How to be successful 2.0

June 21, 2020

How to be successful—a collection of tips from thousands of different sources and years of research on self-help, holistic health, conspiracies, politics, and occult knowledge:

  • Obey natural law (don’t willfully lie, steal, murder, assault, or trespass) THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT!

  • Do not earn money by violating natural law. Study right livelihood in Buddhism and Mark Passio right livelihood podcast episode (Don’t become a cop, soldier, conman, politician, slaughter animals, fisherman, hunter, banker, work for military industrial complex, mainstream media, mainstream negative and deceitful religious organizations, pharmaceutical industry, or doctor who only cares about money.) These jobs violate natural law, which means you will always be unsuccessful. Go with the universe, not against it.

  • Do the great work (spread truth, love, and the messages of freedom to others, no matter what you do).

  • Know that what you do echoes into eternity, so do right in life. You will always face the consequences for your actions, and death is no escape. The only way out is through.

  • Cut involvements from government as much as possible, knowing that government is slavery. The government (and its minions, police and military) is the ultimate tool of the evil forces of the world. Government destroys hope and human evolution, creates class divides, steals, pollutes, suppresses free energy technology, and murders millions of people every year. Spread the message of freedom and natural law. Destroy the most dangerous superstition. (Read Larken Rose’s book The Most Dangerous Superstition and End of All Evil by Jeremy Locke here:

  • Focus only on what you want, not what you don’t want. Get rid of all fear and doubt. (Become obsessed with desires, use visualizations of throwing away fear and doubt into the trash, especially right before you go to bed while the moon is out.)

  • Be brave, face your fears, and know that most worries won’t happen. Fear is an illusion. You are unstoppable and infinitely powerful.

  • Know that you can do anything (study quantum physics ,self-help, and self actualization material).

  • Study and practice holistic health as needed (nutritional supplements, meditation, Qi gong, tai chi, yoga, walk barefoot in grass one or more hours a day with most of your skin showing; limit if you get sunburned with no sunscreen, smile often, laugh, hug others, speak powerful words and mantras, deep breathing, drink plenty of reverse-osmosis water, BEST, craniosacral therapy), read Kevin Trudeau books Nature Cures and the follow-up book More Natural "Cures" Revealed: Previously Censored Brand-Name Products That Cure Disease.

  • Get energy healing done such as Reiki and DNA Life Activation (this is very powerful).

  • Speak and write your goals and dreams. The first thing you do when you get up and go bed, write what you really want in life. Say, “I am a so happy and grateful now that I am ...” Say the words aloud. Write using a blue pen on white paper.

  • Listen to subliminal messages of positivity and affirmations. When you can’t listen, think the thoughts. The affirmation should be what you really want in life. Speak powerful, uplifting words in your recorded affirmations. Get emotionally involved in your thoughts. Feel the desire. Do this as often as possible.

  • Have an index card of what you really want in life, and carry this card around.

  • See what you want to be in your mind. Get emotionally involved, and use your five senses in the visualization.

  • Protect yourself against electromagnetic radiation. has great EMF-protecting pendants. (I am not sponsored by Ewater.) From my personal experience, I feel far less stressed and more focused with these pendants.

  • Eat a whole balanced raw vegan organic diet. Vegan is an absolute must.

  • Practice mindful eating; eat only to live, don’t live to eat. Eat only what you need and when you need to. Ideally, don’t eat three to four hours before bed. Chew your food well, until it is like applesauce. Pray over food, and thank God and all those who helped make the food.

  • Reduce sleep quota. The best way is to have a calm mind. If you feel your need to sleep or rest, still do so. Reduce stress with the relaxation technique. Do not eat after the sun starts setting.

  • Have uplifting pictures and affirmations around your house, such as Post-It notes. Even better if you have professional art.

  • Be grateful for all that you have.

  • Know that all problems are opportunities, things aren’t as bad as they seem, it could always be worse, and it’s a blessing in disguise. Know that every problem has a solution.

  • Fast regularly in small intervals (Intermittent fasting), or longer if necessary.

  • Never watch TV. TV makes you sick, poor, unhappy, and ignorant. Study subliminal messages, flicker rates, Project Mockingbird, the big six corporations, advertising, pharmaceuticals, and the meat and dairy industry. All of these products are likely making you unhealthy and miserable.

  • Avoid chronically negative people, unless they are willing to change and you are trying to help them.

  • Associate with positive, uplifting, caring, and intelligent people.

  • Listen to good music; stop listening to mainstream music. It is ignorant, sad, soulless, and negative. Here are some artists I recommend: Here is my playlist of high-quality artists:

  • Listen to a large variety of alternative media sources:

  • Study occult knowledge. This is knowledge they really don’t want you to know—they being dark occultists, evil, rich psychopaths who really control and steer the world behind the scenes. You seldom hear the names of these people; they have different names in their organizations than in public. You will never hear them on mainstream media for more than a second. Mark Passio is a great source on occult knowledge and the dark occult.

  • Study successful people, but be careful who you listen to. You ultimately listen to yourself.

  • Study social engineering and a wide variety conspiracy theories and theorist (know how dark occultist want to ruin your life and with that knowledge you can stop self-sabotaging your life)

  • Join a secret society

  • Tell yourself you are successful (you become what you think you are)

  • Provide excellent service to others to get money. Money is important to success; money is tool to achieve almost any end. Focus on increasing income and not decreasing your lifestyle to fit your current income. Invest in your future and save at least 10 percent of your income a month. People will do anything for money, become obsessed with money. Focus on thriving in abundance rather than surviving in lack.

  • Serve others.

  • Be grateful.

  • Think about being happy.

  • Believe in yourself and know that you will achieve your desires.

  • Know that God loves you and wants the best for you.

  • Be insanely curious about everything. The more you know about something, the more curious you become. Be curious about everything from ants to the nature of the universe. You get what you desire, and the desire for knowledge is called curiosity. “Curiosity killed the cat” is almost always said by ignorant people.

  • Do not stop learning; you will never know everything.

  • Entertain all ideas in your mind without immediately accepting or rejecting them.

  • Question everything.

  • Learn from a variety of sources.

  • Hang around intelligent people.

  • Get what you want in life without violating the rights of others by obeying natural law. (This is the most important part, so important that I listed it twice.)

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