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Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation Techniques

This is good if you are stressed, are feeling overwhelmed, or suffering from insomnia. Doing this before the other rituals and meditations is helpful to get you in a relaxed state. Getting into a relaxed state improves the ability for the ritual and meditation’s power to work.

Think about nothing, if you can’t, you can image a just a large, completely pitch-black void and close your eyes. Get into a comfortable position in a quiet place. When you are relaxed, you can repeat prayers, mantras, proverbs, or do self-talk. You can always say, “I feel relaxed.” Strong lavender aromatherapy always gets me into a very relaxed mood no matter what.

Alternatively, do the rapid relaxation technique. While doing this, you want to tap the gamut spot. Make your head level, and look as far down as you can. Move your eyes straight up; this should be slow and take about seven seconds. If this doesn’t work, do the all the TFT methods.

Manipulating with physical objects is also a stress killer. Play with building blocks, garden, create art, write a poem or story, or read a physical book. Gardening is likely the best of these for the purposes of relaxation. The feeling of touching dirt is almost euphoric if you rarely do it. No wonder kids love playing in the dirt. Sunbathing while having my feet firmly on the ground and breathing in fresh air is amazing for relaxation.

Relaxation for some can be beings quiet and still while others it can be doing recreational activities such as golfing. Relaxation helps open yourself to new opportunities to pop into your head as well as more inspiration.


MCR or Mind Control Relaxation is a form of auto-suggestion. Find a comfortable, quiet place to lie down and rest. This is great if you are stressed, tired and need some energy, or if you want to manifest your desires. This should be done for 10-20 minutes Here are the steps:

1. Lay down and lick your finger and rub it on the center of your forehead. Close your eyes.

2. In your imagination, see yourself going down an escalator in the center of your forehead. Count aloud 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Then get off the escalator. See another long escalator and repeat once more.

2. Walk into grass meadow, then you lay down and look at the sky, you see a cloud then you lay onto it.

3. Do a deep inhale and exhale three times.

4. Think of your favorite place to relax and then count down to 0 like in the second step. When you reach 0 you will be there instantly.

5. Imagine a wave of relaxation going over your entire body. If there is a particular part you want to relax more, channel the wave into a stream! The mind is always good place to focus on and it is the source of stress.

6. Inhale deeply in and say in your mind “Deep”, Exhale “Sleep”. Set the intention for every breath afterwards to get you deeper into sleep. Do this three times

7. Imagine what you want to be, do, or have, do this until you timer or alarm goes off.

8. Once the alarm goes off, count 1-10 and start breathing deeper and move your body slowly and slowly more. At 9 lick your lips.

9. At 10 open your eyes and jump up and say “I’m alive, I’m alert, and I feel great.” Get emotionally involved and use positive gestures like smiling and thumbs up. Really get into it.

If you want to do it go asleep