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Media Section Removed From 6th edition


This chapter is on the media, which almost certainly blocks your ability to feel good and create your desires.

Detoxing is more than just physical; there is also mental detox. You need to remove yourself from programming that is hurting you and causing misery in your life, causing you to believe things that aren’t true. Here are the steps to do a mental detox. It involves detaching from various forms of media.


When you see something on TV, it is recorded in your mind as if it was real; your subconscious doesn’t understand TV isn’t real. All media is is passing precious hours of your life and feeding your mind with negative thought forms which thwarts your manifestation abilities and your happiness. It puts your mind into an alpha-receptive state. It turns you into a passive person rather than an active go-getter. It is the reason why many people don’t know what is right for their lives and why they don’t know their life purpose.

Question the ratio of positive news to negative news in the world. Does the media really ever talk about anything good? No, they are only given a side of the story and it is almost always a negative side since most people are focused on negative (avoiding pain) rather than gain pleasure and that is what sells.

The people who control the mainstream sources of information have a sole motivation to profit off of others (even at the expense of their well-being) and to control others. They often believe that life is a zero-sum game, and if one prospers, that means another has to be impoverished. They themselves want to be prosperous, but they falsely believe that they must impoverish others with lies and sometimes even direct violence for them to succeed. One of the reasons they want to control others it that they gain pleasure from being in control and because they have been programmed by their psychopathic genes and families to want to continue ruling over others. It is all they have ever known.

Stop watching TV programming—TV was meant to program you. Television tells lies to your vision. TV puts you into a passive state of mind that makes it difficult to reject what you are being told. It puts you into a hypnotic state, unless you are actively watching by paying close attention. You can be put into this state in less than one minute. Notice someone who has been watching TV, they often need someone to snap them out and they will stare at the TV as if they were hypnotized. TVs emit certain flicker rates that put you into a hypnotized state, which is one reason why people have such short attention spans. You can be suggested to by television via subliminal images. There can be an effect on the mind via flashing images. TV is destroying your life; stop watching it, and you will feel much happier and be more successful. TV programs you with imagines and words that can turn you into someone else or act against your will, look up TV hypnosis techniques! Every self-help author I have listened to recommends not watching TV.

Many of the hypnotic effects are documented in patent US6506148B2. Here is a picture of what basically a TV does to you when you watch it:

This is not just through TV, but also phones and computer monitors. If you are not using these devices for chasing your dream, long-term pleasure, or mindful leisure, I would not use them.

TV is mainly used to sell you products and services you do not need or even want until you are convinced that you do. In our industrial world, producers need to sell their products and convince people to buy them, even if they do not want or need the product. Greed, of course, is the main reason. It is one of the reasons why your financial situation may be not optimal right now and why no matter how much money you earn, most of it ends up going down the drain. A poor person can be a person who earns eight dollars an hour or a thousand dollars an hour if, they spend all of it as soon as they earn it. We must attempt to detach ourselves from advertisements in order to achieve financial freedom. We can spend our money on things that really matter, such as healthy food and quality informational material.

TV can also creates a feeling of inadequacy. An example is a commercial for cosmetics. Makeup and fashion companies convince women that they are not beautiful and that they need their products in order to feel beautiful. This destroys the self-esteem of women and compels them to buy a product they did not originally want so they will have self-esteem again. This is not just done for makeup but also for many other products and services. They will convince you that without this product, your life will be lacking and with it, your life will be abundant.

Fashion models in magazines are Photoshopped by experts who spend hours on altering just one picture to make someone look almost completely different from what they actually look like. People see a model and think that they are the standard of beauty, but the person is not actually a real person. People are trying to live up to an impossible standard of beauty, which is used to sell cosmetics.

The channels also shape your worldview into what the owners of TV programs want. In 2020, TV was owned by just five corporations that control an estimated 90 percent of what you watch. These corporations are merging and being bought, which means in the future, there may be even less diversity and fewer corporations that control what you watch. It also means that these corporations could control even higher percentages of what you watch on TV. This isn’t just for TV; the Big Five also controls what you watch in movies, newspapers, magazines, etc.

The channels on TV are owned by a few media corporations, and the subsidiaries are simply there to give an illusion of choice. An example is Disney, Their holdings are listed here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_assets_owned_by_The_Walt_Disney_Company

All media present essentially the same stories but with slightly different perspectives. The intention is never to educate or spread positivity but rather to spread fear and lies. They don’t present real problems, and if they, do they over-hype it to use as fearmongering. If they mention a real problem, it’s only a blurb. Have you ever heard anything in the media about the root causes of issues in society, or do they just report symptoms?

Fearmongering is something you must know. The media uses fear created by a crisis to sell you products or services. The more people watch TV, the more money the channels make from ad revenue. An example is a news channel that covers a crisis such as the Ebola virus. Tragic events cause people to tune in and listen closely. This is because most brains are attracted to loss aversion; in other words, we really do not want to lose what we have and will do anything to prevent it. We do not want to lose our lives, even if it means losing our sanity. Ebola had only affected eleven people in the United States, but so many were in a constant state of fear. This hysteria causes us stress, both mentally and physcially.

Fearmongering helps the media get the public to accept things they would not normally accept if they were not in a fearful and stressed state. When you are in this state, you look to those you trust to come up with the solution to a crisis, even if the solutions are terrible. The government often uses this to push their anti-humanitarian agendas on people.

Fearmongering can get you to believe in nonsense, lead you astray, waste your time, waste your energy, drain your finances, and keep you in a state of fear and stress. Fearmongering still occurs in the media. An example is “You need to get your vaccines because of a flu or measles outbreak,” even though the vaccines might hurt you or actually give you the flu. The pharmaceutical companies give large bribes to the mainstream media in order to help sell their dangerous pills and vaccines.

The mainstream media is completely biased, and it’s not benefiting you in any way by watching it. You’re not getting the facts. It can make you depressed and program you negatively. TV channels put out a lot of disinformation and unhealthy worldviews. It could even hurt you physically by making you fat and unhealthy from lack of exercise because of TV addiction.

Sometimes the scripts and stories are presented word for word to local news stations owned by major media corporations such as Fox and CNN. An example is a local syndicate Fox News station will present a story the same as a local syndicate CNN station. Here is a brilliant video montage of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fHfgU8oMSo

A potential technology the media could abuse is deep fakes. There’s video showing that what news anchors are saying with their lips might not actually be what they’re saying. In the video, they are doing it with Obama, and this was done years ago. That technology now is much more advanced. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bE1KWpoX9Hk

There is also emerging technology that can make some say anything, even words and sentences they have never said. Watch this audio clip of Joe Rogan (a popular podcaster) saying ridiculous things he has never said: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWK_iYBl8cA

Another great video to prove mainstream media is fake news is staged protests done by CNN, although it’s not just done by CNN. The way you can make a group protest look larger than it is it to have a group of fifty people and put a camera in front of them at a certain angle to record. It looks like a large crowd, but in reality it’s only fifty people in a street. Also it should be noted that these crowds of people are often paid actors. Here is the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QuURFUyrG_A

There’s also staged reports. Here’s an example. In one media report, there are two women speaking as if they are in different locations on a report, when in fact they’re actually in the same parking lot. You can tell this by looking at the cars going by. They’re not that far away from each other, possibly a couple of feet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGADrt5hhwM

As I’ve explained, you really can’t trust a single thing in the media at face value. You must go within and ask if what you see is real by using self-knowledge and discernment. The media ultimately is not truly real. It’s in the virtual world or the world of print. What you see in the media is not real life. Real life is not on the internet or in print. People’s understanding of the true world is decreasing every day. People are becoming more hooked on the virtual world. Your senses in the physical world are much better methods of finding the truth than through the media. In the media, you often hear them say things likecrime rates are rising and there are terrorist attacks everywhere. The media wants you to be fearful of things that aren’t concerning or even happening! Being fearful creates more fear events in your life which proves to you that the world should be feared! There is nothing to fear. Life is not what the media makes it out to be.

Go out into nature and talk with your neighbors. If you go out in the world, you see people for the most part getting along, with no crime or terrorism. The world is not a nice place at certain times and places; that’s why it is still ok to being informed on world affairs, just don’t get it from the mainstream media. Often in the mainstream media, there are really important problems they do not address, while they focus on minor problems and blow them up to appear larger. The media often fabricates a problem where there is not one. Of course, there are things that happen, such as the starvation in Yemen that is caused by Saudi Arabia, which you wouldn’t know if you were just to look around in your life.

Even with that being said, most n the Western world, see things through rose-colored glasses because they don’t know how good they have it because they don’t experience the very inhumane events occurring in the world (sometimes even within their own countries and communities). The point is, you should be very grateful.

TV stations will use countdowns to get their viewers into a hypnotic state. This countdown is so fast that most will not catch the numbers counting down. Counting down is a common method of getting someone hypnotized. The TV tries to hypnotize people; that way it is impossible to reject the information given out in the broadcast.

The media uses Aristotle’s persuasion methods for mind control. Mainstream TV broadcasters will dress up nicely, wear makeup, have fancy green-screen backgrounds, expensive audio and camera equipment, and million-dollar budgets. This gets people to believe that because they appear so professional, they must be telling the truth. This is a form of influencing by ethos (authority). TV broadcasters will use soft, quiet tones and certain phrases to convince people. This is an appeal to people’s emotions (pathos). A TV station is not automatically truthful just because the broadcasters look professional and sound nice. A YouTube video of poor quality, with stuttering audio, low resolution, static in the background, yelling in the microphone, made with Microsoft Paint, could still be telling more truth than a TV station.

Social Media

Another form of media is social media. Social media is flooded with advertisements, many of which are unblockable or unavoidable. The most popular social media is Facebook. Facebook doesn’t allow you to customize your feed, because your feed will always contain ads, and these ads can’t be blocked by browser extensions such as adblock or Ublock (extensions I recommend to block ads). These ads are based on your searches and likes, so ads are shown to you that you are more likely to buy into. Avoid endless scrolling, and only use Facebook with a deliberate intention, such as contacting a friend or posting something to your friends or social group. You can also use alternative social media such as Minds.com or gab.com.

When you scroll through you feed on social media, you will notice (or maybe you haven’t) that there is never an end to the feed. The social media industry calls this endless scrolling. The purpose of endless scrolling is to increase the amount of time you spend on social media so they can sell more products and services through advertisements. Even if you scroll through these feeds very quickly, your mind is picking up on all the advertisements and negative drama that is on Facebook. Because these feeds are endless, there is never a point where the novelty ends.

S ocial media is generally filled with drama and negativity, as most are friends with people who are negative and are posting drama in their life. Social media can be problem if your friends put on a show. Social media often makes people feel they are not living their lives to the fullest, because their friends post only the good parts of their lives—their new raise, the luxurious vacation, the new job, the new car, new house. You may begin to think, They have it so good. Why can’t I have it like that? The truth is that your friends struggle just like you do. They did not post the struggle and hardship they suffered to get them to where they are now. Facebook and Instagram are notorious for this.

The way you refresh your feed on social media on a phone is by pulling down with your fingers. Slot machines have levers on the side to pull that will give you new combinations of symbols, which gives you a sense of novelty and is one of the reasons why many are addicted to gambling. This was copied from the gambling industry to increase cravings and increase profits. It gets you hooked, and if you scanned the brain of a gambling addict who was gambling and a cocaine addict who was using cocaine, the brain scans would look similar. Refreshing on social media is like a gamble; your body releases dopamine, a feel-good chemical that is produced when you anticipate a reward. This keeps you on social media longer, as you will always will be searching and refreshing to find more. It is a time-waster and a dream killer.

There are alternatives to getting news rather than Facebook; they are called RSS feeds. RSS feeds load faster, have no ads (if you use the Brave browser), save you time, and best of all are free. The one I use is Inoreader. You can use Inoreader on any device. I have an RSS at https://www.nextlevelthinking.net/recommended-articles.

A great tutorial on how RSS feeds work is this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pp54UzrswpQ

Chamath Palihapitiya, founder and CEO of social capital and former Facebook exec, warned about the unintended consequences of social media at Stanford Graduate School of Business’s View from the Top talk: “I think we have created tools that are ripping apart the social fabric of how society works… The short-term, dopamine-driven feedback loops we’ve created are destroying how society works. No civil discourse, no cooperation; misinformation, mistruth. You are being programmed.” (https://youtu.be/PMotykw0SIk?t=1329)

A simple solution is to quit social media; however, there are some benefits of using social media. You can use it for your business, to inform others, talk to family, etc. YouTube is the only popular social media I would recommend occasionally usage of. Most of YouTube is mindless entertainment and people who have no clue what there are talking about (I have watched over 4,000 youtube videos and got almost nowhere in life from watching them). Ad blockers such as Ublock and adblock help to reduce ads. Brave is a good browser to use to reduce ads as well.

The best may be just to avoid all news together, both mainstream and alternative, because it is almost all negative and you may become negative if you view it. You don’t want to be a negative person because that is detrimental to your success.


Many people listen to music often, some almost every waking moment. Music can be a powerful form of art and poetry. Sadly, much of the music in our society is filled with negative lyrics. Lyrics include topics like suicide; making as much money as possible at the expense of others; doing massive amounts of drugs; not caring about anything; being reckless; caring only about yourself and short-term pleasure; misogyny; having sex with anyone; and sometimes even rape. This influences our minds, consciously and subconsciously. We need to listen to music that empowers us. I have a free music playlist on my website at https://www.nextlevelthinking.net/music.


Google isn’t a form of media, but the algorithms are biased. Google deliberately hides information on subjects such as knowledge about the danger of the pharmaceutical industry (vaccines and drugs), alternative health information, conspiracy theories (and conspiracy facts), politically incorrect topics, and socially incorrect topics.

The auto-completion function for Google shows biases toward certain agendas, people, or organizations such as Hillary Clinton during the 2016 elections.

It’s not giving you neutral search results, which most people would expect from Google. One of the reasons you’d go to Google is because you expect neutral search results. Many people understand that the mainstream media is not trustworthy, so they go to Google, but Google is not trustworthy either. I recommend using an alternative search engine and also stop using the word Google. Instead of saying “Google it,” I say “research,” “look it up,” or “search it.” You’re breaking down the linguistic programming of society for people to use Google. You can still use Google, but do not use it exclusively. Use other search engines in conjunction with Google. Remember, if you are using a search engine, you get different results depending on the search engine.

One of the big issues with Google and other mainstream search engines is confirmation bias. Your search results are tracked, that means your current search results are based on your past search results.

Google doesn’t show results from the deep web; this is content on the internet that doesn’t show up on other mainstream search engines. You don’t get the full results on Google; the results are sanitized, and often the empowering content is buried in results, or it doesn’t show up at all. That or it is discredited.

Startpage and Duck Duck Go are similar to Google but are privacy focused, they show unbiased results and do not save your search history.


Another popular media form that displays ads is YouTube. Many will say, “But most ads are skippable after three seconds, so they don’t affect me,” but this probably isn’t true. If these ads didn’t influence people, why would advertisers still use their money to pay for these ads on YouTube videos? Thankfully, these ads are blockable with ad blockers such as adblock or ublock. You can customize your feed on Youtube by subscribing to channels and clicking on My Subscriptions. YouTube was actually the only social media I used to use on a daily basis, because many good channels still exist that truly wish to empower humanity. Unfortunately, YouTube has been cracking down on free speech on their platform, yet they claim to support free speech.

YouTube is also biased and they have removed channels because of their opinions. Popular channels that have been removed include Alex Jones and David Icke.

Good alternatives for YouTube include Dtube, Bitchute, Lbry, and peertube.live.

Infotainment and Rabbit Holes

Infotainment and rabbit holes, is a problem some suffer from, including me in the past. It leads to a waste of time and leads to inaction.

Google and YouTube base their searches off of what you have searched in the past. Here is an example. Search on YouTube for flat-Earth videos. Over time, you will almost exclusively be shown results that confirm or reject the flat-Earth theory. You will be shown almost no other videos in your recommended videos section. If you click videos that confirm the theory, you will get more recommended. It can get people caught up in a rabbit hole, where they only research one topic. In the grand scheme of things, the shape of the Earth doesn’t matter for the daily life of 99 percent of people on the planet.

Be wary of infotainment. This is notorious in the alternative-media platforms. Much of what is said may be true, but is it truly relevant information? The greatest example is the Flat Earth movement. Does the shape of the Earth matter in the grand scheme of things? Unless you are a pilot or an astrophysicist, I would argue no. These people do not act on knowledge; they simply absorb more. You can see the rise in infotainment with the rise of documentaries about things such as Flat Earth. Conspiracy theories could be true but are just rabbit holes to go down, rather than valuable information that will help improve humanity. Many people who watch these aren’t on the battlefield and would actually be good content creators, but all they do is sit and absorb information. They will speak of tyranny and conspiracy, but the question is, what are you going to do about it?

They are mostly simply prophets of doom and their predictions are almost always incorrect. There are some people who do seem to actually know what is going on however, but they usually simply report the news and do not make “predictions”. Two of them I have found is Mark Passio and David Icke.

This is also true for mainstream media as well. What does celebrity gossip matter in the grand scheme of things? The media becomes a form of entertainment for many. Some watch it like they watch a thriller movie or a sitcom.

On my website, I have a page called Recommended Media, and I have a wide variety of media sources that I believe could help you in your journey. I try to provide as many sources as possible that I believe are truthful, and although they’re not unanimous in what they agree on, you can gain a wider understanding and come to your own conclusions from the different sources. The link is http://www.nextlevelthinking.net/recm-media.

How the Media Shapes the World

The Quadrivum can help you accurately explains the world we live in and how the media has affected it. Here are the steps:

1. Available Information, also known as knowledge (or the lack of it). This is the foundation of our reality. This is any information that people can gather, process, understand, and act upon.

2. Decision-Making Process, also known as understanding (or the lack of it). Based on the information we receive and how we understand it, we make decisions based upon the information. This decisions lead us to make certain actions over others in the next process.

3. Human Behavior, also known as wisdom (or the lack of it). The way people behave is based on their decisions and their decisions are based on the quality of available information.

4. Generated Results (order or chaos). The quality of the condition that results in any society is based upon the quality of decisions made by people within that society.

Here is a great example of a good thing to pay attention to and spend time on: learning how to listen to the right information (you are doing this now). In return, you will get knowledge that can help you understand reality, and with that understanding, you can improve your life and the lives of others, so we can actively create the reality we want, rather than just accepting reality we are handed (which is almost always destructive).

We should improve the quality of our attention by focusing our attention on information that is capable of improving ourselves and humanity. This effort will result in a good investment for our time. We should ask ourselves “What am I spending my time on?” “What am I paying attention to?” and most importantly “What kind of quality am I getting in return for these investments of my time and attention?”

The quality of our attention affects our world. If we get knowledge from pure and good information sources, take it in, and then act on that knowledge in the world, we will have a pure and good world.

However, if we get information from poisoned information sources (virtually all mainstream media, much of what is taught public schooling, neglectful parents, and dogmatic religions), and we take the information in and then act on that knowledge in the world, we will have a terrible world.

Everybody receives some pure and some poisoned information from both sources and takes the knowledge gained from those sources into action, which creates our world. Discernment is always necessary.

Encourage people to stop watching tv, listening to negative people, and tell them to listen to positive information instead!