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Transcend Your Thinking Announcement and Introduction

New book announcement: Transcend Your Thinking!

This book will be posted as articles on my website (nextlevelthinking.net). It will be much shorter than the Upgrade Your Thinking. It will also flow much better and be far less technical (not focused on methods). The book also may or not be more verbose, but it will still be easy to understand. There are some topics that are not mentioned in the Upgrade Your Thinking that will also be discussed in this book.

Here is an excerpt:

The Ultimate Key To Success

And one other thing if you get nothing from this book but this next sentence, you have the key to a successful life and the rest of the book is extra. Feel better now all the time. You number one goal in life should be to feel better now all the time. This is an emotional feeling like feeling happy. Just feel happier and happier all the time every moment of the day. Do whatever makes you feel as happy as you can. That is different for each person, for some that can be going on a walk, petting a cat, or dancing, and what makes you feel good can change from moment to moment. You can also do this by thinking positive thoughts as well, thinking about your desire, or imagining what you desire in life (for example, you may want a relationship). This a simple key to success and is most powerful concept in this entire book. Feel better and better all the time.

(end of excerpt)

Let me know what you think so far!

(BTW I tagged those who I know bought or received my previous book and family)