present in areas which the government claims to own that could be considered to be not abandoned. X

Why: Nations claim to own all land on Earth. This includes land that has actually never been inhabited by a single living person, such as remote areas of Antarctica, deserts, mountains, seas, etc. They also claim to own territory that is so remote and infrequently that nobody could be considered abandoned. If you have every been on a road trip, you know that there is a significant amount of land that is inhabited by nobody. Almost all land in the world is uninhabited or abandoned, yet nations claim to own these lands. For example: The idea that you could be arrested in the middle of nowhere just for smoking marijuana is absurd. Equally absurd is that you can’t smoke marijuana in your house without government agents trespassing in your house and charging you fines and potentially even arresting (really just kidnapping) and locking you in jail. If you entered into someone’s house and started smoking marijuana and they asked to you leave, that would not be against natural law since their house is their property. Rightful owners of property can create the rules for their property.

2.Nations/governments own all land in their territory legitimately. X

The way almost all nations gained the land that they own was by conquering the land from tribes and other nations that owned that land. Most nations didn’t homestead the land, or in other words, had their citizens go out on their own will and settle the area.

The other land they own and control is land that is controlled by it’s citizens. Citizens work on land, live on it, etc. Many people live on that land disagree with the government, yet they are still forced to comply with the governments laws. Some may say if you don’t like they laws you can leave, but you will still be subject to laws you don’t agree with, almost guaranteed, no matter what country you leave to because every country has hundreds of thousands of laws, you are bound to not agree with some. Some say well certain countries you can decide on the laws you want to live by via voting, but voting doesn’t guarantee the laws you want to abide will be passed or be revoked. Voting also is often useless because of gerrymandering, electoral colleges, and most democracies are indirect democracies, in other words you vote for politicians, not not laws you want to live by. That or you vote for politicians that will vote a certain way on certain laws. Some will say you can become a politician, but being a politician is against natural law, because being politician requires you to do duties that require lying to others and you paycheck is from the stolen fruits of others labor in form of taxes. Others might say, go live in the wilderness, but the “wilderness” is still owned by government and their laws still apply their, so there is no escaping in the wilderness. Others might say you can become a political activist and lobby the government, as you can see here it never ends. None of this should be necessary. We were born eternally free beings, it is our birthright, we shouldn’t have to petition, vote, or protest. We should just be free, because we were born free beings.

It’s your property, body, and life and you should be able to do what you want as long as you don’t violate others rights or harm their property.

Politically voting and democracies are a scam. You don’t have a right to decide what you neighbors rights are or not. People don’t know what they are really voting for or who they are voting for. The politicians bills are written in complex words and are extremely long to prevent common people such as voters form understand what they are really voting for. Politicians work in secret from the public with private meetings and plans. Your time is better spent doing something else. Again, your vote doesn’t really even matter anyways, if it did, why would the government let you do it?

Politicians who write speeches read a teleprompter (a prepared speech) which you can't see unless you are at the event. They conduct polls to find which words to use and which not to use.

All politicians say they won't increase taxes, but they will say they will reduce "loopholes" this are just deductions for the 99%, the ultra rich still can use loopholes. They will say that the tax rate is the same, which is technically true but you are paying more taxes to the government because you have less deduction. Governments don't want to decrease spending on programs because too many people are utterly dependent on the government and it would cause riots. So they raise taxes and increase spending. That is what they always are trying to do. The only thing governments care about is profit and control.

How can someone thousands or hundreds of miles away represent you. Even your best friend or closest family can't truly respresent you. YOu are unique expression as a entirely unique human being. Nobody has ever been you and nobody ever will be exatecly you.

I would not vote, some freedom actvists such as Tom Woods argue that voting can help freedom because if you are giving a choice between tyranny or less tyranny, then you should vote for less tryanny, I believe voting is giving up your infinite potential power and delegating responsiblity. It is a false choice. I choice freedom, period!

3.Nation/governments are responsible for the territory they claim to own.

Why: Governments do not own all land in the territory they claim. People inhabit land, use it, work on in, live on land. How can government enforce rules on you for land that you own and use continuously when they don’t own that land. Government agents aren’t responsible for the upkeep of your house, in other words, they don’t offer to you clean your house, yard, cook for you, garden, etc but you are forced to pay them a portion of your labor to keep and own a house? How can they decide they you can’t build a garage without their permission? Governments are like mafias, they make you pay for a service you didn’t agree to, an offer you can’t refuse. They only rule only by violence, never by consent. Every government kills people and lies to their people to maintain their power.

Why: Governments attract some of the most irresponsible people on the earth the help manage the land that they own