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How To Focus/Clear Mind/Relax

Try these techniques out. Do whatever works for you on this list that increases the energy you have. This have worked for me, but you may find better methods.

Breath in for 6 and breathe out for 6 one one nostril, then hold both nostrils in for 6, then do on the other side. That is one cycle. You can repeat this cycle as much as you'd like.

1. For stimulation of the mind, inhale through both nostrils while imagining the air is colored either red, orange, or yellow.

2. For relaxing the mind, inhale through both nostrils while imagining the air is colored green or light blue.

Get rid of doubt, fear, or negative feeling.

  1. Close eyes and imagine negative emotion. Gather up all the visual images in your mind that accompany the negative feels.

  2. Put all of those items insidea big cardobard box in your mind.

  3. Make the box smaller, and smaller, and smaller until it fits right into the palm for your hand.

  4. Now imagine yourself standing at the edge for a giant canyon, so deep that you can't see the bottom.

  5. Throw the box in and watch it fall until it's out of sight.

  6. Imagine yourself turning around and when you do, there'es and outdoor shower.

  7. Turn on the light and let it bathe you in faith, love, and light.

  8. Open eyes and embrace the better feeling.

Isha Kriya Guided Meditation by Sadhguru 12-min #MeditateWithSadhguru: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwQkfoKxRvo

Seat yourself comfortably in an easy chair or lie down

on your back. Consciously "let go" the various muscle

groups as much as possible without making too much of

an effort of it. Just consciously pay attention to the various

parts of your body and let go a little. You will find that

you can always voluntarily relax to a certain degree. You

can stop frowning and let your forehead relax. You can

ease up a little on the tension in your jaws. You can let

your hands, your arms, your shoulders, legs, become a

little more relaxed than they are. Spend about five minutes

on this and then stop paying any attention to your muscles.

This is as far as you are going to try to go by conscious

control. From here on you will relax more and more by

using your creative mechanism to automatically bring

about a relaxed condition. In short, you are going to use

"goal pictures," held in imagination and let your automatic

mechanism realize those goals for you.

Mental Picture No. 1

In your mind's eye see yourself lying stretched out upon

the bed. Form a picture of your legs as they would look

if made of concrete. See yourself lying there with two

very heavy concrete legs. See these very heavy concrete

legs sulking far down into the mattress from their sheer

weight. Now picture your arms and hands as made of

concrete. They also are very heavy and are sinking down

into the bed and exerting tremendous pressure against the

bed. In your mind's eye see a friend come into the room

and attempt to lift your heavy concrete legs. He takes

hold of your feet and attempts to lift them. But they are too heavy for him. He cannot do it Repeat with arms,

neck, etc.

Mental Picture No. 2

Your body is a big marionette doll. Your hands are

tied loosely to your wrists by strings. Your forearm is connected

loosely by a string to your upper arm. Your upper

arm is connected very loosely by a string to your shoulder.

Your feet, calves, thighs, are also connected together

with a single string. Your neck consists of one very limp

string. The strings which control your jaw and hold your

lips together have slackened and stretched to such an extent

that your chin has dropped down loosely against

your chest. All the various strings which connect the various

parts of your body are loose and limp and your body

is just sprawled loosely across the bed.

Mental Picture No. 3

Your body consists of a series of inflated rubber balloons.

Two valves open in your feet, and the air begins to

escape from your legs. Your legs begin to collapse and

continue until they consist only of deflated rubber tubes,

lying flat against the bed. Next a valve is opened in your

chest and as the air begins to escape, your entire trunk

begins to collapse limply against the bed. Continue with

arms, head, and neck.

Mental Picture No. 4

Many people will find this the most relaxing of all. Just

go back in memory to some relaxing and pleasant scene

from your past. There is always some time in everyone's

life when he felt relaxed, at ease, and at peace with the

world. Pick out your own relaxing picture from your past

and call up detailed memory images. Yours may be a

peaceful scene at a mountain lake where you went fishing. If so, pay particular attention to the little incidental things

in the environment. Remember the quiet ripples on the

water. What sounds were present? Did you hear the quiet

rustling of the leaves? Maybe you remember sitting perfectly

relaxed, and somewhat drowsy before an open fireplace

long ago. Did the logs crackle and spark? What

other sights and sounds were present? Maybe you choose

to remember relaxing in the sun on a beach. How did the

sand feel against your body? Could you feel the warm relaxing

sun, touching your body, almost as a physical

thing? Was there a breeze blowing? Were there gulls on

the beach? The more of these incidental details you can

remember and picture to yourself, the more successful

you will be.

Daily practice will bring these mental pictures, or

memories, clearer and clearer. The effect of learning will

also be cumulative. Practice will strengthen the tie-in between

mental image and physical sensation. You will become

more and more proficient in relaxation, and this in

itself will be "remembered" in future practice sessions.