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Parables for Children

Here are some parables I wrote for children. Each story explain one or more success principles stated in my book. Let me know what you all think about the stories and if I should make new characters or keep the same ones! Let me know what you think as well!

Decision Making

Perry the Pirate Parrot was wanting to go on an adventure to find treasure. As he arrived to the harbor, he meet with the man in charge. He and his crew boarded their ship and went on the look for treasure in Sea. At sea, the person who finds islands, Mike the Monkey, found two ideal islands, he said “Captain Perry, we found two islands the look like the could have lots of treasure.” Perry said, “Oh, I’m still looking myself, I think we should keep exploring to see if there are more islands we can find.” Mike said “OK.” As the crew went along, they found two islands again. Perry said “Oh, I’m still looking myself, I think we should explore more.” Mike said “Are you sure, remember, we are pirates, not just explores, we want to find treasure!” Perry said “there could be islands with even more treasure, we must keep exploring.” The pirates keep exploring and one day, the crew was lost at sea looking for islands and the crew was very hungry. The Quartermaster, Quin the Quail, said, “Sir, we have people who are getting angry at you Captain, if we don’t find and island and at least get something, such as some food and rest, we all may be lost forever!” Perry said “Ok, if its for my crew, I will stop a the next island.” Mike finally found an island, it looked deserted. It didn’t look promising, but the crew was so desperate to land because of being lost and sea sick and extremely hungry, Perry decided to land. The crew searched the island, it had some food and no treasure. Quin said “This was stop was almost a waste, we need to get back to the ship and return home.” Mike and Perry agreed. Along the way home, Mike spotted, two islands that looked equally promising, at this point, the crew had learned their lessons, and they found enough food to be satisfied from the last trip. Perry said “Ok, I won’t make the same mistake this time! I will choose one island and go!” With this sure decision, Perry boarded the island. The island was filled with great treasure and lots of food for the crew. The crew was happy Perry made the decision. Mike looked out from a tall mountain on the island and said, “Oh my, thank the Pirate Gods that we hadn’t continued, I am seeing in the distance all surrounding us, that would certainly cause us to get lost or our ship to turned over.” Quin said “Let’s stay on the beautiful island, in fact, I think we should leave the town and establish base here.” The crew all agreed. From the day forward, they became the greatest pirates of their time.

Ultimately You Listen To Yourself, Gut Feelings, and Faith

Riley the Rat was a quiet rat in the sewers of Helda. He was shy and always thought people hated him because he parents told him that rats were dirty creatures who stole and ate the scraps of food and they never succeed. He had spent years in the sewers after his friends and family mysteriously left the city without him permanently. Every time he tried to improve his life on his own, he had failed. One day, while in the sewers, he found an old torn up paper that said “Are you looking to improve you standing in the world, have more friends, and be rich, come to George the Guru, and I promise you I can help you no matter what situation you are in!” Riley felt relieved, he thought “Yes! I would love to!” He went to the address on the paper through the sewers and arrived at George. Riley, however, noticed something interesting, George almost look worse off than he, his shop was run down, he was dirtier than he was, and the shop look abandoned, something inside George told him not to continue, but he decided to anyways because he felt he had no other options and didn’t even want to bother looking for other people to help him with his problems.. George invited him in. George said “Wow, you look like a mess.!” Riley said “Yeah, that is why I came here.” George told him “I recommend that you take this potion, it will help you!” George reluctantly said “Ok” and handed half the coins he had to George. He left the shop and returned to the sewer. He did his usually thing for days, and was wondering when the potion would make him successful like he was promised, he wondered if it really did anything at all. He choose to go back to find the Guru in his shop, thinking he could help, but he saw a sign that said “Closed forever” He wondered, did he leave? Did he run out of money. Riley felt he should have just waited. He went back to the sewer and he cried “Oh Sewer Serpents, I need help, I am tried of living like this, I want a better life.” About a few minutes later, Riley heard a part of the sewer walls open up., A turtle had a lamp and saw Riley yelling out to the Serpents. The Turtle said, you believe in the Serpents too, nice, very few do anymore. I would like to show you our place, we may be able to help you. Riley felt very good about this and really believed that he was going to get better. He noticed Terry ‘s shop didn’t look that much different than George’s and Terry was also even dirty than George, but he felt it he would really be able to help him. Terry introduced Riley to his potions that were said to be very helpful, but he had to hide them from thieves who would steal the in the city above. Terry said, “because I want to help you, I will give you at a reduced cost, it will help you tremendously.” Riley, remembered what the George did and wondered if it was a scam, but he felt confident in Terry and gave the other half of his coins to him. As soon as he drank it, he felt much better. Riley said “Thank you.” Terry said “Come back if you would like some more!” Riley spent the night reflected on his decision, and he remember that he felt inside that George was not a really going to help him, but Terry would. He wrote down in his journal and promised himself he would listen to his feelings more rather than just listening to anyone who promises to help. Riley bought more of Terry’s potions and learned more of the strange teachings of the Serpent Gods and went on to become The Guardian of the Sewers for Helda and was retired in large, cozy home near the sewer entrance for the rest of his days.

Teachability Index, Four Steps of Mastery, and Master The Basics

Piper the Penguin always wanted to become a professional actor. He looked at the posters on the town board of Riveria. He looked at the various places offering actor training and Piper picked the one he liked the most, the Acting Guild. He was really willing to learn and do anything to become an actor, so he choose the best school, even though he heard it was hard, all the most successful actors went to that school. He was assigned the best instructor, Bob the Bear, who was also at one time one of the best actors in the city. Bob asked Piper before starting training “Are you willing to give all you got to become the best actor, otherwise, don’t bother coming here.” Piper said “Yes!” Bob said “Good, we will begin this weekend 6am” Bob said “but it’s the weekend, I like to enjoy my weekends off!” Bob said “You either come here or you don’t, but if you don’t our training is over and the school refuse to help you. Oh and you need to read this books too.” Piper said “I don’t like to read, it is boring, how can I learn from just reading. I don’t even have time!” Bob said “Then make time, this will help you, you need to learn some more about acting before we go to the real training!” Piper traveled home and studied for days after work, even against he desire to relax and have fun. He actually started to enjoy reading. He came back to Bob they test him on what he learned in the books, he was impressed with how much Piper knew and said to come back next weekend at 6am. Piper returned home. Piper began becoming obsessed with reading and bought books on acting on his own and began reading on his own. He felt like he was a professional actor already, even though he had not even begun training. He went to Bob and began training Piper said confidently “I am the best actor in the world, I can tell you all about acting.” Bob said “Very good, but can you actually act?” Piper said “No, but I know all about it!” Bob said, “Here take this script and act it out on stage next week.” Piper showed up next week and it was a disaster, even though he had been reading so much on acting, others still were more practiced. He had not. He was embarrassed and went back to Bob, “Bob, I did terribly, I don’t get it.” Bob said “To know it and not to do is not to know.. You need to practice this this time, you can’t just know it. I gave you the books so you can learn how to do it, but you apply what you have learned. Let me show you how to act.” He showed him how to act and began to practice with Bob. Bob said “Practice this at home until you master it, do it in your imagination if you can’t physically do it. You should do this every moment of the day.” Piper said “But I need your help” Bob replied “I have taught you all I know, the key it getting good at what I have taught you, not in learning everything. You will learn more by practicing just what I have taught you than learning more. Remember what happened when you just were learning?” Piper said, “Fine” He began to practice everyday until the big tryouts. The day had come, the tryouts, and Piper was excited. He was determined to make it. He was cheered after tryouts and Bob wept a tear in the crowd for all he had done. Piper became an actor in the Acting Guild and went on to become even better than Bob, in fact, he became the greatest actor in Riveria.