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The Basics of Success

Here are the basics of achieving success in life (whatever you define success as).

Who do you listen to?

Many people teach how to successful, be happy, and manifest your desires. A lot of the information teachers give “sounds” pretty good. Then you begin to believe that what they teach works and this can interfere with your success. The question is, does what the info that teacher give actually works for them? Do they know what they teach actually works? Do they have the physical evidence? Ask yourself these question when before listening to a teacher (including Gage).

It has been estimated that 99% of books and courses on these subjects are teaching you theory that doesn’t work in real life.

“If you want things in your life to change, you are going to have to change things in your life.” Have you made excuses for this? I live this material and I humbly say I have physical manifestations that prove that what I say actually works.

Teachability Index

What is your willingness to learn? Are you willing to learn info to help improve your life? Rate yourself 1-10.

What is your willingness to accept change? Are you willing to change things in your life so you can improve? Rate yourself 1-10.

Always ask yourself the previous questions. You must have both to be high on this index. Sometimes teach-ability index may go up or down. You don’t “get it” you are always “getting it”. You never have 10 willingness to learn and 10 willingness to change all the time. The key to know is that you mustcheck on your teachability index all the time and raise it up.It is crucial you are teachable and coach-able.

At the same time, do not blindly follow others and submit your authority to them. You need to question things until you know if it is true. You also need humility and insight to realize that you need to learn even more in your life. If you are not growing, you are generally decaying in life and that is why some people’s lives get worse and worse.

Training-Balance Scale (TBS)

The left side of the TBSare the actions, techniques, strategies, plans, actions steps, activities, what you do in the physical universe (the how). The right side of the TBS are thoughts, feelings, beliefs, thinking, desires, dreams, goals, attitude, mental processes, intentions, energy, emotions, motivations (the why).

Focus all of your attention on the right side, not the left. Success is all in your thoughts and feelings.

The myth that some teachers teach is that you have to focus on both 50-50. Most are on the wrong side and that is why they fail.

What most think are facts are really just opinions (this may include yourself). When your attitude is right, the facts don’t count because the attitude will overpower the facts. Discern fact from opinion.

Techniques that authors, teachers, mentors, etc that give them only work if your attitude is right. Get your attitude right before applying techniques. Getting the attitude right means that you trust and feel comfortable with the technique before you apply it. Check to see if there is doubt or resistance and focus on getting rid of it by thinking of belief and willingness. if you still feel bad even after doing that, then stop doing that technique.

Four Steps of Learning

There are four basics procedures the mind goes through when processing information:

Unconscious incompetence- when you know that you don’t know. Do you ask yourself “I don’t know what I don’t know?” To get here, have a high teach-ability index.

Conscious incompetence- when you know that you don’t know.

Conscious competence- when you know what you know.

Unconscious competence- when you know and it happens automatically. (The goal). You get here by doing (an action, thought pattern, process, practice, learning information, etc) it over and over again at the conscious competence level. You can also do it by observing someone else do it.

Master The Basics

You must master the four previous basics of success. This is the most important concept and the secret to success.

Bruce Lee was one of the greatest martial artists in the world. He destroyed old martial artists who would get into fights for hours. The martial artists he was facing knew little about many strikes.. The young Bruce Lee mastered a few strikes. When he would fight these old martial artists, he would end it in a few minutes. He stated this: “I am not afraid of the 10,000 strikes you know you’ve only practice once. I am deathly afraid of the one strike you know you that you have practiced 10,000 times.”Although their few they appeared as a simple strike, the power of the strike of Bruce Lee was strong enough to knock a person across the room. Every time you strike (do a technique or learn a piece of information) you learn more. You have mastered the basics when you feel you are obsessed with them, can’t stop thinking about them, and want to learn just a little more about them. You love the basics. At that point you can stop (but you probably won’t want to) because you get so much benefit from them.

You must also master the techniques. Don’t try to put your focus on many techniques, only try to master one or a few techniques at a time before adding more. If you do, you may feel confused, frustrated, and/or slow your progress down. Just focus on mastering a few techniques at one time until they are automatic you may move on to learning more techniques. Persistent focus adds strength to techniques and transforms a technique from conscious competence to unconscious competence. Then the results are automatic.

Learning and Teaching

What did you learn from this? Explain to Gage your understanding of the these four basics of success and how it relates to your life. Did you have any cognitions or realizations? Afterwards, Ask any questions if you need to.

Have a conversation with yourself aloud.. Imagine your are teaching a student the concepts you just learned. Say this aloud. Gage can give an example if you need it.


This information is derived from Your Wish is Your Command by Kevin Trudeau and is a must listen to if you wish to receive maximum benefit from these sessions.