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Plant-Based Lifestyle Removed From 6th edition

Plant-Based Lifestyle

Adopting a Plant-Based Lifestyle is necessary for your ultimate success. It is the beginning of the section where I talk about morality. You are what you eat, do you want to eat the flesh of murdered and tortured beings? Do you want to wear the skin of tortured beings? Do you want to watch tortured beings amuse you for your entertainment (the animal entertainment industry)? A plant-based lifestyle (PBL) is a lifestyle that refuses to buy or sell animal products. Additionally, it does not allow the murder, slaughter, rape, or torture of animals. I have coined this term as a replacement for veganism, due to its controversy and for the purposes of clarification (PBL is a lifestyle not just a diet). Essentially, this term is synonymous with vegan. The core philosophy of PBL is morality, not health benefits. It allows for eating roadkill and wasted animal product leftovers. It also allows you to wear what you want, as long as you didn’t buy it or request others to buy it. If someone gave you an old leather jacket, you can accept it.

The following benefits are from my research on veganism as well as my experience. Do your own research, as always. Everything in this list may not be true unless you follow a well-balanced raw, organic, vegan diet.

Personal vegan benefits:

  • Less likely to choke

  • Healthier skin

  • Better mood

  • Healthier heart

  • More energy

  • Maintains a healthy weight

  • Digest food easier

  • Prevents bloating

  • Can eliminate acne

  • Better mental clarity

  • Improved immune function

  • No headaches

  • Easier rest at night knowing you didn’t harm or contribute to the harming of innocent beings

Being PBL is ultimately about morals; few mention the unimaginable suffering animals must go through when they argue against veganism, because they have no good argument. You can find studies that show the benefits of eating animal products, which are often but not always funded by the meat industry. Have the diet that works for you, but to be a truly moral person, you must be PBL. Being a moral person brings the maximum amount of happiness, love, and enlightenment to you. What you do to other beings will also be done to you! If you harm or financially support harming other beings, that will also be done to you. This is Law of Attraction, not an opinion.

The most important thing to know about diet is to eat vegan and to eat what makes you feel good. Practice delayed gratification; don’t forget some foods make you feel good now but bad later. Eat foods that make you feel good all the time.

It is important to not just stop eating animal foods but also stop buying any animal products. This section is going to be extensive because many people have bought into the false idea we need animal products to survive. Humanity would enter a golden age if we stopped this practice; we would see far more peace and prosperity among humanity and all life on Earth.

Top key points:

1. Animals are a critical part of understanding and applying the nonaggression principle (Do no harm)

2. The main reason to adopt a plant-based lifestyle is to reduce suffering.

3. Reducing suffering will improve your life and those who you love and care about.

“I teach one thing and one only; that is, suffering and the end of suffering.” —Buddha, Indian spiritual teacher

“As long as Man continues to be the ruthless destroyer of lower living beings, he will never know health or peace. For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seed of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love.” —Pythagoras, Greek philosopher and mathematician

The practice of carnism (the opposite of a PBL) is a violation of the nonaggression principle.

Then what is the moral issue? The moral issue of abusing animals for their products and for entertainment is that it violates the nonaggression principle of natural law, which is part of the Law of Attraction. The nonaggression principle is the principle of not doing violence to other beings. Natural laws are universal, unchangeable, eternal laws (similar to LOA). They are not laws such as “do not cross the street without looking both ways”; they are laws such as gravity, which always apply everywhere for all eternity. They do not personally care or try to stop you if you break them, but you will suffer the consequences.

Every second of every day, animals are being murdered, exploited for their products, their habitats destroyed, and more, all for needless reasons; 5.6 billion land animals and 2.7 trillion marine animals are killed annually, and that number is a low estimate.

You must use your empathy to see things from the animals’ point of view, see the injustice, murder of family and friends, rape, etc. The problem is most people have not experienced this degree of injustice, so some imagination may be required. If you do not view the situation from the animals’ perspective, it is easy to justify any animal abuse. We are all part of the unified field; all beings are one. When you unrightfully do harm to another, you harm yourself. All beings in the universe are connected. If you don’t believe me, research quantum entanglement and read the book The Field byLynne McTaggart.

It’s all about our choices. What do we decide to buy? The only question someone really actually needs to ask is, when I purchase this item, am I helping to perpetuate suffering? If you are purchasing meat or animal products, the answer is unquestionably yes.

Do we have the right to defend ourselves against animals? Absolutely. You have the right to kill an animal in self-defense, such as if a rabid dog attacked you. That is part of the self-defense principle (the opposite side of the non-aggression principle). You also have the right to defend your property against animals, such as an ant infestation. You would suffer no consequences for doing so. However, you should attempt to prevent this situation by keeping a clean house, proper hygiene, and avoiding wild, aggressive animals.

The average person generally tries to be good; however, they have blind spots. They do not know always know how to be moral, because they weren’t taught all the aspects of morality. They simply go on day to day thinking they are, yet they take place in the crime of carnism (using animals and their products). It is our individual responsibility to truly be a righteous person by ending this practice for ourselves and by encouraging others.

Here’s an interesting experiment to try: Most people would say something is wrong with the world or that humanity as a whole could be improved. Let’s try respecting animals. We have not done it before; something good may come of it. I would be willing to bet that by being peaceful with animals, we will be more at peace with our environment and each other.

One of the main reasons this system continues is, of course, money. People are addicted to eating meat and animal foods, wearing fancy clothes made of animal skins. The reason these industries are so profitable is mostly due to advertising and pressure from society. These are the reasons people want animal products, usually is not because they naturally want animal products themselves. It is due to pressure from society, family, friends, and advertisers. Avoiding advertisements can reduce the cravings for meat. This can be done by getting ad blockers, avoiding social media, and not watching TV.

Another lesser-known reason is that greedy psychopaths run some these industries. They receive pleasure from hurting animals. They don’t want to abuse animals like dogs and go face legal consequences. They want to legally abuse animals, so they form and join the legal animal abuse industry.

Charles Leadbeater explains in Vegetarianism and the Occult The horrors of Chicago, a major city of slaughter where many thousands of animals are murdered every day.This pamphlet convinced be that I needed to become a vegetarian and I am still receiving the benefits years latter in being a vegan.I have a summary here:

A horrible aura of death surrounds Chicago. This can be felt anywhere in the city. It is like a gut feeling of horror. It is like when you walk around at night and something doesn’t feel right, so you walk away.

This feeling can only be consciously felt by those who have a developed intuition. Those who are not consciously aware are still affected by this negative energy in Chicago, but they feel ill for reasons they do not understand. There is also a horrible smell of death in the city.

During the early 1900s, many slaughterhouses employed children. Leadbeater explains that the only thought these children had was directed toward killing; that children would return home from a day of work pale, sick, and unable to eat or sleep. Children said that they often felt they would rather starve than do such horrific work. They played games of killing with friends and knew no other games. When they thought about animals, the only thing they thought about was killing them. These so-called Christians were receiving a daily education on murder.

During the early 1900s, Chicago was a major city of murder, Leadbeater explains. To this day, it is still one of the most murderous major cities in the United States. He calls Christians hypocrites for preaching compassion yet being silent about the animal abuse industries in the city. This is due to moral apathy and conditioning. (It’s the way it’s always been, so they get used to it and don’t care.). He explains this cloud of death is spreading across the whole of “civilized” humanity.

The effects of this are widespread. They is a feeling of terror in the air. Innocent children are afraid, especially alone, for reasons they do not know. The atmosphere is charged with the hostility of murdered creatures, and it affects all in the city. By stopping this act, we can stop this cloud of death. We will be free from hatred and these terrors. We will evolved as a species. We can create a paradise on Earth by allowing animals to be free. Individually freeing yourself from this practice sets you free from the negative energies.

Much of the crime, disease, and poverty may be due to the eating of meat and exploiting animals. Because of it’s toxins, meat is known to cause diseases, many of which plague the minds of millions, resulting in PTSD, anxiety, violent behavior, antisocial behavior, etc. Slaughterhouse workers have the highest rates of mental illness among all jobs.

That’s it for the core philosophy of veganism. If you wish to learn more, visit this article:


Read the previous article for more information regarding the following topics: the justifications for carnism, the science of veganism, the physiological reason why we are herbivores, the animal agriculture industry, the origins of human diet, animal product advertising, general plant nutritional information, questions regarding if animals feel pain, animal entertainment industry, service animals, animal research and vivisection, and environmental impacts of veganism.

What Is/Is Not PBL?

Scavenger veganism is fine from a moral standpoint. This is a term I have coined for ethical vegans who eat roadkill or wasted leftovers. The reason this is fine from a moral perspective is because you are not causing harm to an animal by eating an emotionless dead body that can’t feel pain. Though, this might socially perpetuate meat eating, I would never condemn you if you are a scavenger PBL.

Being PBL means carefully checking labels on boxes for abstract nonvegan ingredients such as red dye. This is why going raw vegan makes life simpler. Publicly traded food companies do not always list all the ingredients in their products, so I would avoid them at all costs; they might be not vegan. Generally, healthier food companies will tell you if the food is vegan, since they know that most vegans read labels. There are hundreds of nonvegan ingredients that have complex names that you would never know were vegan. Visit the article above for some.

Being PBL means:

  • Not buying tickets and passes to the animal entertainment industry. This includes zoos, circuses, petting zoos, aquariums, horseraces, bullfighting, and countless others.

  • Not buying meat, milk, eggs, honey, or animal foods at stores or restaurants.

  • Not buying pets from breeders.

  • Not buying products made from leather, wool, fur, down, and feathers. The products that contain these are usually clothing, wallets, purses, blankets, and pillows.

How to Go Plant-Based Lifestyle/Foods to Eat/What to Avoid

Adopting a PBL is easier than you think. You can use an affirmation to tell yourself it’s easy, because it is if you believe it strongly enough! I went vegetarian in only two weeks and went vegan in a day. People already eat plant foods every day such as bread, beans, rice, cereal, oatmeal, etc. You can simply replace the meat products with more of the foods that you eat every day that are plant based.

It is best for most people to transfer to a PBL diet over time; this is because your body will probably suffer from withdrawal symptoms if you immediately switch over. Some people feel sick when they transfer to a plant-based diet because they do it too fast; this is because of withdrawal, not because plant foods lack nutrients. You want to ease into a plant-based lifestyle slowly and have a plan for getting all your nutrients so you can be healthy. This also helps prevent you from reverting to your animal-based diet. If you really are feeling like going PBL immediately, do so.

Here is some excellent news: you can adjust your taste buds to like any food. Eating these foods can become a habit. Once it’s an ingrained habit, it becomes effortless, and you will like these foods. I believe all foods are an acquired taste. Your gut bacteria changes based on the foods you eat and can change how you digest foods and taste things. You adjust your digestive system by eating new foods in only one meal. In two weeks, you will have a new digestive system that likes to digest plant foods. In fact, it will like it far more than when you ate meat.

Check to see if you have parasites. The main symptom of parasites is a random extreme hunger for certain foods that may severely hinder your ability to switch to a vegan diet. Check with a colon therapist if you think you have parasites. Parasite cleanses are available. Fasting is a good way to cleanse your system of parasites. Parasites are in some meat products, so the good news is you can stop putting them into you by avoiding meat.

Modern processed foods often contain addictive chemicals. According to Kevin Trudeau, this is to make a profit off of addiction! Table salt and artificial sugar are chemically addictive as well. Unfortunately, some of these ingredients are not listed, so ideally avoid eating foods from publicly traded corporations. A few major corporations control most of the food in the United States, often through subsidiaries to give the illusion of choice. An example is Quaker Oatmeal which is owned by the publicly traded corporation PepsiCo. Check the labels on the back. You may also be addicted to foods not because of the chemicals but instead because they have animal products in them.

Making smoothies and juicing are great ways to transition. It is how I personally transitioned. It helps to adopt yourself to plant foods, and they taste absolutely delicious. They take very little time to consume and are high in nutrients. Juicing is good, but do so in moderation. Do not juice if you have diabetes.

Some people who try to transition to a PBL don’t eat the right foods. They want to eat artificial sugars, high-carb processed foods, etc., just because they don’t have animal products in them. That’s not an ideal approach. This can cause you to go back to carnism. You want to eat healthy, whole fresh fruits and vegetables, largely unmodified as nature intended. Try to avoid eating large amounts of white bread, white rice, pastas, processed foods, and artificial sugar. Refined carbohydrates and sugars can lead to unexpected health problems. Eat lots of whole, raw, organic fruits and vegetables.

There are plant-based versions of almost all meats. They look and taste similar to meat. Find the ones you think you would like, and buy them. They are found in nearly all grocery stores, but especially health-food stores. If you can’t find any near you, request that they bring in more plant-based meat alternatives. They aren’t the healthiest foods in the world, but they can help you transition by tricking your brain into thinking it’s eating meat when it’s not.

Bacon, ham, sausage, chicken, turkey, steak, tuna, hamburgers, hot dogs, milk, and cheese can be made with soy, wheat, rice, hemp, beans, and quinoa. Plant-based foods alternative brands include Gardein, Tofurky, Beyond Meat, So Delicious, and more.

Most restaurants have plant-based foods. If you are unsure, ask the waiter or management. Mediterranean restaurants, Indian, and Chinese restaurants have plenty of options, and they are my go-to.

From my experience, fasting is a great way to transition as well. You have to be careful when fasting if you have certain diseases and disorders, but most people can do it just fine. What I did was I made myself hungry; then I would eat plant-based foods. When you are hungry, food tastes much better, making it easier to eat foods you don’t like. However, all foods are essentially an acquired taste, because our taste buds and our guts can adjust to liking almost any food. I like foods now that I didn’t like before. It requires discipline to fast, but if you have it, fasting is a powerful way to transfer to a PBL.


When you try to adopt a PBL, I believe in you, no matter what your circumstances. The universe/God will help you in trying to change in incredible ways. It will be easier than you think. Have the desire and the faith that you will become PBL, and the way will be shown, one step at a time.