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Dianetics is the most powerful form of therapy and I have done over 20 therapies. I HIGHLY recommend it.


Have you always wondered were anxiety comes from?

Do you want to know where ~80% chronic pains come from?

Have you felt like you say/do things for no reason?

Have you felt like something else controlling your life that was not a person or any thing?

Have you felt like you were someone else or that you felt like parts of your weren’t yourself (or at least your ideal self)?

Do you feel like you have to do certain things against your will, causing stress?

Do you feel like you can’t do certain things against your will, also causing stress?

Do you feel pain or emotional/mental discomfort for no apparent reason?

Now you will find out why and what you can do about it!

Goal Of Dianetics

Dianetics processing helps to erase recordings by going over a memory multiple times in your mind by returning to it (experiencing it in your imagination). Once reactive bank is gone, the person can go through life rationally and live to the highest potential with no reactive blockages. Raise emotional pleasure and energy levels (life force). Doesn’t remove memories, but puts the memory into accurate view with no emotional or physical pain attached to it.

Can get rid of grief (such as death of a loved one) and emotional pain your are experiencing on a continual basis and holding onto.

It is possible for the mind to make the body ill or in pain, this is called psychosomatic illness. All psychosomatic ills can be solved by erasing engrams. Psychosomatic illness is cause of about 80 of illness and pain.

A clear is someone without abberation (flaws in computing incoming data), they have perfect memory, vivid imagination, have full and accurate precepts, The person will feel like themselves and enjoy it. They will be more rational and feel better about their life in general. They are better communicators. It also prolongs their life and makes them think faster (with less stress), therefore giving them more time (making no excuse for not having enough time).

How the analytical mind thinks:

Analytical mind tries to get your to survive (pursue pleasure and avoid pain and live as long as possible) with the data in has the work with (education and perspective).

Purpose of life is to gain pleasure and avoid pain (survive). The analytical mind does the well, the reactive mind, does not.

How the reactive mind thinks and it’s flaws:

To the reactive mind:

Any Pleasure = survival

Any Pain = death

Analytical mind wants you to avoid pain, but the reactive mind does this irrationally (such as being afraid of a butterfly, or other phobias).

Time doesn’t heal, because reactive mind can’t tell between then and now. The reactive mind is flawed and things everything is everything else in the incident. Reactive mind tries to survive, but fails due to inaccurate thinking because it thinks everything as everything else. Analytical mind always thinks rationally, but reactive mind doesn’t. Reactive mind messes up the data and you are not aware of where your restimulation comes from or why you are experiencing it.

Reactive mind can overpower your willpower and analytical mind to make you do things or prevent you from doing things.

It is defensive, reactive, and automatic and is triggered when a similar situation (such as a similar environment) occurs and it is activated (keyed-in). The more similar, the more pain and force it has on the person.

Engrams do harm to the body and impedes its maximum performance.. The reactive mind is not necessary as man’s analytical mind is powerful and the advent of language allows the removal of engrams in auditing, unlike animals.

Reactive mind adds incorrect data to machine, but computes it correctly considering the data. (The held down 7). These held down 7s are often hidden.

If a calculator computes 1+1= 2 that is correct answer and the calculator computed correctly.

If a calculator computes 1+1 (held down 7) = 8 that is the incorrect answer due to inaccurate analysis of the data, however it did compute in a correctly given the held down 7.

Reactive mind and phobias and irrationality is not part of your basic personality, which is your living towards you fullest potential.

Thinking less than optimal thoughts about self is due usually to someone telling you or someone else in your environment being told this in an of yours engram.

Precepts, returning, recalling

Precepts include: sight, sound, touch, smell, taste, emotion, pain, temperature, etc.

You can return to your memories, this is where you reexperience it in your imagination as if it was real with all senses. This is what is done in auditing and is necessary to erase engrams.

You can’t reduce (get rid of engram or charge) an engram in your reactive mind yourself, because you will have reduced analytical power when you go through engrams and being to dramatize. The contents of the memory can also be hidden or distorted by your reactive mind. The force of two minds help to overpower the power of the reactive mind.

Tone scale and life force:

People can rise up the tone scale happens when bad things happen if they are high on the tone scale while those who are naturally low on tone scale will be overwhelmed or stuck.

Life force can be trapped in engrams and auditing frees them.

Key-in, engrams, chains, and restimulation:

Analyzer is suppressed and things can slip in when under enough pain or unconsciousness (alcohol, drugs, knocked out), which can create engrams. Engrams are records of all precepts when you are at less than full consciousness when you experiences pain or unconsciousness.. Engrams are the cause of self doubts, irrational behavior or fears, obsessive thinking. Engrams exert pressure, the more you obey, the less the pressure (pain/discomfort/emotional discomfort) you feel. Engrams are like hypnosis, it can make you do things (even without conscious awareness).

As a possible example: If you eat a bad egg and then later you see/smells/think of eggs your reactive make would make you feel sick. If there was a motorcycle going by also while you were sick from the eggs, you would likely feel sick if a motorcycle that sounded similar went by in a future incident

When person is tired or stress, the person can get easier key ins. It is important to always be will rested, energized, and to feel good as possible. This is why it is asked person is well rested before session and pleasure moments sometimes have to be run for hours.

Engrams can make you do or say certain things at certain times, as if automatically and not done or said by you.

When people say things and you feel bad, it is similar to an abberative phrase in an engram.

You can have a key in of an engram at a later date that is similar to the engram enough to key it in, but without pain or unconsciousness. You will begin to dramatize it and then you have a lock which adds charge to the chain. Locks seems to be root cause of a person abberation because it can be recalled easily, but the unconscious period of unconsciousness in engrams is hidden from the persons memory (or at least all the details) and that is the source of abberation.

Compelling force of engrams:

Engrams can make someone be dictatorial or compulsive, but seems enthusiastic. Engrams can give a person a false dynamic thrust to a goal which can never be achieved, such as a power hungry politician.

The always want more power, it is never enough. They may have that natural thrust from their basic personality to do so, but it becomes compulsive and emotionally (or even physically) painful for the person.

Some have false dynamic thrust do to things that are not aligned with their basic personality or life purpose that is caused by engrams, giving them false purposes that do not fulfill them or give them pleasure.


People dramatize engrams, and the while someone else is recording in an engram, they was on their dramatization of an engram to them.

Under stress people often dramatize their engrams.


Some engrams have an abuser and a victim. People dramatize engrams where they are the abuser instead of the victim, in order to be the winner when in a latter incident where they are restimulated enough. If society doesn’t let the person get away with it, they will choose to be the victim. They want to survive. Mild restimulation only causes mild dramatization, but enough and it will be in full force.

An engram containing you are just like your grandfather could make you be like your grandfather.

There are also pseudo-valances, such as someone saying “you are a nerd” which can make you act what you perceive as a nerd. If you like parts of your aren’t yourself, you likely are in another valence.

Demons Circuits:

If you feel like something internal is controlling you, it is likely demon circuits..Contains you.

Voice can be a voice in head that plays in certain times.

People with circuits that tell them (for example) they are no good, will often tell others they are so they don’t have to feel bad.

Voices that and engrams that say “I” will make the person feel like that command is really coming from themselves and is more dangerous.

Prenatal engrams

Engrams records words in cells in prenatal, then person begins to understand what it means, then it can be activated as a command. Or if not understood, it can influence the person similar to other precepts and make them feel like they are in the incident.

Prenatal engrams are typically the most abberative ones, as the fetus is easily damaged and can cause great pain to the fetus (their analytical mind is also not very strong either). One of the reasons for family troubles is dramatization of engrams, of mom or others in vicinity passed to child. Then when child hears that voice, they dramatize. Or when the mother dramatizes, they do too.

Engrams are recorded in cells, not your brain memory. Then the cells multiple and they pass on the recordings. Most engrams you have were before you were born, even if you lived an sickfree and accident and drug free life.

Types of engrams:

Contra-survival engrams are engrams that threaten or seem to threaten your survival such as your not good enough and you never will be.

Pro-survival engrams are engrams that seem be beneficial to survival, but aren’t interpreted that way be reactive mind. Such as “You got to push yourself”. Acts as part of dynamic thrust, but is abberated, so it actually threatens your survival.

Sympathy engrams contains people or a person you think has rescued you or defended you when in danger. That person offers you safety and helped your survival, so the person thinks they need them to survive and reactive mind can make you think that you can’t survive without them throughout life. Creates allies which you are dependent on, everything she says or does must be followed as it is necessary for survival. Anyone else in any future environment similar to grandma must also equal survival, which can creates pseduo-allies, which are people like those who rescued you. If you were lacking sympathy from an psuedo-ally, you would get sick during that incident, because you need sympathy from the psuedo-ally to survive, so you must get sick in order to get sympathy. Most resistant to therapy, since reactive mind considered them critically important for survival. Chronic somatic can almost always be traced back to sympathy engrams.

Grief shuts down analytical mind, in any event of loss, you lose overall vitality through life. Painful emotional engrams such as loss of a person you feel grief, especially of an ally. If you lose an ally, then you have died, life force depletes. Dianetics can remove this, as well as any other painful emotion such as terror that may be lingering on with you or become restimulated often or in certain situations.

Recall is simply remembering what happens, not experiencing, this is used in everyday life to remember things.

Preventative Dianetics:

Be especially quiet around women that are in pain or ill or unconscious . You don’t know if they are pregnant. Try to do so also for all people. Nothing you say cannot help, even if you say something positive, in fact, sympathetic statements are the worse. Be silent during birth as well. Avoid quarreling near child as they could cause restimulation of engrams or awaken a sleeping engram. Avoid drooling sympathy when child is sick or ill to prevent child from becoming abberated (it can create abberative dependency, even until adulthood). Mother should be gentle and avoid drugs and be as healthy as possible to prevent pain and illness.

Other valid forms of therapy:

If you feel an engram is in restimulation, having lots of pleasure or going over pleasurable memories can help to key it out. I like to watch funny videos.

  • Getting drugs and toxins out of the body

  • Being in the present moment

  • Removing yourself from environment where restimulators are present. Finding your life purpose.

  • Becoming absorbed in a hobby, training, or education.

  • Following a religion or spiritual tradition(s).

  • Pursuing pleasure.

  • Remembering positive memories.

Only Dianetics can permanently get to the root of the problem and erase it however.


If you are interested in auditing you can get it done by studying the Dianetics modern Science of Mental Health book, the professional course, and the demonstrations and lectures. They also can be done at every Church of Scientology or any other field auditors. Please message me for more details if you like at gageandrewvogt@protonmail.ch


Dianetics: Modern Science of Mental Health by L. Ron Hubbard (Download)


How to Use Dianetics Movie Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0RfzmlJOfg&list=PLSx1E52zEUi02z5hdiPWbVVveUE7g9Q_Z

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Dianetics, an introduction https://www.scientology.tv/films-on-scientology-principles/dianetics-introduction.html

Dianetics professional course: https://www.scientology.org/store/item/dianetics-professional-course-lectures.html or you can borrow from me.

Dianetics Demostrations and Lectures: https://www.scientology.org/store/item/dmsmh-how-to-kit.html or you can borrow from me.

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