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The Law of Cause and Effect

Remember, what you are vibration (sending out in your thoughts) comes back to you as manifested reality. This includes our actions which are simply thoughts which also guide our bodies into acting a certain way.

You can believe that you can do violence, lie, and cheat others without facing negative consequences all you want, but you will still face those negative consequences, sooner or later.

One of the aspects of morality that some people don’t understand is the effects of their actions. This is often referred to as karma. What you do ripples all throughout the universe. In the Bible, it says you reap what you sow.

“What we do now echoes in eternity.” —Marcus Aurelius

Morals are like physics, how everything in nature has an equal and opposite reaction.

In other words, sometimes our actions have consequences later in time that we may not even realize. Sometimes our actions have immediate consequences. Sometimes we do notice the effects of our actions. If we do, we should take a mental note of what we did and the actions that resulted.

Even if you do a violent action and nobody catches you for your entire life, you are still going to be punished for that action. Many people believe you can get away with doing violence as long as you aren’t caught, but while human law (government) can be evaded, natural law can’t be evaded. You will be punished by nature law 100 percent of the time. The same is true for good actions.

Actions that generate karma can also be what you don’t do. If you were to throw a crumpled up piece of paper into a trash can and you missed, you would generate negative karma if you didn’t do anything. If you cause something bad to happen and don’t fix it, you are generating negative karma

The law of cause and effect and natural laws are testable. Start living the principle of natural law in your life, and you will notice massive increase in happiness, energy, and health.

Natural Law Principles

Natural law is the laws of the universe and morality. The laws are eternal and can never be changed. They are inescapable, and if you violate them, you will suffer the consequences. Natural laws were created by forces outside of the universe to govern the physical universe, which cannot be abolished or amended you, even if you are a master of life. Saying that you as a mind and body can change them is like like Romeo (You in this case) saying he is Shakespeare (God), when he his a creation and mental construct of Shakespeare.

The moral principles of natural law are known as the Platinum and Golden Rules. The Platinum Rules are:

  • Don’t steal

  • Don’t murder

  • Don’t rape

  • Don’t willfully lie

  • Don’t trespass

  • Don’t assault

  • Don’t coerce

The Golden Rule is an extension of natural law and is the lesser twin of the platinum rules. The Golden Rule is treating others in the way you want to be treated.

The Golden Rule is “Do unto others as you want them to do unto you.” In addition to that, it is:

  • Speak about others as you would like them to speak to you.

  • Think about others as you want them to think about you.

  • Want the best of in life for others, as you would want the best of everything in life for yourself.

  • Communicate with others the way you would want to be communicated with.

  • Act and behave as you want others to act or behave in your life.

If you do something that causes someone else to suffer, you suffer. If you help someone, you prosper. I am you, and you are me, at the fundamental level. This concept can be found in Buddhism (Dukha, Ahisma, Karma), Christianity (1 Corinthians 12:12–27 and Galatians 6:8), Inlakesh in the Mayan religion, and in other religions as well.

This does not mean that you should let yourself and others be accosted with violence or coerced either. You should use enough force to stop the violence, so you can end the suffering. Of course, it is preferable to tell the attacker to stop. But sometimes it is required if the attacker persists after warning. Having a calm mind, loving heart, and being peaceful will repel attackers away from you rather than attracting them to begin with.

“All of the processes of nature are successful. Nature knows no failures. She never plans anything but success. She aims at results in every form and manner. To succeed in the best and fullest sense of the term we must, with nature as our model, copy her methods. In her principles and laws we shall discover all the secrets of success.” —Raymond Hallowell, self-help author

“Don’t be a universal lawbreaker.” —Bob Proctor, self-help lecturer

Mark Passio has an excellent presentation on natural law. Mark Passio’s Natural Law Presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wAJX8fy5dng

The previous principles are thought of in a negating sense. To be a truly moral person, we must not do certain actions as well. It is more important that you obey the Platinum Rules than the Golden Rules, the both are important. The most important action is not to be violent to any beings.

The next natural question is, what exactly is violence? Violence is doing harm to another being or their property when they have not harmed you or your property. Forms of harming include theft, assault, trespass, murder, coercion, and rape.

The next question is, what is property? Property is a material object or land that someone owns and is responsible for. They gained the property through peaceful means; in other words, they did not steal it or use deceit to gain it. The person actively uses the property or inhabits it frequently enough that it could be considered not abandoned. You cannot claim to own property that you cannot physically access, such as the sun, moon, or the entire Earth.

So what is a being? A being in this context is an organism (person or animal) that is capable of feeling emotions and/or pain. Violence done to animals includes, for example, hunting and animal slaughter.

Morals apply to all human beings, because our brains have the capacity of understanding higher moral capabilities than animals, such as whether it is right or wrong to steal someone’s property. Animals do not have this capacity, so they are not morally obligated to obey natural law and are not at effect of this law. They are not powerful creative beings like us (there thoughts don’t create their reality to the extent they we do, they live by instinct).

Every individual being has the same rights. People do not have more or fewer rights than others. For example, police can’t break into someone’s house and arrest them for a nonviolent crime; that is wrong no matter who does it or who they claim to be working for. Groups of individuals can’t create more rights for others or take away rights from others. A group of people can’t get together and say, “I have the right to rob because the majority have decided they have the right to.” A great video on this by Larken Rose is called “I Am Allowed to Rob You.”

Look at a scenario where there’s only two people involved. If no violence is done by an action, then that action is a right. If there is harm that results as a direct result of the action that the first person is doing to the second, then that action is not a right; it is a wrongdoing. And that does not change with numbers. That doesn’t change as a population grows to a thousand people or any number. Individual actions that do not cause harm to another being are rights, while actions that do cause harm are wrongdoings. You cannot make a right into a wrong. You cannot make a wrong into a right. You cannot delegate rights to people. You can’t remove rights from others if they have not violated others’ rights. These are illusions.

Moral Objectivity

Morals are also objective. That means people do not get to legitimately decide what is right or wrong. People can pretend, but that doesn’t make it right. What is wrong is what has always been wrong throughout all times and places. Just because the murder of gays in Saudi Arabia is legal doesn’t make it right because a group of people decide so.

Moral objectivism and natural law still allow you to make up your own rules for your own property. However, it is never okay to steal or to assault someone, even if the property owner says it’s okay and it’s on their property. Just because you are in someone’s house or on their land doesn’t mean they have the right to kidnap you or do what they want with you.

The justification that moral relativism is okay because some countries have laws that say that a certain action is moral and legal and others are not is a false justification.

If morals are not objective, then every individual or group of individuals in a society can decide what is right and wrong. This leads to infringements on human rights, such as the right to live, not be stolen from, and to be secure and not trespassed on. If morals are relative, then it is perfectly okay for people to do whatever they want to you without stopping them because what they do is considered moral to them. The concept of morals is best understood as: do not do unto others as you would not like to have done unto you. In other words, if you do not want to be stolen from, do not steal. Stealing is wrong because every human being knows deep down that it is wrong and would hate for it to be done to them. Any person who says this isn’t true is lying to themselves or has never been stolen from.

Any society that endorses dishonestly, murder, war, rape, or violence has always led to its collapse. All empires fall. There’s a different between natural law and man’s law. Man’s law is the law of might and the law of “We have more firepower (guns) over you so we rule over you.” Natural law is “You are born a free being who can do whatever you wish as long as you don’t do violence to others.” It is not truly man-made laws that prevent people from violating the Natural law, but consequences and emotions. If we do something wrong, we feel bad. Most human beings know at the core of their being that they will be eventually be punished, even if we evade man’s law. We should learn from history and decide individuality and collectively to be peaceful in our interactions with each other, to create lasting peace, prosperity, and happiness.

Likewise, a person who is dishonest and violent will never have a healthy mind. They will never be successful in the long term. They may be able to gain large amounts of fame and money, but they will never be happy, because their entire life was built on lies and the suffering of others. Sometimes they will give off the appearance of being happy, but they aren’t; inside they are miserable. Everyone knows a depressed person can fake a smile.

You can believe that you can do violence, lie, and cheat others without facing negative consequences all you want, but you will still face those negative consequences sooner or later. Even if there was no man’s law, you would face the consequences. There is a word for people who are moral when it isn’t seemingly beneficial—it’s called integrity.

If something must be done, it must be done voluntarily.

Therefore, everyone should try to be the most moral they can be. Also, they should encourage others to be as moral as they can be. But if nothing else, do not violate other human beings’ rights. You can’t use the power of God if you violate the rights of others. This power can’t be passed by genes to offspring, because this power is beyond genes. This power can be used to achieve pure bliss, enlightenment, and love. With this, you can manifest all you desire.

Peaceful Parenting

Fundamentally, the root of all good and evil in the world is how children are raised. Good parenting is fundamental. The first seven years of a child’s life affect their entire life afterward. Almost all of people’s beliefs are the same as when they were children. Most people have to fight persistently with great effort to break this programming, which is why most don’t. Proper education is very important.

Their health early on is critical. Parents, especially pregnant mothers, have a duty to be healthy when they are conceiving a child. Pregnant mothers need to make sure they are healthy; this includes avoiding all drugs and alcohol. The do not want to be ill or having a hard time physical moving as this can damage the baby,

Too many broken people are born because of the poor decisions of mothers causing birth defects. A world of broken people creates a world of suffering. Under natural law, neglect of a fetus, baby, or child could be considered a form of abuse and therefore violence.

Abortion is a violation of the nonaggression principle. An exception is if the birthing process would harm the mother’s health to the point that she couldn’t bear the child or if the birthing process would cause the mother’s death.

Circumcision is always a violation of natural law. Even if the parents, doctors, or clergy agree to it, the child’s consent is still required, which they can’t give if they are babies. A child is not the property of a parent just because they created the child, since a person is an independent being. In other words, creating a child is not the same as a carpenter creating a table, which he can rightfully modify as he sees fit. Children absolutely do feel pain during circumcision. That is why, if you have watched videos or heard it yourself, you will hear agonizing cries. According to a multitude of studies found at the Circumcision Reference Library, this pain can cause trauma the baby for many years or for life. We simply have no right to do this. If a person wants to become circumcised later in life, he has that right once he has reached a mature age.

One justification for this is religious freedom. Religious freedoms mean that you can believe whatever you want. However, if your actions violate the rights of others, then that belief is dangerous and not included in religious freedom. Circumcision is a violation of the child’s right to be unmolested.

Tradition doesn’t mean that it is reasonable or moral. Slavery was a brutal tradition seen as perfectly morally and reasonable for many centuries, and still is in some parts of the word.

Children can’t give informed consent to a vaccine because they are too young. Children do not necessary have the capacity to understand and consent to drugs like vaccines, pharmaceuticals, narcotics, or alcohol. Many children feel violated when they are given vaccines; they do not consent. Parents and governments force children to be vaccinated. Vaccines are drugs and are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Doctors rarely educate patients on side effects. This negligence could be an indirect violation of the nonaggression principle.

Spanking is another crime that parents are involved with. It is not necessary for disciplining children, except if the child is doing violence to others. Discipline doesn’t come from punishment but education. It comes from teaching children right and wrong and teaching them how to be self-disciplined. Once they leave your hands, who will discipline them? Probably an abusive spouse or the TV. Stephan Molyneux has great content on spanking. Research positive discipline as well.

Spanking teaches children to avoid parents so they don’t get hurt. It leads to more aggression and low self-esteem. This can lead to being an abuser or a victim in a future relationship. It leads to criminality. Parents need self-awareness, because frustrated parents who mean well can become abusers. In the adult world, we generally negotiate and argue with people; we do not use violence to solve disputes and disagreements. Children didn’t choose to be in the relationship and have no physical ability to resist; plus they can’t leave. Considering these circumstances, spanking is absolute cruelty and torture.

Anytime a woman or a child is hurt/ill/or on drugs there should be absolute silence, to prevent the creation of engrams which is detrimental to the success of that woman and the future child. Study Preventative Dianetics to understand this and I would also recommend that you experience a Dianetics session yourself (especially “running a prenatal”) and you will clearly understand this as well.

Right Livelihood

Even if you unconsciously violate others rights, so will that also be done to you. This is why I am bringing into awareness some of the things you may be suffering from without your awareness and attracting unpleasant things into your existence. I truly want you to become aware so you can live your fullest potential.

The overwhelming majority of people in their day-to-day lives do not engage in violence. This gets rid of the idea that creating in a peaceful world is impossible or “Utopian.” The truth is that we live closer to a peaceful world today than at almost any point in history.

Thanks to revolutionary thinkers and global trade, the backward myth and idea of the need for wars to gain your neighbor’s resources have been debunked and dispelled. In this section, I will only be going over the moral issues with these violent practices.

Most people do not engage in violence day in and day out. Some individuals in our society violate natural law through their behaviors as part of their job or lifestyle. In Buddhist philosophy, there is an important tenet called right livelihood as part of the Eight-Fold Path. A person should make an income that doesn’t involve harming others, the environment, or animals. Here are some examples of jobs that violate natural law.

There is a major exception in the lives of billions of people who unknowingly do violence every day. This is the most largely accepted form of violence in our society. This practice is known as carnism. It is using animals against their will to achieve our ends. Those who do violence to animals are immoral. This includes jobs such as slaughterhouse workers, hunters, circus trainers, vivisectionists, animal researchers, etc. Supporting these industries is agreeing to an illusion that these industries have a place in a peaceful, green, and divine planet. Animals are beings that feel pain and have rights. If an animal hasn’t harmed you or your property, then you have no right to harm it.

Don’t be an animal researcher or vivisectionist. This is a cruel and unnecessary for scientific advancement. There are superior methods of testing such as organoids, organs-on-chips, or human-on-a-chip, computer simulations, autopsy studies, epidemiological studies, noninvasive imagining (such as MRI, CT scans, ultrasound, and X-rays), and microdosing.

Con artists are violent people. Violence is usually thought of as someone hurting someone with a weapon, but violence is also committed by someone who harms a person or their property in ways that include deceit. Con artists deprive people of information to make an informed choice or mislead people into making decisions that they would not otherwise make. They trick people in doing something they would not agree to if they were informed, in order to profit from the victim. This is a win-lose scenario and a form of violence. Con artists can include people such as doctors, salesmen, businessman, politicians, bankers, social engineers, and many more.

Doctors who do abortions are violent people, for reasons I stated in previous sections.

Doctors who do circumcision are violent people, for reasons I stated in previous sections.

Doctors who administer vaccines to children are violating the nonaggression principle, for reasons I stated in previous sections.

Doctors who administer vaccines or drugs to adults without telling the patient all of the effects of the drugs (or showing it to them on the bottle or vaccine) and acknowledging their agreement are violating the non-aggression principles. The same is true for surgergy as well (telling the patient the risks).

Do not work for a media organization that tells lies or spreading negative information.

Do not be involved with violent crime.

Before the next section, you must understand what a victimless crime. A crime is an act that violates others rights, such as the right not be stolen from or be assaulted (the Platinum Rules). A victimless crime is a not a true crime. It is a “crime” that the government calls is immoral, such as smoking marijuana. Smoking marijuana doesn’t harm anyone except for the person that is smoking marijuana, that is a victimless crime. If you look at the thousands of laws the government has, you will see that most are victimless crimes. Another crime is not being stolen from via taxes and fees for things such as what you do with your property and labor. Again, it’s your property and fruits of your labor, you have the right as a being to do with it as you wish.

Law enforcement officers who violate others rights are violent people. Any officers or others which support a law enforcement agency which does violate the rights of others are also complicit with the violence, even if they do not do so directly themselves. This is similar to how a mafia member supports the mafia. Police are policy enforcers; in other words they enforce the policies of the government even if it violates people’s rights. If a politician says that a person must surrender their property or a person must be killed or assaulted, even though they did nothing wrong, the police officer must follow the order or cease to be a police officer. This is not a virtue.

A person must always do what is right, not what is the law (man’s law). Slavery was the law. The genocide of millions was a law in Germany, the Soviet Union, and in other places. All police officers must quit enforcing victimless crimes and stop supporting fellow officers that do.

Soldiers who kill innocents are violent people. Any solider or others which support the military such as working for it’s industries are also complicit with the violence, even if they do not do so directly themselves. This is similar to how a mafia member supports the mafia. They do not protect people’s natural law rights as much as they violate. What will keep you protected from violence is being a peaceful person and having effective means to defend yourself. As a solider, you must obey your officers, or you will cease to be a solider. Millions of people have been murdered in history by soldiers, and all wars are started on lies. These lies are so numerous that many books have been written about them, research false flags and war propaganda. Watch war footage if you truly wish to understand the results of war.

How: According to veteran turned freedom activist Adam Kokesh, one way of quitting the military is to seek conscientious objector status or to be honorably discharged. Despite all of the pressures on you, when you’re in the military, you can get out at any time by simply saying, “I object. My conscience prevents me from being a part of this system any longer.”

People who punish others for victimless crimes in the legal system are violent people.

If you work in one of these jobs, you must quit immediately if you wish to obey natural law. This is if you want true success in life and don’t want to be with God instead of against. You will not struggle to make ends meet if you apply the success principles in this book. This will dramatically improve your life in the long run, as unseen forces in the universe will love and support you for such a bold and righteous action as quitting. Do it; you’ll see your life improve, and then you will know. Aim for an honest, righteous improvement in humanity and the Earth, and find your highest bliss, which is always in not violating the rights of others. Almost all jobs do not violate natural law.

Here is a way to find out if you are a moral person who obeys the Platinum and Golden Rule:

Use the relaxation technique and then stare at yourself in the mirror. Ask these questions every day:

  • Am I a moral person? If not, why? What can I do about it?

  • Does the behavior I am performing in the daily activity of this work cause harm or loss to others, directly or indirectly?

  • Am I a good parent? (if you are a parent)

  • Am I taking rights away?

  • Am I honest with others?

The Great Work

It is quite possible that all of our dreams are the same which is infinite love and happiness to all beings in the universe. By doing so, we will receive this feeling this too. I believe we will all reach this state by accomplishing the great work. It could be called the ultimate dream.

We must educate others on natural law (which is not to do violence to other beings) by using the talents, passions, and skills we have. That is the great work. We must also not be hypocritical teachers; we must practice what we preach. If we educate others, especially at a young age, we can raise a new generation that will be more peaceful than the previous. I mean educate as bringing the best out of a child, not programming them. Children should be free to be themselves and unconditionally loved; that is true education. If children seek guidance, we should assist them. The reason we should focus on the young is that they have not been programmed into false belief systems and worldviews. It is difficult to teach someone who has a rigid belief system. Children are born with minds that are essentially blank slates; we must fill their minds with peace, compassion, critical-thinking skills, and an understanding of natural law. We do not have to just educate children, but it is the easiest group to influence. We ultimately need to educate as many people as we can.

The positive results that will come to humanity if we all obey natural law cannot even be currently imagined by most people.

We can choose natural law or go against it. Note, however, that our choices have unavoidable consequences. We can have a world of peace, prosperity, freedom, and love if we follow natural law. If we disobey natural law, we will have war, slavery, pollution, stagnation, and death.

Only those who transcend the world can bring about a better world. That is the purpose of the self improvement section of this book. I want you to live to your greatest potential and I request that you also help others along the way.

“Problems cannot be solved with the same mind set that created them.” Albert Einstein