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Success Binder, Journal, and Notebook

Here is a Success Binder that will help you succeed! Make this and work with it if it feels good. You can modify this binder in anyways you choose that feels good for you.

Materials you need:

An attractive large 3 ring binder (you want to make sure you can add lots of things in it, you are going to include your dreams and many other important lists in here).

Binder tabs (that you can customize and erase)

Blanks pieces of loose leaf paper (preferably white).

Writing utensils (preferably blue pens)

A small, pocket sized notebook

A journal or regular notebook

What to do to set it up:

Put in your binder tabs and put in a piece of paper behind each tab (You can add more later if your lists get longer). The order of these tabs are up to you, but I have this as my order:

What you want (helps you find out what you really want by adding clarity, launches out your intention to manifest in the universe).

Why you desire it (help to get you to feel as if you already have it and feel good which helps to manifest your desire)

Cognitions/Realizations/Observations (Helps to understand how the universe works and brings you closer to enlightenment aka feeling REALLY good no matter what is going on and manifesting your desires. Also helps you understand how other people operate so you can influence and/or help them better).

Scripts (A method where you write down a scene of you enjoying your desires, a good technique)

Positive aspects (Write down why you are grateful for something, you can base it off of the gratitude list or anything you wish to see in a more positive light, such as a situation at the office)

Highlights (Write down your favorite moments in your life, great for feeling good)

Victories (Moments where you manifested your desire or you succeed. You define success, so it could be as simple as getting out of bed, just make sure it feels genuine and right for you to call a success. The more success you notice, the more you believe you can succeed. It makes you able to manifest more desires and faster)

Dreams (After you wake up, write down the positive dreams you had if you had any)

Gratitude (Write down what you are grateful for. It helps you feel more grateful, powerful if you are feeling you want to be more grateful or if you are feeling bad).

What you do throughout the day:

As you go throughout your day, observe what is going on. If you have a cognitions/realization/observation you would like to note, write it in your pocket notebook.

If you see something you would like as a desire (say you see someone with clothes you want) write it down in your pocket notebook, then re-write it in your success binder).

What you write in your journal at the end of the day:

Write down how you felt that day.

Write down your cognitions/realizations/observations.

Doing cleaning up the past procedure, then memory manipulate day (see below notes)

Write down the highlights of your day.

Write down you victories of the day.

Write down what you are grateful for today (this can be based on what happened that day and your current life situation, just find the gold!)

Cleaning Up The Past Procedure (as needed):

What is something about a specific incident or time period that you would like to change?

Could you let go of wanting to change it?

Could you let go of identity with that memory. Could you let go of being the person with that problem.

Could you let that whole memory go out of your consciousness with all the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and programs that are associate with it.

Could you let go of wanting to tell the story about this one period or incident to yourself or anyone else?

Could you let go of whatever remaining limitation you are holding now, based on what happened back then, as best you can?

Memory Manipulate (as needed:

Go through your day and see the day going exactly as you like.