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How To Increase Your Energy Levels

Try these techniques out. Do whatever works for you on this list that increases the energy you have. This have worked for me, but you may find better methods.

Give yourself a dry brush massage.

Take a cold shower


Do shishihu rhythmic breathing qigong.

Deep Breath

Stroke hair

Laugh hysterically and deeply.

Walk like a champ.

Rub hands together rapidly and place them on your face.

Do self-reiki (see below)

Look up and imagine a ball of white light. For each chakra, place your hand over it and see how much is filled with white light. See light going into the chakra that removes darkness and fills the pie with light. Go down until each chakra is filled.

Note: You can’t make energy come to you; you instead allow it. Let it happen, and don’t force it.

See the chart below for the location of chakras:

Buteyko breathing, breath in normally then out normally, hold for 40 (or more) seconds then breathe in slowly.

Stretch and muscles tension.

Do inversion exercise.

Rebounding (requires rebounder).


Meditate on Awareness (simple be aware of whatever is happening in your or in your life). Be still.

Drink cool water.

Close your eyes, be relaxed. Breath out many times in rapid succession, like or trying to blow out a stopped up nose. Do this for 20 times for 3 rounds.