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Health Section Removed from 6th edition


This chapter is on health, sometimes an underrated value in self-help.

Having vibrant health helps to manifest your desires. It helps you feel better, thus creating your dreams faster. Health is not just the absent of illness, most are very unhealthy compared to how healthy they could be. You could be feeling way better. In the following sections, I will explain simple ways that vibrant health can be achieved.

Much of this information is based on the book Nature Cures They Don’t Want You To Know About by Kevin Trudeau and it is highly recommended. There is no other book you need on health as far as I know.

Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is the key to health; everything else is secondary. Without positive thinking, the rest is irrelevant. You can develop positive thinking by reading and listening to motivational material. Reread the first few chapters (up to Media) of this book if you need a refresher.

“Mind is the sole source of curing physical ills, the rest it to just stimulate it.” —Andrew Carnegie

License Health Care Practitioners

Seeing licensed health care practitioners that do not use drugs or surgery is important. They should treat you as a person, not just saying “Oh, that is your symptoms, then take this.” See multiple, so you are getting a variety of opinions. Make sure that you see them in person. Treating yourself is not advisable because you may be unaware of certain health problems which can only be done with testing done by others who are professionally trained. I wasted lots of money trying to being healthy by trying to do things on my own, so learn from my mistakes if you can.

Electromagnetic Chaos

We are constantly being bombarded by electromagnetic frequencies. These include waves from radios, satellites, and cell towers. There is a lack of science in this area as to exactly what these waves are doing to our health, but science is emerging on the negative effects of these waves. Even those living in the most remote parts of the world are getting attacked in the electromagnetic smog that surrounds the Earth.

Thankfully, positive thoughts overpower negative thoughts, and EMF protection devices exist to prevent these negative effects of EMFs from entering your mind and body.

You can unplug electronics in your bedroom at night, as well as Wi-Fi to assist you if you can’t afford EMF protectors. You are getting rid of “dirty” electricity, which you do not use when you are sleeping. This might improve your sleep, your energy levels, and reduce stress while increasing focus. If you wish, you can unplug any electronics you are not using in the room you are in and plug them in when you are using them. Also get an EMF protector, such as an ependant, and wear it at all times, except when you think you will lose it (swimming, for example).

Air Quality

We breathe constantly. Air quality is the pillar of health. A human being can’t go for more than a few minutes without breathing. Even then, brain damage may occur. Air is the source of life in us; it gives us our vitality in every portion of our bodies. Breath work is a large part of the Eastern exercises and meditations, because they understand how important it is. Using breath, you can enter alternative states of mind. This is why there is no such thing as fasting from breath.

What most people don’t know is that the air inside your house is probably more toxic than outside! This depends on where you live. You can check the air pollution at https://waqi.information/ and https://www.airnow.gov/.

If the air quality outside is good, I would recommend opening your windows and letting the less polluting air flood your house. The air in homes is recycled and not that fresh and revitalizing. Indoor air can contain dense concentrations of pathogens, viruses, mold, dust mites, mold spores, bacteria, allergens, odors, pet dander, smoke, and volatile organic compounds. These can make you sick and cause respiratory problems. Most people do not keep their windows open enough to let fresh air in. Plants can help you get fresh air as well, if there is some reason you can’t open the windows or go outside.

Going outside is a good way to get fresh air into your lungs and is an excellent opportunity to do some deep breathing.

I would recommend getting an air purifier. Use these inside your house and especially the room you spend the most time in.

Water Quality

Water quality is a criminally underrated aspect of health. It is more important than food for survival. Most people can survive a month without food but only a week at most with no water. Water can’t simply be replaced by drinking soda, juices, etc. Pure water is necessary. Most water is not fit for drinking, especially in the United States. Certain water supplies in the US were found to contain chemicals such as atrazine, lead, chlorine, fluoride, and other toxic chemicals. These chemicals are in the water for several reasons. One reason is the runoff of fertilizers and waste in the agriculture industry. Another is oil spills. Chemicals are dumped into freshwater sources and the served back to the community. Some even suggest that the government is putting chemicals into the water to make people dumb and sick. The water is not purified enough to drink. Water should be tasteless; most people think their water is tasteless because they get used to the taste, since they have drunk the same water for years and have not drunk any water outside their local community. I encourage you to drink some quality water and then drink some of your local water. You can taste the difference. If water has a taste, something is up; that is why you should get a whole-house water purifier or buy high-quality purified water. A shower filter is also a good option, and some can even be brought traveling.

It’s a good idea to avoid pools, especially public pools, hot tubs, and wet saunas, unless they don’t use chlorine and other toxic chemicals. However, this is usually the case, and you are absorbing these toxins in the skin. If you spend a lot of time in pools, you will notice your skin feeling irritated. You absorb water through your skin, so you can’t skip on the shower water quality.


Walking is an excellent low-impact exercise for people of all ages and almost any medical condition. It has incredible benefits, yet it requires little time and energy to do. Most people worldwide walk several miles a day, but the average person in the Western world walks less than one. This is likely one of the reasons why the Western world is plagued with diseases and stress. Walking can produce a meditative state in many people, especially in secluded environments in nature. It is an excellent time to practice deep breathing and environmental mindfulness. Looking at faraway objects can help you get you out of your mind.

Walking is the best exercise. It is easy and everyone who is not physically disabled can do it. Walking barefoot or with grounding shoes (or socks) has even more benefits because of grounding, which I will get into next.


This practice is also called earthing. This is the practice of getting your physical body connected to the earth (also called grounding). You can do this by standing on the physical earth (grass, sand, dirt). You can lie or sit on the ground, walk, run; any physical contact will give the benefits. You can do gardening, as long as you are touching plants and the dirt.

Another way of grounding is to get into a pool of natural water, such as a lake, river, or ocean. I will personally say that going to the beach and getting in the water for a bit will make any stress disappear, often for weeks or months.

I would recommend that you not wear shoes in the house if you do. This is something some people forget. Many people understand the concept of grounding; after a day of work, they will take off their shoes and walk on the ground with bare feet and feel a sense of relief.

Earthing provides a good supply of antioxidants and electrons that destroy harmful free radicals. Many report benefits such as improved energy and mood. There is a massive list of reasons to try earthing, which I have in the references.

Here are some claimed benefits:

  • Less inflammation

  • Less pain

  • Better sleep

  • Slows down aging

  • Prevents cancer

  • Lowers stress

  • Improves blood sugar (useful for diabetics especially)

  • Improves healing from injuries and strength training

  • Improves immune system

  • Shields against harmful EMFs

  • Increased energy


The sun is healthy for the body. According to health advocate and insider Kevin Trudeau, the sun does not cause cancer. What causes cancer is the million of other things people do. If the sunlight caused cancer, we would all probably never have existed because our ancestors would have died. Skin cancer is caused by nutritional decencies and lack of sunshine, and by the belief that sunlight causes skin cancer.

Plant foods high in beta carotene can help against sunlight damage, including sweet potatoes, carrots, butternut squash, and spinach. Toxic, nonorganic sunscreen can cause cancer. If you are worried about getting skin cancer, just slowly expose yourself to the sun everyday in increasing amounts such as 5 minutes a day then 10 minutes a day, etc. If you are of a darker skin, you do not need to worry. People don’t go outside enough, and they have pale skin. They need to build up their tan to keep from get burned. I never wear sunscreen, and I can be out in the sunlight for hours and not get burned.

Vitamin D is a great benefit of going outside and sunbathing. This is well documented, that vitamin D can’t adequately be absorbed through food. If you want to get adequate vitamin D, you must go get sunshine. If for some reason you cannot, then take vitamin D3 capsules. Even still, the sun has unique benefits that can’t be found in a supplement.

Vitamin D benefits:

  • Promoting calcium absorption

  • Strengthening bones

  • Modulating chronic inflammation

  • Empowering immunity

That is only the beginning of benefits of going out into the sun, however. The sun also:

  • Reduces cancer risk

  • Reduces risk of chronic diseases

  • Promotes quick and restorative sleep

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Improves bone health

  • Improves brain function

  • Improves mood

  • Reduces risk of Alzheimer’s disease

  • Makes skin healthier

  • Can help you lose weight

  • Helps with eyesight

Sunbathing feels the best, from my personal experience, if you do it around noon on the cooler months and in the morning and evening in the hotter months. It will improve your mood and give you phenomenal energy. Sunbathing in the morning is good if you want to kickstart your day.


Movement is important for health. Our ancestors moved almost any time they were not sleeping. Sitting for hours a day is a modern concept and an unhealthy one. Sitting isn’t done correctly either; most people are slouched forward or back. This is an unnatural position for the body to be in for an extended period of time, causing spine problems.

Movement will make you more intelligent; athletes do better in school than sedentary students on average. The reason we have a brain is to move. If we don’t move, the brain is not being fully utilized. Movement stimulates certain parts of the brain that are not stimulated otherwise. Plants don’t have brains because they don’t move, because they don’t need to move to get their nutrients. Animals are not meant to be sedentary because we were engineered with life. Animalis (were the word animals is derived from) means animated, we are meant to be animated and moving!


I would recommend eating a raw, organic, vegan diet. Raw food is not cooked or processed by machines. It is food that is not put into a box or can. A good example is a unhulled seed or a nut. It’s ok to cheat when it feels good, just make sure you aren’t guilty when eating and you absolutely enjoy it and feel grateful.

Diet and nutrition is complex, and doctors will argue that different diets are better. The best diet for you, in my honest opinion, is to eat what you want, when you want, in the amount you want. People have been healthy on all sorts of diets; diet is not one-size-fits-all because we are all different. The healthiest diet for most seems to be a raw organic plant based diet. As long as you are aware of what you are eating and how you feel, not just now but after you eat a food, you should be fine. Practice delayed gratification. This means you might eat a cake, and it takes amazing, but later you don’t feel good for hours. It’s an exchange you have to be willing to make, whether you should or should you not eat something.

Immune System

Our world is overly sanitized; this is unnecessary and makes our immune systems weak. It isn’t challenged, so it becomes weaker like an atrophying muscle. Bacteria, both good and bad, help us develop our immune system, so some exposure is good. Antibiotics kill a lot of the good bacteria in our digestive system, which can cause massive health problems, especially relating to digestion and mental health.

I would still recommend that you clean your hands with natural antibacterial soap and sanitizers, so you don’t get others sick (if you are going to touch them). The same for washing dishes and having guests over. The reality is that some people have poor immune systems. Perhaps you can encourage them to put tension on their immune systems, unless they are very immune compromised, of course.

Some people are hypochondriacs. This is when people think they are going to get sick all the time. If you think this way, you will find that you are sick all the time! Washing your hands too much can cause your skin to get irritated. This is generally not true, however, if you use natural soaps and sanitizers.

Bleach is a toxic chemical that should never be touched; use gloves if you are using bleach. Bleach gives off a pleasing aroma to some, but this aroma is harmful for the respiratory system. Air quality is critical. If you use bleach, I would recommend wearing a mask and using an air purifier.

Most soaps, detergents, and fabric softeners are toxic as well. They should not be touched with bare hands or breathed in. If you develop your immune system by practicing good health, you can eliminate the need for these bacteria-annihilating solvents and use natural ones. Bacteria is actually good for your body if you are not immune compromised.

Here are some ways to improve the immune system:

  • Get vitamin C

  • Sunbathe

  • Go outside

  • Reduce stress

  • Get enough sleep

  • Deep breathe

Circadian Rhythm

Your body operates in harmony with the time of the Earth. This happens even if you are not exposed to the sun or the outside world. Our bodies know what time of day it is and release certain hormones that affect us greatly. It is helpful to adjust our schedule around the release of these hormones. These hormones are released around certain times; they are similar but not exactly the same for all human beings, except those with circadian disorders. If we shift our schedule to a more natural time, we can achieve greater focus, productivity, happiness, and energy.

You do not need an alarm clock unless you have plans for early-morning activities or work. Alarm clocks cause some people stress. If you want to use an alarm clock, use peaceful sounds that gradually increase in volume. You can also program your mind to wake up at a certain time by telling yourself to wake up at a certain time right before you go to bed.

We are diurnal organisms. This means we operate during the daytime naturally. Our bodies are designed to operate during daylight hours; ideally you should not be sleeping during this time.

Additionally, we have color vision, which is only useful during daytime hours. We are foragers without night vision, so we can’t see food during the nighttime. It isn’t ideal to be eating when it is dark.

According to Dr. Oz, Kevin Trudeau, and Jeff Primack, a qi gong instructor, we should sleep during the hours between 10 p.m. to 2 a.m., as our bodies release certain hormones, but only if we are asleep, During nighttime, our bodies release melatonin, a hormone that helps sleep; this is why many night shift workers struggle. They are working during times when sleeping hormones are being released. The average American adult takes fourteen minutes to fall asleep, so you probably should rest a little before ten. A schedule that has worked for me is sleeping by 10 pm and waking up whenever my body feels like it is ready to awaken.

With that being said, take advantage of sleepless nights and keep working, or do some relaxing activity such as meditate or read a simple book. During the night, the world is calmer, and your intuition can be heightened.

Resolve conflicts before going to bed, or you may experience insomnia or poor sleep. A calm mind virtually guarantees good sleep. Get your mind at rest, and cool it down before going to sleep. You do not want to be resting on negative thoughts all night long, you probably will not have a good morning or good day the next day.

Pharmaceutical Drugs

I recommend you stop taking pharmaceutical drugs (prescription and nonprescription drugs) and wean off of them if you have to. Pharma drugs can be addicting and can also cause severe withdrawal symptoms if you stop suddenly. These pharma drugs do help with relieving symptoms, but don’t help with getting to the root of the problems. The negative effects of drugsgreatly outweigh the benefits. You need to find natural solutions to these very toxic drugs. Many of these pharma drugs contain some of the toxic ingredients in street drugs like heroin, meth, opium, and cocaine. Street drugs should be avoided as well. They only time you should think about using pharmaceutical drugs is if you are in a life-threatening emergency, such as being in an emergency room. There are natural alternatives to all drugs.


Vaccines are harmful drugs. Stanley Plotkin, the leading pro-vaccine authority, admits that aborted fetuses are used to produce vaccines. What is this doing in our bodies?

What really made massive dramatic improvements is better diets, sanitation, and education. People for much of history left garbage and waste everywhere, never washed their hands after using the restroom, and lived in overcrowded spaces. This causes massive plagues such as the Black Plague, which killed millions. Most people in human history died of easily preventable diseases due to ignorance, not because they didn’t have vaccines.

Vaccines are being forced on people because people are becoming aware. Vaccines are created by powerful pharmaceutical companies that have legal immunity. They can push a vaccine on the market, and if people get hurt or die from it, they do not have to worry. The most they will get is a gentle slap on the wrist. The government pays out most vaccine injury claims, which means taxpayers pay the burden, not the company that produces the vaccine. If any other corporation did this, they would cease to exist.

In the medical industry, anyone who doesn’t fall in line with the others gets their funding and grant money cut. You could lose your job for posting information that is critical of the mainstream industry, even if it is true and it would help people become healthy. They don’t want people to be healthy; they want to maximize profit. Curing diseases is less profitable than selling treatments, because you have to come back to the doctor if you just treat diseases. Many vaccines have side effects that require other drugs; then those drugs have side effects, so you need more drugs. It’s a never-ending cycle that makes the pharmaceutical industry billions.

Vaccines contain ingredients that should not be in there if the purpose of vaccines was truly in helping people develop immunity. Mercury and aluminum especially stand out; these should only be in our bodies in extremely trace amounts from natural foods.

According to a study in Tianjin, China, one in four children got measles from a measles vaccine, despite the fact that 95 percent of the population was immunized. This calls into question how effective the herd immunity theory is, as well as the efficacy of vaccines.

The vast majority of vaccine injuries never get reported, which means these figures are much higher in reality. Most conventional doctors don’t know how to properly identify vaccine injuries, and thus never report them, because the vast majority of medical schools intentionally avoid teaching them how to do so. This is why there may not be much information about vaccine injuries, but there is emerging evidence.