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How To Manifest Your Desires

Use the techniques which give the the best feeling, the feeling of already having it. You must believe. You can also create your own techniques if you prefer.

Write down DCA properly on white paper in blue ink.

3x say desire in mirror (speak slowly and listen to words, but emphasis on words and feelings)


Stare into own eyes mirror and say positive affirmations. Look into mirror directly into the eyes. Slowly, distinctly, and clearly, say words with relaxed focus. Listen to yourself say the words.

Tap on DCA.

Get the Sedona Method workbook and do these processes for each goal: goals process- action process - dissolve resistance on both sides - holistic release - lust- scarcity, do visualization technique (Sedona Workbook).

Record DCA and listen to it

Write down why you want it

Write down in small text and on line less white paper with blue pen legibly multiple times. If you get tired with one hand, you can switch to the other technique or the other hand (if you are ambidextrous).

Tapping positive affirmations. Slowly, distinctly, and clearly say words with relaxed focus. Listen to yourself say the words.

Scripting process. Make a script of your desire, create a scene (like in a movie or a play) and write it down.

Creative Workshop (list as many reasons for why you want it) and you can collect from experience.

Look at pictures and videos of people who have what you want. You can also imagine yourself in the picture.

On an index cards (write DCA and draw it)

Draw desire

Be grateful that it is already here (great to do throughout the day)

Guided Meditation and ASMRS

Visualize your desire.

Read James 5:16 and do it with someone you trust.

Lay in relaxation on your bed. Lay down and focus on breathe. Relax your muscles by commanding each limb (arm, leg, head, etc) to relax. Once you are relaxed, visualize desire.

Spend time getting more clear on DCA (change wording of affirmations, ask questions, get more into depth of what you really want, contemplate). Check your Success binder for past desires, past highlight for helpful things so you can clarify my desires on. Use descriptive language and adjectives.

Review past desires and make into a more encompassing, complete desire (helps with clarity). Ex: I want money and I want to feel rich. If they are separate desires, you can say I want to be abundantly rich.

Take positive past experience and create them to be even better or just simply ask Universe for an even better experience.

Morter March on Affirmation/DCA

Write checks of you buying things you desire.