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Potential Problems of Pornography and Solutions

Pornography is also a problem for some. Pornography creates a similar problem to the modeling industry, making people feel inadequate. Pornographic films and pictures use extensive amounts of makeup, professional camera crews, professional sex actors, and unrealistic sexual standards for people. This makes some people feel depressed and anxious because they can’t live up to the standards and behaviors of those in the porn industry.

Porn addiction is real, and many suffer from it. This is because porn triggers the part of our brain for sexual relationships. This desire is stronger than any primal desire in all human beings except maybe for food. This why the porn industry is worth an estimated 97 billion dollars. Porn, of course, uses pornographic advertisements as well, and many advertisements only help to fuel people’s porn addictions. This is because porn ads are almost exclusively show in porn sites because they are inappropriate for other sites.

Porn is potentially toxic for the mind, even if you are not addicted. When people watch porn, they often view more women and men in an hour than our tribal ancestors did in a lifetime. When the brain views sexual content of many models, it essentially says, “I am successfully mating with many people. I am a successful human being because I am spreading my genes, so I can take a break.” It is also unrealistic, as nobody in history except for the ultra-elite had hundreds of sexual partners. Of course, you are not actually doing this, and it can cause you to go in a downward spiral. Your brain is telling you that you are successful, when all you did was move your fingers a bit. This conflict between your primal brain and your conscious mind creates dissonance.

The solution is to quit using porn if it is problematic for you. The best way to stop thinking about it is by occupying your mind with other thoughts and activities. Think about other activities you like to do, do them more, and you will think about porn less and less. You can also wean yourself off by watching porn just a little less each time you watch it or watching less frequently, even if it’s a small amount. Another method is to quit completely, though if you are an addict, I would recommend not doing this, as you may suffer bad withdrawal. For others, it can be effective because if you stop watching porn, you will think about it less. Out of sight, out of mind. You should also stop following models of the gender(s) you are attracted to, to prevent triggering cravings.

Stop thinking about the people as a sexual object, and start thinking of them as an actual person, this will also decrease cravings. People who watch porn may start viewing others as objects. This, I have no doubt, causes some people to become domestic abusers, rapists, and pedophiles, but I am not saying that all people who watch porn or have watched porn are domestic abusers. Don’t believe me? Look at some of the titles of porn videos and popular search terms, which include “Rape,” “Teen,” and “Gang Bang.”

Some men have reported that when they refrain from masturbation and watching porn, they have greater personal magnetism, less social anxiety, a greater ability to focus on anything not related to sex, and more motivation and energy. They swear that when they watch porn and masturbate, more people gave them dirty looks and started asking what was wrong. The mystery of sex transmutation may explain this. There is a great community of people who frequently discuss this mystery and tips on quitting porn.

An excellent resource for quitting porn is https://www.yourbrainonporn.com/.

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