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Brief Bio

Hello, I am Gage Vogt. I am the Founder of Next Level Thinking, my organization to help empower others and make a better world. Every since I was 16 years old, I have been passionate about reading, watching informational and education videos, readings books, taking courses, attending live/online seminars, and listening to audios, etc. I wanted to take what I learned and what has helped me and spread it to others. I am and author, mentor, podcaster, personal web developer, and motivational speaker. I have a website, YouTube channel, and podcast. I currently do local public speaking in Brevard County, Fl and do mentoring local and online.

Extended Bio

My spiritual journey began with deep curiosity that I have had since childhood, that there is more to life that what appears. I started by watching some of the most popular channels on youtube, one of them was The Young Turks and Alex Jones. I know they may seem like two popular contrasting and in many ways they are, but I was a young guy that was just curious about politics because I studied enjoyed world history after taking a AP World History Class. From there I became more interested in politics. After watching a lot of Alex Jones content, I became more interested in something else: conspiracy theories. I stumbled across Adam Kokesh, who was a figure on the Alex Jones Show. He is the one who convinced me of the philosophy of libertarianism. I began to look more into libertaism and I was eventually lead to the most libertarian philosophy, anarchy. Then I began to study more into anarchism as well, which I thought was fascinating. I always believed and still do, that all should be free to seek out their hearts-felt desires. I also looked more into philosophy, especially Greek philosophy and stoicism.

I began to look into conspiracy theories as well, since Alex Jones spoke about them a lot. Just to be clear not all conspiracy theories are true. But from what I've researched many of them are shockingly true. The first I heard was the famous 9/11 theories, those you could spend a lifetime on. How did 2 planes in New York knock down 3 towers (many are not aware that building 7 was one of the World Trade towers that fell in 9/11)? How come video evidence shows that the towers didn't blow up in a normal fashion, but appeared to disintegrate? This made me question many things about what the government was doing, who controls the world, and especially, what kind of knowledge these people know that they use to control the masses?

Many people don't understand the true meaning of the word occult, it means hidden knowledge. The occult could mean anything from Freemasonry to the hidden archives at the Vatican. While watching some of Alex Jones, I heard the interviewer interview a man called Mark Passio. He claims he personally was a high priest in the church of Lavey satanism. He has deep knowledge that I have only heard a few other sources talk about. I would start with his video/presentation Natural Law Seminar here. David Icke is also quite interesting as well and he was recommended by Mark Passio, so I began to listen to his material as well.

My first step onto the journey was health. I stopped drinking 3 cups of chocolate milk a day, I just loved chocolate milk. I heard from my Mom's friend that milk is terribly for you skin and at the time I struggled some with acne, I stopped drinking milk and noticed a drastic improvement in my skin and also my stomach didn't ache as much. I began to cook all the food I ate instead of microwaving it. The food tastes much better if you cook instead of microwaving, I will say. I heard from Mark Passio's website about the religion of carnism aka eating meat. He makes a great point in this video here (which is part of his podcast on Whatonearthishappening.com). After reading the pamphlet Occult and Vegetarianism and watching Earthlings, I become a vegetarian (not eating meat), you can read that here and watch earthlings here. There are several great channels for this topic, and pushed me a year later to become a vegan (not using animal products or eating animals or their products). Some include Earthling Ed, Gary Yourofsky, Bit Size Vegan, and Beyond Carnism. I also did some exercises at the gym, got into doing stretches.

I had previous experience working on websites from a class in high school. Every person in life is suppose to have magnum opus (latin for great work) or ikigai. That is the purpose of this website. I created it using Wix to have an online storage of everything I have read or watched online to be stored. I intended it for mostly just for personal use, but, eventually, I expanded this website to look more professional and put forward some content of my own. I created a podcast, a book, an audio book on my website and social media platforms.

I began to really start my spiritual journey after I overcame depression with my faith that I will come out on the other side. Life began to get slightly better and better. Eventually, I was out of a job because the company I worked for shut down, which I rejoiced, because I knew I could be something more. In fact, I started to work on my book Upgrade Your Thinking. I found Kevin Trudeau’s Natural Cures book mentioned by Mark Passio. I began to do a lot of the things in his book and felt much better about my life and my health. I also listened to your wish is your command, his premier teaching material. With this material, I was very intrigued how he took concepts that many teachers explaining the occult and made them much simpler. I began to do what he says in that teaching as well look into his recommended material at the gurukev website, and began to study and work almost 24/7 for a year (and I still do as of making this bio). I finished my ebook, created an audio book, and published my physical copy of Upgrade Your Thinking. After being inspired by a friend, some prior experience with mentoring, and information I learned about mentoring, I began to work on a mentoring process that focuses on making the person independent instead of them needing to depend on me, as I strongly believe in independence.